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Zodiac Symbols for Sagittarius

Tapping into Sagittarius' zodiac symbols goes a long way to figuring out what this sun-sign is all about!

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Zodiac Symbols for Scorpio

Crack open new mysteries by exploring the zodiac symbols for Scorpio

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Zodiac Symbols for Libra

Get the inside look at Libra personality by learning zodiac symbols for Libra.

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Zodiac Symbols for Virgo

Get the inside look at Virgo personality by learning zodiac symbols for Virgo.

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Zodiac Symbols for Leo

Learn about the bold and the beautiful Leo sign by exploring zodiac symbols for Leo.

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Zodiac Symbols for Cancer

Complex, elusive, intuitive. There's a lot to learn about Cancer, and exploring Cancer's zodiac symbols is a great way to start.

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Zodiac Symbols for Gemini

Gemini is such a diverse sign - it's no wonder Gemini's zodiac symbols are equally diverse. Explore more about Gemini through her symbols.

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Zodiac Symbols for Taurus

Bold, strong and beautifl, Taurus zodiac symbols give great reflection to your personality. Check this article for great insight into Taurus symbols.

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Zodiac Symbols for Aries

From fire to honeysuckle, Aries zodiac symbols say a lot about your personality. Check this article for great insight into Aries symbols.

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Symbolic Meaning of the White Buck

All of my life I have had a deep respect, & reverence for all creatures, including plants, bodies of water, & the like. Though I am not Native American,

Continue reading "Symbolic Meaning of the White Buck"

Symbols for Memorial and Memory

Need something to really solidify your connection to loved ones who have passed on? Check this page for natural symbols for memorial and memory

Continue reading "Symbols for Memorial and Memory"

Symbolic Meaning of Grass

Often overlooked and underappreciated, the symbolic meaning of grass offers some amazing wisdom and insights. Get your green on, and tap into the network of grass symbolism here.

Continue reading "Symbolic Meaning of Grass"

Symbolic Meaning of Lightning

Get electrified. Symbolic meaning of lightning from various cultures, myths and legends.

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Symbolism of Change

Some thoughts on dealing with transition and the symbolism of change.

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Sun Meaning and Meditation

Here comes the sun! Get illuminated by symbolic sun meaning plus a sun meditation.

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Recurring Number Meanings

Got a number sequence that keeps following you? Check this page for recurring number meanings.

Continue reading "Recurring Number Meanings"

Red Fox Symbolism

Feeling foxy? Check out this article on red fox symbolism to get your foxy groove on.

Continue reading "Red Fox Symbolism"

Crow Symbolism and Crow Meanings!

Crows! Are they cawing at you? It could be a sign. Check out diverse crow symbolism here.

Continue reading "Crow Symbolism and Crow Meanings!"

Types of Dreams

There are certain types of dreams that are universal...like the recurring dream, the nightmare, etc. Check out this article to learn what these types of dreams mean.

Continue reading "Types of Dreams"

Symbolic Meaning of Seagulls

Seagulls have been everywhere for me. I don't live near the beach, and I've never really noticed this many seagulls where I am before. What really got

Continue reading "Symbolic Meaning of Seagulls"

Starlight Symbolism and Metaphor

Stars offer so much in terms of inspiration and illumination. Check out this post for twinkly starlight symbolism and some profound star metaphors for life.

Continue reading "Starlight Symbolism and Metaphor"

Animal Symbolism of Spring

Spring is symbolic in itself, but there are Springtime animals ready to share big wisdom. Check out Springtime animal symbolism here.

Continue reading "Animal Symbolism of Spring"

Symbols for Good Health

Hankering to get healthier? These symbols for good health might get you moving in a healthy direction.

Continue reading "Symbols for Good Health"

Advertisements on Whats-Your-Sign.com

An honest explanation for advertisements seen on whats-your-sign.com

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Symbols and Meanings, oh my! The Story of Whats-Your-Sign.com

Almost a decade in the making...this is the story of Whats-Your-Sign.com. Learn about the creation of your one-stop-shop for high quality symbols and meanings.

Continue reading "Symbols and Meanings, oh my! The Story of Whats-Your-Sign.com"

God Symbols of Mars

Get your warrior spirit on and explore god symbols of the Roman god Mars

Continue reading "God Symbols of Mars"

Symbolic Caterpillar Meaning

Protecting dreams, seizing the glory of life, and the power of transformation. Symbolic caterpillar meaning is replete with these cool themes. Find out more here.

Continue reading "Symbolic Caterpillar Meaning"

Animal Symbolism and Dream Meanings

Check out animal symbolism and dream meanings here. Discover what an animal symbolizes in your dreams. Includes butterfly, dove, horse, turtle and more!

Continue reading "Animal Symbolism and Dream Meanings"

Animal Symbolism: Likeness and Representations

What if I don't see the actual animal, but a representation of it? Should the animal symbolism still mean something to me even if I don't encounter the

Continue reading "Animal Symbolism: Likeness and Representations"

Sparrow Symbolism: Omen of Death??

I found a dead sparrow in my basement. I buried it, and said a few words to honor its life. I'm no stranger to death, but something about this tiny sparrow

Continue reading "Sparrow Symbolism: Omen of Death??"

Zodiac Signs and Color Meanings

Zodiac signs have colors that imbue energy and brilliance in each personality. Check out this page for your zodiac sign color meaning.

Continue reading "Zodiac Signs and Color Meanings"

Finding My Animal Totem

Dear Avia, Hi. I just want to start with how much I love your site! Honestly, I love the info here. Anyway, I really just want to share with you my thoughts

Continue reading "Finding My Animal Totem"

Penguin Meaning

I was wondering what you might have to say about symbolic penguin meaning. I didn't know much about them, but upon doing some research, I feel an affinity

Continue reading "Penguin Meaning"

Symbolic Penguin Facts

Penguins are more than just cute critters. They pack a powerful whallop of symbolic goodness. Check this page for penguin facts for enhanced metaphor and meaning.

Continue reading "Symbolic Penguin Facts"

Animal Symbolism: Porcupine Meaning

Power, Love, Helpfulness...animal symbolism of the porcupine is diverse and encouraging. Check out this page on porcupine meaning to see what this unsinkable creature can offer.

Continue reading "Animal Symbolism: Porcupine Meaning"

Symbolic Possum Meaning

Possum has tons of symbolic meaning and lessons. Check out this article for my personal experiences with symbolic possum meaning and more.

Continue reading "Symbolic Possum Meaning"

Symbolic Meaning of Seals and Sea Lions

I have been dreaming of seals and sea lions. I'm not sure about the differences between them. All I know is that these sea creatures keep visiting me

Continue reading "Symbolic Meaning of Seals and Sea Lions"

Dreaming of Cats - Cat Dream Meaning

I've been dreaming of cats. I'm not sure about cat dream meaning. I did some research, and was a little disturbed. Dreaming of cats isn't a very good

Continue reading "Dreaming of Cats - Cat Dream Meaning"

Symbolic Snail Meaning

More than just slimey (and cute), snail meaning has a lot to offer for living a better life. Check out snail symbolic meanings here.

Continue reading "Symbolic Snail Meaning"

Symbolic Starfish Meaning

Love, healing, sensory perception...the symbolic starfish meaning has a lot to offer. Check out this page for symbolism, insight and myths about the starfish.

Continue reading "Symbolic Starfish Meaning"

Hermit Crab Meaning

Symbolic hermit crab meaning proves that big things come in little packages. Check out big wisdom this little creature offers.

Continue reading "Hermit Crab Meaning"

Zebra Facts and Symbolic Meaning

There's more to the zebra than its stripes. Check this page for zebra facts and meaningful symbolism about this amazing creature.

Continue reading "Zebra Facts and Symbolic Meaning"

Love Number Meaning

What's love got to do with numbers? Plenty. Find out how your love number meaning reflects your personality in romance and relationships.

Continue reading "Love Number Meaning"

Symbolic Wolverine Meaning

Need a reminder of your power? Courage? Ferocity? Take a peek at symbolic wolverine meaning to get your energetic juices flowing. A sure cure for overcoming temerity!

Continue reading "Symbolic Wolverine Meaning"

Symbolic Otter Meaning - My Otter Totem

Otter Totem and Symbolic Otter Meaning Hello. I just finished a very long post that I was going to submit, but then my internet browser crashed and I

Continue reading "Symbolic Otter Meaning - My Otter Totem"

Symbolic Moose Facts

An insightful article on moose facts in terms of symbolism, totemism and guidance. Enjoy!

Continue reading "Symbolic Moose Facts"

Chinese Zodiac Signs and Moon Phases

All twelve Chinese zodiac signs are linked to a specific moon phase. Check out what that means in terms of symbolism and personality on this page.

Continue reading "Chinese Zodiac Signs and Moon Phases"

Moon Meaning and Moon Symbolism

Hi Avia, I have a question about Moon meaning and Moon symbolism. The Moon means so much to me. I am attracted and energized by the Moon. The Full

Continue reading "Moon Meaning and Moon Symbolism"

Chinese Zodiac Animal Meanings and Chinese New Year

Did you know there's a Chinese zodiac animal that influences each year? Celebrate the Chinese New Year and celebrate YOU by learning about your Chinese animal sign and how it influences your new year.

Continue reading "Chinese Zodiac Animal Meanings and Chinese New Year"

Playing with Number Meanings

Flummoxed about number meanings? Try some creative play with numbers. Here are some tips on interpreting numerology in unique, fun ways.

Continue reading "Playing with Number Meanings"

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