Christmas Gnome Symbolism

by G.

Christmas Gnome Symbolism

Christmas Gnome Symbolism

Here in Germany they have a tradition involving gnomes, and I was wondering if you could shed some light on Christmas gnome symbolism, specifically the origin of a certain tradition held this time of year in Germany.

Here they have these ornaments that I guess represent their idea of what gnomes look like.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve people whisper a wish to the gnome and on Christmas day it is granted!

I just want to know, if you know or maybe know someone who does, about the history of the tradition of whispering wishes to Christmas gnomes on Christmas Eve.


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Dec 24, 2010
Christmas Gnome Symbolism of Tradition
by: Avia Venefica

Hi G.,

I LOVE it! However, I'm unsure about the origin of this tradition.

If I had to make presumptions, I'd say this tradition has something to do with the old ways woven into old European folklore.

Gnomes are affiliated with deep Earth-wisdom, and they are the guardians of the North watchtower (the old ways subscribe to four dynamic watchtowers which serve as Universal scaffolding - each being the the touchstone/source of the four primary elements).

The seasons of the year are also aligned with each element/watchtower too. North is associated with this time of year - Christmas - the winter solstice. The direction of North is symbolic of clarity, purification, renewal, rebirth.

Perhaps this tradition emphasizes the concept of potential and possibilities - renewal of faith - rekindling of hope - in the action of making a wish.

Gnomes would logically facilitate that wish, as they are Earth-Masters...esoterically/symbolically speaking - gnomes represent the manifestation (launching a new ephemeral thought into the material realms).

Just concepts pieced together - although not an official explanation, I do hope this helps with your own personal research.

Great question, thanks for asking!


Dec 24, 2010
No Place like Gnome for the Holidays
by: Edgar

What an astute and clever interpretation of the Gnome tradition, Avia! I am in love with this idea (and totally in love with Gnomes. I have them everywhere! All year round!). After reading this post and your reply, I will be kissing ALL of my Gnomes and whispering all my wishes to them in hopes they come true on Christmas day! :)

Dec 24, 2010
Love this!
by: Simone

Happy gnome! Love this, and will be whispering a few wishes to a gnome on my Xmas tree too!

Dec 25, 2010
by: Sandy

Merry Xmas Avia! You are such an amazing person, and I am whispering wishes of wellness, abundance and peace for you and yours this holiday! :)

Feb 13, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Rake

Oh I see.. There was actually a connection of gnomes with Christmas? I think that they were just being used as some decoration for the Christmas. Even I would be glad to hear about the symbolism of gnomes. original orkopina

Apr 04, 2015
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