Crows and Ravens

by Shea

Crow Inspirations

Crow Inspirations

Crow Inspirations
Meaningful Raven

Crows & Ravens started showing up in my life when I was about 10 years of age. I believe that these birds have many different negative and positive characteristics due to my experience with them.

If I hear a single Crow cawing at me, I know to be vigilant that day or of the situation I am about to get myself in to.

When I see a murder of Crows, I feel a sense of happiness watching them dance and play in the sky. I usually take this as a go ahead or a symbol of good luck for my day or situation.

Crows always seem to be around me, winter or summer. They have been my guardians and my watchers. I love how intelligent they are, and the fact that they will clean up a mess or dead animal. Scavengers will always have something to eat. I appreciate them and tire of people saying they are annoying and stupid as this is very un true.

Crows are beautful and I am thankful for everything they have got me through in my life.

Avia's Response to
"Crow and Raven Meaning"

Hi Shea,

Thanks for sharing your uplifting observations about Crows and Ravens and how the influence your life experience.

We share similar perspectives about these fine feathered friends. They're so enchanting, and I find myself watching them (especial in groups/a murder of crows). Observing them for long periods of time have revealed specialized wisdom.

I'm so glad you share a unique bond with these powerful birds. May all your Raven and Crow encounters be inspiring.


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