Death and the Moth

by Darlen
(Hialeah, Florida)

Moth Meaning and Death

Moth Meaning and Death

I decided to write this story about the moth because I may not be alone in my analysis but I know that if I post this information, maybe someone will come forward with a similar story.

Today : 8/9/2010

This past June, my house started getting visited by moths. Something that had never happened in the last 6 years we have lived there. Nothing special has been done to the house, so there are no cracks that I know of (one of the things that attract moths).

However, my mother who had cancer since 2005 started declining in health and having many medical problems was going through a procedure (minor surgery for a port a cath).

By the end of June my mother was unable to eat foods anymore and was hospitalized for 15 days into mid July. Still she could not eat. A week after that I had a PICC line placed for her to receive nutrients into her body as she had a intestinal obstruction and the cancer had gotten very aggressive so all the doctors were telling me that an operation or additional chemotherapy was not possible.

The moths continued to increase in visits and in numbers throughout my home. My daughter began catching them and releasing them outside. I killed a few here and there but after a while started releasing them outside as well.

My mother passed away 2 days ago and I am wondering if this was a symbol letting me know that she would be passing.

Or perhaps since my mother loved butterflies and the moth is a cousin of the butterfly, it is her way of letting me know she made it well to the other side.

My mother and I are very close and I'm looking for answers. My neighbor next door is also losing her mother to cancer and stated she had not seen any moths in her home. Perhaps I'm reading to much into this and I just have a moth infestation problem, otherwise there may be some symbolism behind it all.

I welcome any comments or stories by writing back to me at : (email removed for security and privacy reasons. If you wish to respond to this post - please use the comment feature below).

Thank you in advance to those who decide to write.

Have a blessed day!


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Aug 24, 2010
Moth as a Messenger
by: Avia

Darlen, firstly please allow me to convey my deepest empathy to you for the recent passing of your mother. My heart goes out to you.

Unquestionably, I believe the energy of Nature reaches out to us on all levels, and during all occassions of our life experience.

We can look to the symbolism of the moth for cues as to what its messages might have been while your mom was undergoing her transition into non-physical life.

Are moths a sign of death?

I believe moths and Nature are indicators of varying levels of energy. Moths are symbolic of lighter energy - indeed - they are intensely attracted to the Light themselves. If you are a believer in energy transforming into Light when the physical body dies - then the moth would seem an appropriate visitor as your mom moved to the Light of a new phase of life.

Moths remind me of the delicate quality of life, and how every living soul in this Universe is made of Light - and therefore craves closeness to Light. I also believe that when the body dies on this earth plane, it is transformed into something higher, finer and light-filled.

I hope this, and some of the other information I've written about the symbolism of the moth helps you find healing and soulful closure to your mother's passing.

My sincere best-wishes to you and yours,

Aug 27, 2010
Re: Death and the Moth
by: Lisa

After my father passed (long ago) whenever a moth appeared in the house my mother said it was Dad visiting. I noticed that moths appeared at significant times. Last year I was sole palliative care-provider for my mother in the last week of her life. She died at home in her own bed just as she always wanted. The morning after she passed the biggest moth I have ever seen appeared in the room. I took pictures. On reading your story, I have to wonder if the many moths being released by you and daughter were connected to a request to be released from being earthbound. My sincere condolences.

Aug 27, 2010
ALWAYS turst your inner whisperings & intuitive feelings when it comes to nature, the Divine & spirit realms.. :)
by: Mary Elizabeth

Darlen ~ Words can never really express much when one loses a parent, no matter how 'old' the child is ~ this being said, My heart goes out to you and in time, you will see light again, and surely your Mother wants that for you ~ and is CLEARLY giving you these signs! ~ My Mom, has birds come to her (& still does from time to time) believing it is God's little way of letting her know it is her Mother. In fact, the night my Grandmother (her Mother) passed - about 3 am, my Mom inexplicably woke up at about the same time ~ to the sound of BIRDS - lots of them - not so common at 3 am. The day my Dad passed of Pancreatic Cancer - 2 years ago in May 2008 ~ I saw two rainbows, found 6 four leaf clovers in about 20 minutes (we are Irish and Ive always had a fascination with four leaf clovers), and before I even knew he passed ~ I saw a 200+ pound doe (HUGE) slowly & majestically walk out of the woods into my (then boyfriend's) yard (in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri - no less), stop & look at us for a good 30 - 45 seconds, then slowly move on her pretty doe way.... NONE of these things are coincidence, and your HEART knows... so go with it! My Dad sent me his "goodbye's" & "I am OK's" & "You'll be OK, too's" that day in SPADES. Still have some of the clovers... They send us things that we may RECOGNIZE, or gain a 'sneaky suspicion' of (intuition) on purpose.. so rest assured your Mother is ALRIGHT, and with God and her Angels/Spirit Guides right NOW ~ and she wants you to know that... Peace & many blessings to you in your acceptance of this difficult 'physical' loss, & to ease your sadness at this time.. There is NO bond greater than that of love; be it DIVINE love from above, Angelic love from our Guardian Angels, LOVE found in nature & everything around us ~ and ESPECIALLY that between Mother and child... She will always be with you, she really will.. Learn to SEE with DIVINE/Angelic eyes... and you will know! - - xoxo, MB

Sep 03, 2010
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

A couple weeks past I had a moth in my room so eager to meet the light of my cell phone and I wondered, what is it about light that moths love so much? In reading the posts, it would make sense to me that the moth could be a symbol of the attraction of light and one going toward that light. For you, possibly as a reminder, to be as the moth and look to the light to help you through your mothers transition.

As far as your neighbor, I am uncertain to her spiritual beliefs so it is hard to say whether the same would apply to her as well. Only those who welcome the messages of spirit will notice that they are there, let alone realize there is meaning with in them.

My grand mother an avid hummingbird LOVER, on my 40th birthday a hummingbird fluttered a foot away from my face, hoovering staring at me directly eye to eye. I knew I was being looked at. I knew it was no accident. I knew it was special.

Remember the moth.

Dec 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

My family called me late last night to tell me m grandfather was in the process of dying. I rushed right over to his nursing home and sat with him for a few hours while he slept. He was 87 years old and had a heath scare 3 years ago and was predicted to pass but did not. When I went last night I felt that it would be much like it was 3 years ago, that he would recover. I sat next to his bed watching him struggle to breathe when I noticed a very tiny moth flying around his room. I have no idea why, but when I realized it wasn't a house fly I had this strange feeling that it was death and that this time, my grandpa was certain to pass.
3 hours later my aunt called me back to the nursing home. My grandfather had passed at approx. 1am this morning. While I sat next to him again, in his room, that same tiny little moth was flying around. After about half an hour the moth went away and I haven't seen it since.
I have no idea what this means, if anything. Perhaps I was looking for something to distract my thoughts from this painful moment or perhaps it was the lack of sleep that made me have such strange thoughts. But now, in the light of day, I wonder, was it the moth?

Mar 27, 2011
After Dad died Lots of Moths
by: michele

After my Dad passed this Dec 30 2010. Who I adored. I started getting moths in my home which in the thirteen years we have had the home I had never seen a moth. A few days after he passed I saw a moth in the house Every room I went to the moth would follow. They have stayed around and I joke with people that Dad. Then went to Florida for a visit. When I arrived there was no moth on the lania. Next Morning I got up there was a beautiful moth on the screen stayed the whole week. I I didn't know if there was any connection between moths and dying. It's nice to see other people have had this experience. Thanks for any input.

Jun 22, 2011
A Very Special Moth .. and .. its Strange Behavior .. Part 1
by: Anonymous

.. Believe it .. or not .. there .. are .. series .. of .. strange coincidences .. and .. I am going .. to present .. at least .. such a series .. about .. a very special moth .. and .. its strange behavior ..
.. I have got .. pictures of that moth .. appeared from nowhere .. after the death .. of .. the father .. of .. my wife .. appeared .. in the middle .. of .. a very sunny day .. next to my heart .. You can see them on ..
.. .. By the way ..
after .. I have written .. this comment .. about .. amazing coincidences .. I have seen the text .. "Please enter the word that you see below" .. .. The word .. I have seen .. and .. written .. is .. "CORNEA" .. .. I AM .. VERY AMAZED .. because .. THE CORNEA .. of one of my eyes .. WAS DESTROYED .. and .. I .. lost .. that eye .. It is like .. a very special .. deducible super - intelligence .. would like .. to tell us .. we are not alone .. .. Please .. take a look .. to the results .. of .. the studies .. about .. amazing coincidences .. presented .. on the page ..
Some people .. believe that .. strange coincidences ..are .. simply .. a .. product of the .. laws of probability. Coincidences .. and .. .. Mental Connection .. .. What makes .. the phenomenon .. of .. coincidences amazing .. is .. the mental association .. which creates .. the connection .. Synchronicity .. .. Freak occurrences .. pointing in one direction .. is not .. an uncommon phenomenon.. .. Acting as a medium .. in explaining ideas of coincidence .. using science .. as well as .. the possibility .. of .. paranormal activity, synchronicity .. is .. an interesting topic .. .. Repeated coincidences .. have .. lead .. to theories .. involving .. supernatural .. or .. psychic forces .. .. Coincidences are interesting .. regardless .. of .. whether your explanation .. lies .. in science .. or.. spirituality, .. strange occurrences .. that seem to be linked .. spark interest .. in a great number .. of .. individuals.

.. .. To be continued ..
.. .. Tonio

Jul 31, 2011
Weird Moth Manifestation
by: Liz

Had 10-20 moths coming only into our master bedroom at night(usually around 2am) in a brand new built home, creeped me out so much wanted to sell the house. Wasn't sure what it meant, but since then my marriage has fallen apart and found out he had been molesting our daughter. Don't know if it was a sign or not or what it means, this was happening for years and I still would like to know what it meant. Any insights? I think they are some form of evil or warning.

Aug 07, 2011
Manifestation of Moths after Meditating
by: Anonymous

One evening after getting off work I decided to go home and begin my first night of deep meditation before going to bed. I have always been a very spiritual and intuitive person. It did not take long for me to slip into a deep relaxed state of meditation. After opening my eyes, I prepared for bed but remember having this strange vibe all over me. I got in bed and went to sleep and all of a sudden, the colors reappeard, but this time a window appeared in the center of my head. It was very clear and i could see my room as if i were awake. However, there was something outside my window,which appeared to be a woman with very long white hair, as white as snow. She seemed as if she wanted to come in but i would n9t allow. I simply spoke the name Jesus and she flew away. Not sure if my prior meditating opened another dimension or what. All i know is that it felt very real. As if i were awake.

The next morning I got up and prepared for work. I lived in 3rd floor apartment. As I exited the front door I was speechless at the number of moths covering my door and the ceiling of the entire third floor hall. I never saw that many in one place in my life. I did leave near trees but im not sure that has any relevance. Some were very large and were different colors, brown,grey,white. Is it possible that my meditating cause this encounter?

Aug 24, 2011
I give you my condolences.
by: Brando

My grandfather died a couple years ago at about this same time.

He had fallen down the stairs and had some trouble recovering. In the end, it was hard to communicate with him and know what he was communicating back. I saw him one last time, and he died about three days later.

In his funeral, we watched the dirt go back to the earth, and as me and my cousin walked away to the car, we noticed a TON of what we thought were Monarch Butterflies, but I know that a lot of moths in the area mimic these butterflies because of their undesirable taste to birds.

Either way, I've come to see moths as messengers for the dead maybe. I know butterflies & moths are both symbols of transformation, and death itself is a transformation of life...also in mexico, they believed that people in certain conditions were reincarnated as moths, butterflies, and hummingbirds...

I hope that this helped you at all.

Sep 25, 2011
by: Brandy

I have always associated moths with death. I had two friends commit suicide and got visited by a similar looking moth

Nov 22, 2011
My mom was a moth NEW
by: Anonymous

A few days after her passing. The moth began appearing in her clothing, on her flowers or whenever I was crying. It lasted approx. a week. Then I found the moth dead in my moms funeral flowers i had brought home. It was absolutely her telling me she was ok. I still have the dead moth saved. I researched it online and the moth and afterlife have been coorelation for many centruries. even in hireghyphics the moth represented the sould of the dead.

Apr 01, 2012
My aunt NEW
by: Vinny

My aunt recently passed away about two weeks ago, it was sudden and shocking and slightly unexplained. I tend to feel a bit numb from it and I'm not sure if I've truly come to terms with it, but ever since then, it hasn't been a huge change but there as been a small moth fluttering around my room. I don't know how this little insect got in, but it doesn't do much damage except for make my cat try to chase it. I've always held my cat back from chasing moths though and I've always liked them. I set them free if trapped and always let them outside, this little moth though still hangs around my room, perhaps telling me its okay?

May 22, 2012
My Grandpa NEW
by: Josh

My Grandpa recently passed awayof cancer, i was very close too. Shortly after he died i saw a moth in my room, i went to my sisters room and there was also a moth in her lamp.A couple days later we told our mom, she said she saw a moth in her room too. We have never had problems with moths. Tonight i went to the restroom and there was a moth flying around,it kept going to the light.I then went to the kitchen, the moth had followed me. It started to fly around my face and again went toward the light. Strange thing is that it just disappeared. I searched my house for it, but could not find anything. I know its my grandpa saying hi.

May 22, 2012
My Grandpa NEW
by: Josh

My Grandpa recently passed awayof cancer, i was very close too. Shortly after he died i saw a moth in my room, i went to my sisters room and there was also a moth in her lamp.A couple days later we told our mom, she said she saw a moth in her room too. We have never had problems with moths. Tonight i went to the restroom and there was a moth flying around,it kept going to the light.I then went to the kitchen, the moth had followed me. It started to fly around my face and again went toward the light. Strange thing is that it just disappeared. I searched my house for it, but could not find anything. I know its my grandpa saying hi.

Jun 23, 2012
Symbolism of Moths NEW
by: Christine

We have lived in the same house for 10 years, never had a problem with moths. 2 days ago we returned from an emergency trip to visit my husband's mother. She is at the hospital on life support in the ICU. Upon our return, we were informed that she had gotten worse and given only a 20% chance to survive. Since coming home we have had a moth in the living room around 11pm both nights. Today though, we found three over the course of the evening and the fourth appeared at 11:40. It is rather worrisome as their numbers are increasing and I now wonder if she will pass very soon. Thank you for sharing your story, until now I was not aware of their symbolism but thought their presence was too strange to ignore.

Aug 15, 2012
moth symbolism NEW
by: Anonymous

My sister has been battling cancer for the past three and half years. In the last two days she has been coming to the end of her fight! After returning from the hospital last night my other sister and I found a large caramel coloured moth in our sink which we assumed was dead and had drowned.

My sister put it on the windowsill on a piece of tissue and left it, believing it was very much dead. On returning to the kitchen an hour later the moth was beating it's wings and began to fly. We believe that this may be an omen / sign that our sisters energy will be soon transfered into a new life.

Aug 21, 2012
I don't know what to think NEW
by: Ciara

I've been seeing the same moth everywhere and sometimes it's with other people around but today I went to the bathroom looked in the mirror and saw it. At first, I said what are you doing here buddy. Then I started to panic when I realized it was the same moth I wondered what it meant and I thought I had remembered something someone once said to me that if u see a moth that means you or someone close to u will die then I saw an article saying it might be a loved one. But I just don't know what to think I haven't told my mom about this because I didn't want to think about it. Please tell me what I should do ( '~' )

Aug 21, 2012
Reply to Clara NEW
by: Christine

Is your mother or a loved one ill? My mother in law passed away six days after my post on June 23rd and we haven't had any moths in our home since. I hope that this isn't a foreboding for you and pray that you will find some guidance. I have always found that it is important to trust your instincts and if you feel that your mother could be in peril, then I would definitely consider discussing your concerns with her.

Aug 21, 2012
Moths & Death NEW
by: Lynn Rossini

I had no idea that this web page even existed. I found it because I was searching for documentation of an association between death & moths. I think that for sure there is a spiritual correlation between death and moths. I say this because, when my Mother's health started to seriously decline I had an infestation of very small moths that first infested my rice, lentil and flour stored in my pantry, and anything else they could breed inside. For months, before my Mother passed, I was having to swat them, which meant I then had to wipe away their remains from my walls and ceilings, and wash the wall & ceiling, each time I squashed one with my swatter. It was disgusting to say the least. After my Mother passed away, I went to work re-painting all of the walls & ceilings in my small apartment. When the show Ghost Whisperer, starts I believe that their are moths flying about in one of the graphic designs. For sure, it seems real that perhaps, like the reaper, moths come to us to remind us that someone's mortality here is about to expire.

Aug 28, 2012
white moth NEW
by: Anonymous

the past week me and my husband have been helping take care of his grandmother she is like my own and she has been very ill and losing blood and the doctors were going to do a scope on her to see if she has canser in her stomach but she ended up getting worse and went to the energency room and they said she was to week to do the surgury and sent her home and i took care of her for the next few days and she talked about what she wanted when she past that night i slep on the floor close to her the next morning when i awoke she could not respond and was shiped to the hospital and put in icu i couldent go with her becuase my nephew was sick so i stayed at her house and later that night i was out front on the porch with the door cracked about three inchs and as i was thinking of her a beuatiful white moth came in and flew around me hit me on the cheeck and frew back out and i had a feeling i cant exsplain later when my husband got back we left to go stay at my mothers house and on the short drive there i told him about the white moth and as we got to my mothers and started to walk up the stairs the white moth apeird again and this time it flew around my husband and we watched it fly off the next morning they said my grand mother had gotten better but when we arived at the hospital she had started getting worse so me and my husband had come home and it is aug 28 which is my birth day and im afraid to call to see how she doing i feel that the white moth was her letting me know that was her good bye

Sep 01, 2012
Giant Moth night of father's heart attack NEW
by: Jan

Last August 17, 2012 at 2 am in my kitchen in
my San Diego condo I felt something crawling on my head. Brushed my head with my fingers and a large
creature flew to the counter...thought was a bat
but was a giant brown moth like the one pictured
on this website. This same night I had been in contact with ICU nurses where my father was
in Oregon They wanted me to basically pull the plug that night and I said no,wanted to give him more time.
I looked in amazement at this moth since I had
never seen anything like it in my area, especially
making itself known to me at 2 am in the morning
in my kitchen. I brought it to my patio, and as
soon as I went inside, I remembered a story
years ago about a friend with another friend
dying in hospice, and a white butterfly flew into
the room and out the window at the moment
she passed. I suddenly thought this is a
significant event, and wanted to take a photo
of it, but as soon as I went back out, it had
vanished. I then made calls to friends and
searched for similar stories, and found many
instances of people seeing moths at someone's
death and feeling this was a sign they were
okay and at peace. My dad did wake up
the next day ...I believe he had an out of
body experience...and then a few days later
did pass away, but at the timing of the event
I was told he had a heart attack and was
revived with machinery.
I wanted to tell others about this as this
is so vivid and wonderous to me.
He always wanted an out of body experience...
and I believe he sent the moth to me that night...
no doubt in my mind.

Sep 02, 2012
by: Tonio




Let us .. enter into my story ..
by using .. the door of time ..

Short time ..
after my father in law .. has gone .. on the other side .. of .. the world
in ..
a shiny day ..
I was .. walking under the trees of the park Olimpia ..
my school .. to teach science.

I was thinking like this ..
it is possible to receive .. a sign from my father in law ..

My heart was open .. to the outside world .. that day ..
was feeling a special kind of happiness ..
produced ..
by a deep (cosmic) silence ..

I was happy because ..
I new ..
I had the chance .. to receive a sign .. showing that ..the outside world is real

When I arrived at school ..
the porter .. who guards the entrance of the schoolyard ..
told me .. that
"There is .. something on your shirt .."

he would .. to hit .. the butterfly (moth) .. placed .. over my heart

I did not let him to do it ..
I was waiting .. a sign .. from my father in law ..

One of my colleagues .. ( woman ) .. told me:






Sincerely, TONIO

Sep 06, 2012
White Moth NEW
by: Vincent

Well my grandmother just passed away about 23 hours ago. She had a huge blood clot in her lungs but recent bleeding in the brain prevented them from using anti-coagulants.

At any rate, I had to leave the hospital early to finish up some work which ended up not being done due to incessant worrying. I got home at 11:30 pm, after being at the hospital for 3 hours, and got inside.

I sat down at the computer and started playing games to ease my mind. By this time, 2:00 am, I started to worry. I called my mother who had waited with her and my mother was almost home.

I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette while I waited for her. I had left the porch light on when I first entered the house and bugs were nearly swarming so I slipped my hand back inside and turned it off.

As I was pacing back and forth, I notice this single white moth attached to the panel on the right side of the door. I thought it was odd but paid it no mind. It was pretty and that was that.

My mother finally gets home and she tells me that my grandmother has passed. Family members start showing up nearly every hour and I'm basically chain smoking when I couldn't handle the emotional room.

About 14 hours ago, I noticed that the moth was still there. Not until 2 hours ago did it finally move on. 2 hours ago was the last of the family to visit.

I'd like to think that it was my grandmothers spirit watching over us in our time of mourning. It might as well be true. I can offer no explanation for a nocturnal moth to be present from the exact time of her death and nearly 24 hours later.

Sep 10, 2012
And I thought I was alone.... NEW
by: Anonymous

Reading through your story and reading through all the comments made me realize i was not alone in my observations....and I thought Asians were superstitious but ever since I was small I always get to see moths -- big ones -- during somebody's wake which I thought was only a mere coincidence-- my grand dad's, my mother in law and when my dad passed away...Last August 31,2012 I left for my parent's place to attend my dad's first death anniversary -- by his tomb side was a small white moth which according to my sister she saw the same last Nov 1, 2011 -- a holiday here in our country (Philippines) to celebrate "All Souls Day"...when I got back to my home, I saw a big brown moth (which i am keeping) dead beside my son's bed (who apparently was my dad's favorite)..the curiosity about moths and it's link with the dead increased -- thus, I ended up googling and then here...and I am still wondering?

Sep 10, 2012
confused NEW
by: natasha

well I Don't Know maybe i do have a pest problem but this never happens some days ago like three days ago a moth came in my room as normally i would freak out because i despise little creatures, when this was happening i was trying to think of different ways to kill them, i probably killed about 3 and then started setting them free, everyday there was at least six or five moths in my room, and in my room only, personally i couldn't think of any one that had died and maybe this is a sign, or if they were picking up some sort of energy but all i know is they have stop coming in my room now, and looking at my research it just made me wonder; what this meant can anyone help me?

Sep 20, 2012
moths and spirits NEW
by: Anonymous

My dad passed away in may of 07'. Me and my family took the long trip from Louisiana to Nebraska and got to my dads side just a couple of hours before he passed. The next morning when i woke up in my motel room and went to the mirror there were 8 to 10 moths around the mirror. I got a strong feeling they were there because of my dads passing. I had never read anything about this until the other day when i was going to record my grandson and my husband called me into the other room. I layer my phone down and walked away when i came back 2 mins later i noticed i had left the recorder on and listened to it there was a woman's voice asking for help.I know it was no one in the home. The very next day me and my dog got up and walked into the front room and there on the wall was a moth it flew off and my dog went crazy she has never barked at a moth before

Oct 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

ive seen a small moth wandering in my room, i have had a bad feeling with that moth because i already knew something about its death meaning. because of my irritation of it flying around me, i suddenly killed it. im really had a bad feeling and suddenly after 3 hours (12 oclock in the midnight) my BELOVED CAT died. that cat is very precious to me, because everytime im going home, he is coming all over me and put on his head to me with affection. :(( im very sad for this moment. :((((

Oct 12, 2012
Moth on my Heart NEW
by: Laura

My fiancé died of kidney cancer on August 25, 2012. He was 34 years old. His battle with cancer was very short due to the aggressiveness of the rare form he had. The day after I had spent a lot of time crying on the porch and I came in the house. I stood in front of the kitchen sink and I saw something fall into it. When I looked, it was a moth. Suddenly, it flew up and landed on my left chest area. Close to my heart. It just sat there. I even called my daughter to see this. I decided to release it outside and as I walked back to the porch it stayed right on my chest until I brushed it off outside and it flew away. I truly believe that it was a sign from my fiancé telling me he was okay. I've never had a moth land on me, ever. I see them fly around lights but never land on me. I'm glad my thoughts weren't just crazy. I really felt peaceful about this moth on me which is strange because I don't like bugs.

Oct 24, 2012
Death? NEW
by: Anonymous

Moths have been visiting more regularly the last few months, though the last couple weeks, they are dead.
One behind my bed, on my sheet. One this morning in my coffee cup that I had JUST set in the sink. Both long dead.
Live moths too, small, all colors, large and just hanging in the house...

The internet gives me nothing of use. I'm confused.

Oct 24, 2012
Death? NEW
by: Anonymous

Moths have been visiting more regularly the last few months, though the last couple weeks, they are dead.
One behind my bed, on my sheet. One this morning in my coffee cup that I had JUST set in the sink. Both long dead.
Live moths too, small, all colors, large and just hanging in the house...

The internet gives me nothing of use. I'm confused.

Oct 29, 2012
grandpa died NEW
by: Anonymous

My grand pa died in may of the year 2006 but in the fall after my mom found out my dad cheated on her a strange amount of moths took over our house. There wasn't just one but many of them. It was just to weird to believe it was an infestation we never leave windows open and had live there for over 7 years and nothing of that kind had ever happened. Till this day I've been wondering what those moths were there for but after reading all of the comments above I think my grandpa was sending us a message. He knew what my dad was doing after his death and I think he waited and guided my mom towards the truth and the moths appearance were a sign that he is now relieved that she found out and he can finally move towards the light.

Dec 03, 2012
The death of my son on 3/29/2012 NEW
by: Anonymous

A week after my son death me and my two daughters were up stairs in the bathroom at 11:45 pm,and a pure white butterfly flew in the window three times ... He squeezed between the window and the screen .. I opened the window and put him out every time but he just kept coming right back ... The third time I opened my hand and it walked right into my hand.. I took him down stairs and put him in a plant on my front porch.. In the morning he was gone ....

On saturday Dec.1 2012 i was decorating the front and i always call the kids so that they can see it.... I TRULY HAVE A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON , and with the lost of my son, life just has not been the same.... I was talking to him and saying how i wish he was here to see how beautiful i decorated the front yard, he would be the first one i would call always... Once i finished a big moth just appeared out of no where on my front porch ..... To me that was my son letting me know that he was there with me all a long......

Well, as we all know butterflys don't fly at night and at this time of the year...... thier is no moths because its just to
cold .....


Dec 04, 2012
Door Handle NEW
by: Ash

Just now I went to the front door to go outside to my car and i opened the front door and went to put my hand on the wire door handle and a large moth was covering the door handle. It startled me and I moved away quickly. I wondered if this represented anything, I am worried that something will happen and if anybody knows a way to prevent it. I must have felt a strong sense from it because I immediately went back to my room and began research into why it happened. I still haven't gone to the car, as I don't want to hurt the moth.

Dec 09, 2012


Dec 14, 2012
My mom just pass and there is a moth that wont leave my house NEW
by: Anonymous

I just read your story and it touched my heart....My mom was diagnose with cancer this year and she went through the same thing your mom went through...Unfortunately she passed 8-16-2012....My mom was cremated and i have her ashes upstairs...What i don't understand is i have this moth that keep flying around up there and i never had moths in my house before...Reading your story makes me feel a little better because i couldnt understand what was going on....Actually i still dont understand but i realize i'm not alone....

Jan 17, 2013
A mesage of love and guidance? NEW
by: Soldier's father

My son was killed in action in Afghanistan and the day he was killed a beautiful moth appeared n my Coach/RV even though ALL windows and doors were shut. The same beautiful Moth appeared at my son's mother workplace and at his sending off internment. The Moth has appeared often and stays sometimes for a few hours but this week he has been with me and it seems he is watching over me. He has been landing on a photo of my son and my daughter and seems to snuggle on my sons shoulder.I just awoke to find the Moth-my Moth-- directly overhead and on my ceiling. I took photo's and I just looked as I am writing and he is GONE!!Into thin air even though everything is closed. As he has done before. The last time he did this he appeared in his Mother's completely encloded office thousands of miles away. I hope it is not because I am writing about his spirit. I know it is my Son--as before-- as his birthday is close and I have been very sad because he is not with me.I am looking around but can't find him and am begining to worry and am bit concerned and apprehensive as well as feeling a bit weird because I believe this is a message and/or a greeting. Earlier I put my hand out and he perched on my hand and finger and went back to the photo of my son and his sister and laid very still. I was afraid he was near death but soon flew away and around the lights. Very alive and active but gone again.
I have taken many photos this time. I don't know if I should share or if it is just for me.
My Son was taken by a 82mm round from a Taliban rocket launcher during an intensive assault on his outpost and he lived for 1hr and 58 minutes before leaving. He must have been in excruiating pain and I feel his pain as if it were my pain.

Jan 21, 2013
lost my dad NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you all so much for the comments. I too have lost my Dad very suddenly and have recently noticed that every night there is a moth in my living room on the wall just watching us. I know it might sound crazy but something in my heart just keeps telling me that is my dad. One morning I got up to study before a very important test and the moth would not leave me alone. O
It was all around me like it was giving me good luck. I passed my exam after taking it 2 times before and failing. Now I am having a baby and I know that he is here with me watching over my family. I was wondering if others felt this before and googled it. I was lucky to find you guys. Again Thank you.

Mar 01, 2013
I Believe its our loved ones sending a message NEW
by: Ray C

When my Grandfather died, the next day a moth came to my grandmothers house. She's very depressed but my dad told her that grandpa is visiting her. Via the moth telling her not to be sad. She's still sad for a couple of weeks and up till that time the moth stays in the house. After The began to accept her loss, the moth then disappear. And when we've been too long not visiting his grave, my grandmother or my dad usually have a dream of grandpa visiting. Then there's moth in the house in the morning.

Yesterday my aunt just passed away. Shes very nice to me. I think of her as my own mother. Her husband already passed away so her children would be orphan now. Her children is not mature enough to be left without a parent. That morning my wife saw a moth in front of our house. She joked with her sister that someone is visiting, maybe her sister's guest. Not long after that i received a call that my aunt just passed away. She didn't survive the chemo therapy. I believe that she visit me to tell me something, maybe she wants me to take care of her children. She shouldn't have to worry about that. Shes like a mother to me and her children like a brother and sister to me. So I would definitely take care of them without shes asking me.

So yes I believe is a way our love ones communicate. Maybe not their spirit but a medium to communicate with us

Mar 01, 2013
Never had moths in my house... NEW
by: Anonymous

I noticed a moth Appear the day before yesterday. Which was the day I had to put my cat of 22 years asleep. The moth appeared on the cealing where I held her last before she past on. For past two days I have been sitting in that area to feel closer to her. I asked my husband should I kill the moth and he looked it up and found this page. I am sitting in the room with the moth above me feeling a great amount of peace. These last few days were awful full of longing and crying for my kitty I was very close with. Thank you for sharing.

Mar 04, 2013
My dad had past away NEW
by: thai yang

it was just two nights ago, on the 3/2/13 my DAD has past away that same day and a moth came to our house at night when my mother was still mourning also does everybody in the mom said that the moth is dad and he has come in a spirit with the moth. no matter how much we missed him and he missed us nothing can be changed back, the world goes round and round, times go on and on,we will have to live on and continue our journey. probably the moth is a sign that symbolize a spirit of our love ones that he/she loves us and he/she have made it to the other side safely. so in conclusion to my oppinion the moth is a spiritual creature who wonder the globe with joy and freedoms, now our dad has finally fly free from the struggles he had when he was still with us. now he is in a much better place. dad now can actually rest and enjoy peace. I HOPE HE'S IN A MUCH BETTER WORLD DOING HIS THING AND STILL WATCHING OVER US AND MY MOM.

Mar 14, 2013
Moths NEW
by: Anonymous

For the past 2 days there have been moths outside my window and wall. All of them vary in sizes. They just stay attached to the wall some flutter around here and there but most are just there. I havent had any one pass away in my family recently but it calms me just looking at all those moths outside. Its been a little over a year that my grandmother has passed away but other than that no recent death within our family.

Mar 14, 2013
Moths NEW
by: Anonymous

For the past 2 days there have been moths outside my window and wall. All of them vary in sizes. They just stay attached to the wall some flutter around here and there but most are just there. I havent had any one pass away in my family recently but it calms me just looking at all those moths outside. Its been a little over a year that my grandmother has passed away but other than that no recent death within our family.

Mar 15, 2013
White Moth NEW
by: Anonymous

I was trolling the web looking for explanations for a large white moth I found in my kitchen. I got up early, opened a cabinet door in my kitchen and a large white moth flew out! I've NEVER seen a white moth before. I felt so sorry for it that I captured it and put it outside so it could fly away. Now that I read all these posts I was shocked to find the moth means death of a loved one! My dad is 80 years old and has fallen several times lately. I had a dream of him dying as well. Im so surprised this is what the moth symbolizes.

Mar 18, 2013
starting 2 wonder ? NEW
by: Arizona Mike

Hoping this doesn't mean death...a big moth apeared 2 nights ago on a wall in my back yard. After noticing it I took a few pictures n sat a little bit away n all a suden a larger moth swoped in n kinda hit me in my eye.. kinda freaked out n then it flew in circles around the back light for a while n vanished. The next day the original one was next 2 my door just sitting there...the third day I go 2 work about 15 miles away n what do u know. A very similar lookin moth is in the path way to the door sittin on the ground. By now im starting 2 wonder....I come home n that same 1 is by the back door n hasn't moved...earlier this evening my girl recieved a call that her mom who is battling cancer is not do 2 well n didn't get out of bed 2day...yesterday we seen her n she looked good. Was up n around like normal..said she might be coming down with something but overall felt good. Starting 2 wonder though..always heard they were gd luck but we will see. Will keep u posted.

Apr 03, 2013
Experience of a close friend NEW
by: Rowan

I get moths in and around my house occasionally, but have never noticed anything unusual like this personally. But I went interstate to visit a friend of mine earlier this year near his 21st birthday, and there was quite a large moth in his room by his bed. Apparently it had been there for nearly a week already. Later his mother told me a story.

She had been very close to her grandfather and when he passed away some years ago, she started to get visits from moths all the time, especially in times of high emotion. Whenever she was down, stressed or sad, somewhere in her vicinity she would find a giant moth just sitting by her. It happened to her at home; once at work when she was in a state and crying over something that had really upset her, and she found a moth on the back of her laptop that was nearly as big as the computer. Her mother had told her that moths are the spirits of the dead. And she has come to firmly believe that when moths visit her and her family especially at significant times in their lives, it's her grandfather coming to watch over them. She told me, "Nobody's allowed to kill moths in my house." (Which luckily I don't do in the first place.)

Funnily enough, the moth in my friend's bedroom stayed still in the same spot until after his birthday, and then it disappeared without a trace. Didn't see any other moths while I was there. I just happened to think of this story today and google for correlations between moths and deaths. I was surprised not to find anything much other than this page, but it was great reading all the stories here.

I believe there is a correlation. I do like to think moths can carry or represent spirits of or messages from the deceased. Maybe it has something to do with their attraction to light; how when we die it's said we have to "go towards the light"... I have heard there are ancient beliefs and myths associated with moths and death from some cultures but I haven't found anything about it. My friend's mum who told me the story I've related is Chinese and I think she said it's an old Chinese superstition.

Apr 04, 2013
moths NEW
by: michelle

Due to numerous personal experiences with moth visitations,I fell that moth sightings symbolise death,nightmares,prelude to accidents.I am a nurse and whilst bathing my patient a huge brown moth fell from ceiling,onto his abdomen,soon after that i felt stomach pains,i went to sick bay,pregnancy test done was positive,I was over the moon!!!!I returned to ward,making beds and a dead moth fell from the ceiling onto linen,then a repeat death moth fell to the floor.That afternoon I was admitted to hospital for abdominal cramps,and I lost my precious 2 week old baby.Then 3 mnths later I was pregnant again,with caution I carried to term and gave birth to my 2nd son.That night after my ceasarean section,i was asleep,exhausted,all of a sudden a big brown moth entered my private room in ward,the cots sides was up,as soon as i saw the moth,an invisible force slammed the cot side right off its hinges,I was afraid,I then prayed and fell off to sleep peacefully.oncw while washing dishes a moth fell into my liquid soap in tiny soap dish.I thought:what now!!!!that night a relative of mine was found on the road by paramedicsin a pool of blood,he was stabbed!Whilst bathing a patient a moth fell into the tub h20 and drowned,I warned my fam not to go to the beach,pool.3 days later my husbands cousin died whilst swimming at the beach.

Apr 07, 2013
My aunt's death NEW
by: Anonymous

My aunt died last April 1 2013. She died in another city and the wake was held there. Last April 2, there was a small brown moth with spots came to my house. On April 4, I travelled to her city to visit her funeral. In her house, the very same moth was there. I'm pretty sure of it. Same spots, same shape, same size. I think it was her. The moth kept going near her husband.

Apr 07, 2013
My aunt's death NEW
by: Anonymous

My aunt died last April 1 2013. She died in another city and the wake was held there. Last April 2, there was a small brown moth with spots came to my house. On April 4, I travelled to her city to visit her funeral. In her house, the very same moth was there. I'm pretty sure of it. Same spots, same shape, same size. I think it was her. The moth kept going near her husband.

Apr 07, 2013
Your mum NEW
by: Anonymous

I dreamt of white moths lots snd lots of them only to find ot a dsy later my beautiful dad had died. So I believe now that I have read your story and others stories and the dream meaning of moths, iam certain its a aogn of death, like what happened with ur mum. Prehaps the spirits that were coming for her manifested as moths. Hope thats some comfort. Sorry for the loss of your mum. My dad was the only parent I had as I also lost my mum when I was 17 and understand your pain. Look for signs, shes always with you. Look for white feathers. Xx

Apr 07, 2013
moths ? NEW
by: kiana

Omggg , okay I'm only 16 years old birthdays in about 9 days. My mom literally passed 2 days ago. Iam taking it very hard cause I was very much close to her with a strong bond and iam the youngest. From when my moms been home I've noticed these moths coming in often I had no idea and some weird smell that would spring from my room it wouldn't smell any other part of the house, my mom was also hospitalized for 2 months and from 2 weeks ago she had stopped eating . Its just werid that someone has experienced the same thing. I just killed a moth prolly about 10 mins ago . Its just werid I thought I was the only one

Apr 19, 2013
moths m NEW
by: Anonymous

My dad passed April 7th 2013 that morning he pointed out a moth on the ceiling. He passed away latter that day. Ever since. I've been running into moths everywhere. I see moths at my moms house my sisters the car the garden everywere... I started to quertion it too see of it had anything to do with Seth and ran into all this. I'm glad to find out that I wasn't crazy and that it may be my dad eventho I doubt it.

May 12, 2013
Moths are the horses of the souls NEW
by: Anonymous

My uncle (father side) suddenly died last Tuesday. On his wake, I have noticed a small moth and a bigger one on the curtain facing his coffin. THose moths reminded me of the moths and butterflies that landed on my shoes while sailing back to the City after the burial of my grandmother (his mother). We just arrived here in the city home yesterday and did not see anything. Now, as I type this comment, I have noticed a silver moth (with black lining on its wings) sticking near the light. I believe this is my uncle waiting for the 9th day of his soul's release from the earth. So yes, I do believe that Moths, being sensitive creatures are being used by the souls of the departed ones to tell us that they are still with us, waiting for everyone to accept their good byes on us all.

We have utter a deep prayer for their soul and as the moth flies, sadness should grow happiness in time.

May 21, 2013
Butterfly NEW
by: jessica

This is my second time seeing a butterfly never use to see them after my nephew and brother died I already seen one in my house and in my yard today could it be them telling me a sign or what I always think of them and strange things are happing ......

May 21, 2013
Butterfly NEW
by: jessica

This is my second time seeing a butterfly never use to see them after my nephew and brother died I already seen one in my house and in my yard today could it be them telling me a sign or what I always think of them and strange things are happing ......

May 23, 2013
my little moth NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter passed away about 5 months ago, which has been very hard for me and my husband. About a month ago i started to notice a moth in my house that would appear and disapear. but it wouldnt be just at home it would be at the store or a friends house etc, the most strangest thing was that everytime it would appear i was either thinking about my daughter or thinking bad thoughts which i felt the moth would appear to remind me to do good.i started to do research on moths because i highly believe that moths are little messengers from above.

May 23, 2013
my grandma's death NEW
by: Nich

MY GRANDMA had left us a couple nights ago and late night I'm sitting by the computer and was crying about her leaving and out of nowhere a moth came out of nowhere flying around me and the way it happened was very suspicious to me.I think it was my grandma telling me to stop crying.then, me and my mom was talking last night about my grandma and that same moth came flying around right when we're talking and my mom was convinced with what i said the night before.let's me know I'm not crazy...I'm in firm belief that there is something with that..rwg grandma, love you!!!

May 30, 2013
Believe, Question/validation, In my heart I know. .too many times to ignore NEW
by: NMC

I am of Asian descent, both Chinese and Japanese, having said that I have grown up with the belief that the decease come to visit us in another form... A moth, a bird, a fly typically an insect. When I was younger I would always laugh at the stories I would hear, but at the same time would be touched. I am unclear which background this belief originates from only that those dear to me have always expressed their belief and have not heard anyone dispute it. Whether that means they are receiving comfort in their loss, I was unsure. I am now older, a mother myself and have had many relatives and people I have known And love pass. I have also had my own experiences with an odd fly or a moth acting in a strange way. . . And although there is a part of me that has no definitive answer...I do believe it is them. Is it me reaching for comfort..maybe... But when it happens, I can only explain, you will know, question... In my experience it has happened after they have passed.

Having shared my thoughts, I recently was helping to clear out my grandparent's home. My grandfather has been passed now for over 12 years and my grandmother is still alive but needed assisted living. Their home is filled with generations of collections, memorabilia, it was overwhelming... And i do not know the history on most of the things, only they are familiar and I either found them useful or my children were so excited to find these treasures. So I have a lot of stuff from their home,that would otherwise go to charity.

The next morning after working on organizing, deciding, etc, one of my sons, saw a large moth. I have to admit I am a big scaredy-cat, my first thought was grandpa, the second was ewwww! This moth was at least 2 1/2 " long looked black at first, tried to get it out of the house and lost it. I haven't seen one that large in any of my homes in over 20 years...the next day I searched for it thought about it...should I leave it it's grandpa..or is it just a moth and it will eat holes in my clothes. I was up late it was almost ,midnight, went to wash my hands and noticed a small dark spot on the middle of the doorframe..the room was dim, since my husband was sleeping. I thought hmm I don't remember that, go outside the door an freaked out seeing the large moth,night in the middle of the top of the doorframe. Went to try and catch it to release, it flew and I had no idea where it went, it was like poof! I was so concerned, I woke my husband and eventually he saw it, after much talking outloud,the moth went to the top of the door crawled and perched peering down at me while I spoke.. My husband caught n released it...I am still having mixed feelings about it. . .

Jun 14, 2013
Black Sunset moth NEW
by: Sam

It is really strange and spooks me a lot.
My mother in law passed away about three weeks ago in Hong Kong. My wife was with her when her mom passed away.
On the same night she saw a large black moth flying about in the house (it is bigger than her palm),she shoo it away but did not think much about it.
The following day,her brother from Australia came home although missing his mum's passing. A large black moth flew in again and hoovered for a few minutes, my wife shoo it away again.
For my in law's funeral later this month, one of my wife's close cousins came back to Hong Kong from California. Two day's ago on mother in law's 3-7 (21 days) since her passing, at the stroke of midnight, a large black moth flew in the house and set at the top of the curtain and stayed the whole day before it left. My wife's cousin took some pictures of it. Some relative said the moth was my in law's coming back to see her love ones. I search the internet and found out the moth that looked like a big butterfly is in fact a 'black/ grey sunset moth' with nearly 100mm wing span. May be it is all a coincidence. May be it is a myth.
RIP my mother in law.

Jul 08, 2013
My dad, the moth. NEW
by: Jessi Riddle

My father passed away when I was 8 years old I had never met him but after his death my grandparents had a hand in raising me all in all my father brought much confusion in my life as a rebellious teen and dis functional childhood/adult hood I had lost contact with most of my family I just didn't feel good enough. Last June I made a huge flower assortment with the word "dad" on it. I had went to his grave to make peace with him I am a Christian now and I don't believe so much in afterlife but as I was standing over his tombstone I immidiatly felt a connection with my father . When I got home that night I noticed alot of months on my porch which was kinda normal for a summer night but on my fathers portrait in my living room sat the wildest looking moth I had ever seen in my life it was black with a perfect redish orange smiley face on its wings (I still have the picture to prove it) I knew right then and there that was my father being comical with me wanting to be seen (my dad was a Harley rider) every day for about a week another moth flew in but not your average moth, they where very pretty with designs. Also before my God mother past away there was a huge white moth in my moms house. I feel moths are a message from those who wish to be not forgotten, I don't know how it's possible but I defiantly believe moths are a message and every time I see one I think of my father. They say who you think of when the moth appears is who the moth is sending the message by. :) play close attentions to their designs they are beautiful Godly creatures, to me much more interesting than the butterfly... It's not just you alone in your experience :)

Jul 19, 2013
lappet moth NEW
by: Pop Korn

I saw a moth trying to enter through our window. I don’t know if curiosity or was it intentional. I swung open to let it in. I noticed it was a lappet moth, the specie that mimics a dead leaf. I got goose bumps when it avoided me and perched on the wall near the bed. I started praying. If it is a sign if it is his will so, be it. I have cancer and survived for 2 years after operation. Lately, I have been feeling short in breaths and weakness. At times I feel thrust of pain and would go bed rest if unbearable.

Your will be done.

Jul 23, 2013
Moth Visiting NEW
by: Anonymous

My father in law passed just recently and when i was in the waiting room at the hospital with my wife,mother in law,and other family members a moth appeared just after he passed away and was flying toward the light on the ceiling. I found it odd for a moth to appear out of nowhere especially in a hospital.A few days after the funeral my mother in law had a moth following her everywhere she went in the house. I think this kinda comforted her.

Jul 23, 2013
Keeping the moths out of my mom's sight NEW
by: Anonymous

Every family member of mine who has died was announced by the visit of a moth, the curious thing is that it only happens if my mom sees it. If a moth enters the house while she is gone and I get rid of it and she never finds out, nothing happens. But, if she see one, someone we know die in 2 weeks top. It's spooky stuff, last week a moth entered the house, my cats killed it, NEXT DAY another moth appears, cats again. And know I'm just scared that they will keep coming until my mom see one

Aug 04, 2013
Freaked out NEW
by: Anonymous

I am writing this because something happened to me the other day and I have been searching websites trying to figure this out.... And I guess I want to know if there is any relevance to my story..this past Friday the 2nd of August, in the afternoon at work, having a smoke break outside, a bunch of moths started flying around me. Some would fly right into me but most were just buzzing around. I found it odd that there were more than you would usually see all at once, no idea how many exactly but I found myself waving my arms frantically to shoo them away! So back to work I went and that was that. As strange as that was, I never had that happen before.... The day comes to a close and there I am riding the bus home and reading the newspaper I decide to check out my horoscope which I never do. My jaw drops as I read the last line which reads..." Be the light that attracts the moths" !!!! I was stunned because first off what are the chances that exactly that incident happened to me for the first time ever.... was printed the exact same day ....and it appeared in print in MY horoscope!!! I wish it was easily explained, but... Still freaked out!

Aug 07, 2013
moth in my pineal gland NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for your loss and I too also have a story involving the moth, one day walking down the street I've lived on my whole life a moth flew at me straight into my third eye and disappeared, I ducked after and my friend said there was nothing there but after that everything around me started changing and I ll never forget that moth whether it was something good or something bad I know it meant something

Aug 11, 2013
White moth with Fushsia NEW
by: Alice

As I was entering into my house last night, there was a white moth with fushsia color on it at my door lock. I looked at it and thought how strange. I took a picture and text my daughter to tell her to look at it. My mother is in the ICU with COPD and just came off ventilator. She told me yesterday she saw my grandmother who died 14 years ago. My grand mother had beautiful white hair and she loved fuchsia. This morning it is still there. I just googled about the moth and what it meant. This is how I found this site. I am afraid and sad. if this is my mothers time, I am comforted that my grandmother is here with us. God bless you all and thank you for sharing your stories.

Aug 17, 2013
relatives death NEW
by: Anonymous

first of all, sorry for your loss. i had also experience this more than once. but in my case, its a huge flies that wondering and wants to get inside our house. some got in and there's many of them! they mostly hovering on the lights.

it happens few days after my dad past away. it also happens recently when my stepfather dad and my biological mother dad past away. for some reason, my mother's dad and stepfather's dad past away when flies came (hours) before their death and Not after.

Aug 28, 2013
butterflys appears at funeral procession NEW
by: yolandaAnonymous

Wednesday, july 31, 2013@11:30pm...that late evening, my mom passed day got to my mom's house. I ran into her bedroom. Crying wishing she was their and still alive.but she wasn't. I notice a small butterfly. On the funeral day, we turn on the road towards the cemetery. Tons of butterfly flew around all the all the we drove into the cemetery, all the butterflys flew away and the service started. When it was our turn to say our final goodbyes.I went first...I was crying , , and saying goodbye. I kissed the coffin and lifted my head and one butterfly flex away beside me.later that evening my brother and sister and me were outside my mom's house.we felt sad and so lost...with out our mother's present and out of no where....the butterflys appeared...all around the tress and us.I truly believe, my mom was communicating to us staying goodbye to us....and was with god.because the time she passed away 11:11 a blessed time...according to the, yes I truly believe butterflys are a blessing....during someone passing. God bless♥

Sep 13, 2013
I'll never spare moths again NEW
by: Anonymous

I want to share my experiences with moths too.

I had heard since I was a child that the big moths are omens of death so if one enters your house you have to drive it away or kill it.

I don't consider myself to be superticios but I don't really like them since they seem to fly straight at your face when they get inside so whenever I found a big moth I tried to drive it away as soon as possible but three years ago one entered our kitchen where my father, my brother and I were chatting. It was kind of pretty so for the first time I decided that I should just wait until it went away on its own.

The following night my brother died on a car crash and to this day I can't help but think that maybe if I had killed it he would be alive today.

I had not seen another big moth until tonight and this time I tried to kill it right away because a month ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I just can't think of it as a coincidence anymore so even if it sounds cruel I swear I'll kill all the big moths that cross my path from now on because they are not taking mom away anytime soon...

Sep 19, 2013
I now know NEW
by: Anonymous

In April 2012 my uncle died. We were very close, he was a second father to me and my sister. Ever since then I see moths all over the place. I was talking to my mother in law last summer about my uncle and all of a sudden the biggest moth I have ever seen came to the window. I have told friends and family that my uncle comes to me in the form of a moth but I have never looked into it.

The posts I have seen now confirm that my uncle is trying to talk to me and that he is ok. I look forward to seeing every moth because I think of him.

Oct 10, 2013
your story helped me NEW
by: Anonymous

Over the past few days, I have had a large brown moth come into my room. Then a second, and now a third. Me and my sister chased the first two out of the house however we never found the third. My sister was at school today, and she went into a bathroom, and out of all the bathrooms she went into, there was a moth, nearly identical to the ones we had at home, in the bathroom she happened to go in to. When she came home and told me, we went outside to tell my other sister, and there, at my doorway was another moth. Exactly the same as the other three. We have never had a moth problem before, but I have recently learnt that I am in the early phases of developing cervical cancer and my health has declined greatly in the last 8 months. Reading your story helped me as my family has always had strong spiritual beliefs, but I had never heard of anything to do with moths being symbolic before.

Oct 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

The night my father passed away a year ago moths were everywhere around the chair he always sat in. At first my mother and I thought it was strange because dad didn't really like them and we were always looking for signs. Now, a pattern has come about that when we have a gathering or feel like we need him or are going through something hard, we always see moths in our home. At his grave they will land on us or around us, and now I have one on my hallway wall that hasn't moved in 3 days. Little weird and hope its a good sign and not a bad one. Glad to hear lots of people have positive experiences with moths.

Nov 04, 2013
surrounded by moths before loss of loved one NEW
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you for your loss. I lost my dad last night also to cancer, we only found out 2 weeks ago so it was sudden. A few days ago we started getting moths in my home 6 hrs from dad, over the past last few days our car and home started getting large amounts of moths aswell. All the car windows were up and I checked the car for any damp spots and there was nothing. Tgey just kept appearing out of nowhere and yesterday a huge black moth was in dads room before he passed. I feel it is a comforting sign.

Nov 14, 2013
Dogs, too. NEW
by: Anonymous

For starters, I give my condolences to all those who commented & lost friends or family members...
I know it seems on a much smaller scale but I just found out a few hours ago my mothers dog Charlie died. He was a family dog, he was around 10 years old. He had a lot of head trauma do to a series of unfortunate events. I was texting my little sister(I'm in LA and they're all the way in Palm Springs) who's in tears and all of a sudden this all black moth is fluttering like crazy around my room. He's not too big maybe just a little bigger than the average moth. Now at first I panicked because I have a friend who told me that the black moth was a sign of death. After snooping through the Internet I think it's just Charlie saying goodbye. I was really sad that I didn't get to see him one last time. I think this was the best way for him to let me know he's ok. The moth is still in my room right now he's hanging out on the blinds in the window above my bed. Now when I look at him I sort of feel comfort instead of fear. I know it sounds silly because its about a dog but idk I just kinda have a feeling (:

Dec 04, 2013
Confused about these huge moths NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been seeing a lot of moths lately, they follow me everywhere. I've seen a huge one that visits rarely and just sits on my walls or curtains in my room, sometimes they fly around the lights or are drawn to my cellphone light at night time. Another time when I was folding washing a large one flew out and just sat next to the pile.I also saw another huge one after school just sitting on my bed. I saw another huge one dead on my bus to school and on odd days huge ones fly around me and my friends. Just yesterday I saw another large one while I was in the shower, it crawled out of the water and just sat there. I got scared and went back a couple hours later and it was gone. I then accidently killed that same moth this morning because it had gone in my shoe, It's starting to get really weird and I'm just confused because I have been feeling spiritual energy around me for a long time and I can't figure if it's good or bad because I feel cold breezes at night when I'm alone and its completley taken over my room that I'm too scared to enter it.

Jan 16, 2014
Moth after fire NEW
by: Anonymous

We got our kitchen on fire at 6 pm while me and my boyfriend had a fight and was about to split. Kitchen totally ruin so is pur relationship - I was packing and ready to leave the next day.
In the next morning, I helped clean up after the fire waiting for my cab and i saw a moth flew to our bedroom and sit in the corner. I had a strange feeling, usually I will get a spray as I am an insect freak. I sat on the bed staring at the moth, thinking and feeling it could be a sign of something.
It is very awkward as I am neither a religipus nor a spiritual person ever, and the visit of a moth made me feel something?

Can anybody help guide me on what could be the sign? Please email me

Feb 12, 2014
Death and moth NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes I had the same experience well almost. My mum had heart problems and her health was declining. We were in hospital and she was having a chest X-ray out of nowhere a moth flew on to the trolley my mum was lying on. mum tried to swath it away and when she failed the hospital attendant swathed it away with paper. the next day my mum died unexpectedly and when we were called in to the hospital mortuary a moth was flying around my mum's dead body. I didn't see any signifance in any of his at the time but having read your article I now realise it was a sign pity I didn't pick up on it and say my goodbyes as I never got to say goodbye and I miss and love her so much.

Feb 14, 2014
Sad face moth NEW
by: Anonymous

Raised in Hawaii we were always told the moth was a friendly visitor from the past.Im married and 9 children one of whom that we have lost in an accident.Last night my wife and I were on the bus and we both needed to pee very badly.We decided to get off at the next stop and use the bathroom on the sand at the beach since it was dark.As I was peeing I felt something land on my hand.It was a moth about 2 inches across.I smiled told my wife to look at what just landed on me.She came closer with her cell phone light and I showed her.I then lifted my arms and told the moth that we need to go and gently flicked it into the dark sky.Two to three seconds later the moth is back on my hand.I put my hand near my wife's cell light and to my surprise this thing has a perfect sad face on it.Its wings were dark brown the two eyes and frowning mouth were white, it was pretty vivid.It scared me because this moth landed on me four times.And the night before that I was smoking in my garage and a giant moth landed on my left big toe.After that sad face moth incident I wanted to find a site like this to see others who have had similar experiences.Amazing how many comments to this subject.Thank you for posting.

Feb 15, 2014
White Butterflies & The Moth NEW
by: Nature's Silver Lining

It's good to read so many of the stories of the amazing experiences of the presence of moths. I too have had a moment where I had spent the afternoon sitting with a my good friend who is a mystic. She has been connecting with me to help me in my journey to spiritual awareness. It was a very informative session and as we got in our car, a giant crecopia moth flew into the car and landed on her lap. I was in awe of this beautiful little creature and its persistence in staying with us. In knowing it was no coincidence and that the universe was confirming its joy in our discussion, I decided to research the spiritual meaning of the moth. I was floored when it delivered it's message. "Luna moths also signify rebirth and new beginnings as they represent a continuing quest for truth and knowledge, gift of intuition, psychic perception and heightened awareness. I suppose these things are associated with “seeing the light” since the luna moth is nocturnal but will gravitate toward light in the night. Of course, these symbolisms are lore passed down through the years but is interesting to wonder what started these beliefs. And then again, who really knows? One can only wonder whether sighting of such things are merely coincidence or indeed something more." I smiled in total awe of the universes connection.

I also had the experience of seeing white butterflies when my mother passed about 5 years ago. At her funeral a white butterfly flew around her coffin and all around the priest as he spoke of her. For weeks after I would see white butterflies almost every time I thought of her. There was no doubt, that she was letting me know she was ok and had made a beautiful transition into her new life. I know she is with me always and the gift of seeing butterflies brought me great peace and have brought me to this place of searching for my awareness of the truth of the all that is. Since then I have awakened to my gift of artistry, and paint my experiences with mother earth's magical moments. These are not coincidental things happening, it is the true nature of the universe and the love it embraces us with always. Our awareness opens the veil and the light turns on. Just like the moth being drawn out of the darkness to the light of the moon.

Mar 15, 2014
Moth NEW
by: Anonymous

I would like to share my experience. Every time I see moths they always come in 3's shortly after seeing them something bad has occurred. I starting noticing and matching these occurrences and ever since then every time I see one something bad happens. No deaths however something that brings disgrace happens. Now when I see butterflies then I know that my spiritual realm is at peace. I believe The Lord has blessed individuals with this type of sight.

Mar 28, 2014
by: Barbara

Hi, I want to thank you for your story about your Mom and the moths. I had a dead moth on my bed on Tuesday when I woke. I thought that unusual so researched the meaning and found this site and after reading your story I knew I had to visit my Friend with cancer that evening. So pleased I did as last night she passed away. I too now believe there is something special about Moths visiting. Thanks again

May 21, 2014
Death and the Moth NEW
by: Peter Lee

Dated: 21st May 2014

Hi Darlen,
My deepest sympathies for your loss. i had to write this to let you know.
You do not have an infestation of moths. i believe that someone closed, passed on, and is telling you, she/he made it well at the other side and in fact guarding/looking after you.

I had experiences for the last 10 years till last night. In mid 2004,at about 11pm, i first seen a huge month/butterfly (black with a white strap on each of the wings)measuring about 18-20cm,width wise, perch on the ceiling of my living room. i was living on the 29th floor of an apartment block. Got a fright of my life.
Next morning on my way to work, a small moth was waiting for me at the lift and follow me into the lift. Flew out when i exited the lift. I could not believe it when i came back from work that day in the evening. The month was waiting for me in the lift It landed on my shoulder when the lift was ascending and flew away when i open my door of the apartment. This happens for the next few days. I was by then worried and frighten. i do not know what was happening? i consulted a Medium, who told me what i have written above to you in the first paragraph. Understanding these symbolism or unatural events will help you. It has help me through the last ten years of my life .... whenever a month appears, it is giving me a sign to be cautious, from little accidents to quarrels/disagreement with my wife and even help me to avoid a global financial crises.

Last Sunday night, 18th May 2014, our home has a huge moth measuring about 8cm. In the morning, i could find it in the house but it was waiting for me at the lift. Last night, there were 3 huge moths, 2 in the lving room and 1 in my study. I told them i was going to sleep, strangely, 2 of the moth flew off (1 in study and 1 i living room)The one in the living room is still 'resting' beside the statue of Virgin Mary.

I am now 50 years old and had a near death experience when i was 17years old. i have medical symptoms that a few medical specialist Doctors cannot fathom what is happening. They could not help me. I was saved/help by an elderly lady's dreams and awareness. The elderly lady was an old neighbour of the family. Crux of everything happening or otherwise around us, is called Awareness. Hopes my comments help you. God Bless.

May 21, 2014
Moth's in Mom's Room NEW
by: Anonymous

OMG!! I had moths in my mother's bedroom. She lived with me, but passed away. They were only in one bedroom where she slept. I had exterminators come out, because I was creeped out. They said it was an almond moth, and asked if I ate almonds or nuts in her room. I don't eat in her room, and I am allergic to nuts! There were moths only in moms bedroom! A friend from High School died weeks after that from breast cancer. I have no clue what this means. I have been trying to find answers. I have lived here for 26 yrs, and never had a moth in this house!

Jun 12, 2014
Moth NEW
by: Native

My grandmother was very superstitious a Lipan Apache (she was raised in a Spanish / catholic mission in Texas as an orphan) My mom (white redhead) didn’t quite know how to take my Dad’s family. My mom was at my grandmother’s house one Sunday and my grandmother started screaming in the kitchen, my mom thinking she was hurt or burnt ran in there and my grandmother was pointing to the screen door. There was a giant moth on the screen, she said “someone is going to die” Her brother died unexpectedly the next week.

Jun 25, 2014
white moth NEW
by: Anonymous

My dad passed away in April 2014. I do see a white moth a lot. I believe my dad is with me

Jun 26, 2014
Moths, moths, everywhere... NEW
by: Gypsy Girl

Four weeks ago my father passed away. Ever since his passing, my house has been filled with moths. Ive also been recently told by a spiritual healer that I am quite intuitive. Upon researching moths, I discovered that they are in fact connected to the spirit world and those whom are intuitive.

Just now I was having the scariest dream that some type of dark force was trying to drain the energy and life out of my heart. When I woke myself up I turned the lights on because the dream was really frightening. After I turned the lights on, there were three moths on the ceiling at the end of my bed. I could feel a darkness, a heaviness in the room so I prayed and while I was praying, I started feeling much more at ease.

The moths are stil here and I am a little scared to go back to sleep, which is why I started researching more about this topic. Grateful to all of you for sharing your stories.

I feel no fear from the moths, I actually feel like they are here to PROTECT me. Especially because they were all at the end of my bed, as if to let me know they are doing their job.

Hope this helps others feel more at ease.

Jun 27, 2014
Giant moth visitor NEW
by: Anonymous

Tonight, just as I was climbing into bed. I noticed a huge tan and orange moth on my nightstand lamp. It was so large you could see it's black eyes, furry back, and long antannaes from across the room. I was so taken back by the size of the moth, that that was all I could think about. My partner was the one who said, "I wonder if it's nancy? Hi nancy!" Nancy was my partners boss, best friend, and like a mother to us. She passed away from a severe heart attack 2 months ago. Earlier in the day I had a feeling that Nancy's spirit was around. When I spoke to my partner in the afternoon, he said that he was having a hard time, really missing her, and had an emotional morning. I told him I felt similarly and that it was just because Nancy's spirit was close to us. I feel as though she is here for something big. Not sure what. Tonight/early morning, 3:30 a.m. I got out of bed for a glass of water. For the 3-4 time this year the stereo was on in the living room. My partner and I had watched tv in that room before bed, but everything was turned off when we finished watching tv. The strangest thing about it, is to turn on the stereo would require someone to push three different buttons to get just the stereo to turn on. It's not just a simple turn off and on. Because of my strong feelings in the morning, my partner feeling close to Nancy as well, the giant moth in our room, and just now the stereo turning on again... I wonder if there really is a spiritual visitor or message trying to present it self. I'm a believer! Just not sure what it all means. I will post again if anything further developes.

Jul 03, 2014
Mom = Moth NEW
by: Anonymous

My Mom at the age of 86, passed away in hospital on 24 June this year. This evening, a colorful moth flies in and stayed in our living room. In our house, moths and other small insects do fly in occasionally, but moths usually come in autumn not summer, so this time it is quite unusual. My wife and my two children at their teenage are always afraid of insects, every time they find insects in the house, they will call me to get rid of them. Tonight, while I was in the bed room capturing my mother's old photographer into digital images with my scanner, I heard my daughter called me from the living room. She told me there's moth on the wall.
I caught the moth and amazed to see it is a very beautiful one not like the usual ones with doubt colored wings. I put it in a plastic bag and released it from my bedroom window. Then I closed the window to prevent it from getting in again. To my surprise, the moth didn't fly away. It stayed on the window frame. I walked away to do some clean-up in the living room for 20-30 mins. When I came back by that window, I saw she was waiting still there. Meeting face to face for awhile, she suddenly hovered away from the pane and fluttered around up and down with her head looking toward me. Not until this moment of stranger behavior, did I realize that she was my mother's spirit coming back to see her grandchildren. With tears in my eyes, I whispered goodbye to her and thanked her for dropping by. Then I saw her flies away. I told all these to my son and daughter in person, and shared it on Whatsapp with my three brothers and only sister. We believe that everything is in God's hands.

Jul 06, 2014
Same kinda thing and I agree NEW
by: Cody...

My great grand father is in a home currently and his health is declining fast. Today when I went to visit him in the home and my great grand mother at her lake cabin both places had a giant michigan moth ... The one at my gmas was healthy and just chilling on a post on her deck whilst the moth at the home was swarming around in circles next to my truck and with that said after my grandpa goes , I have this feeling not to long after tye same fate awaits my grandma ... It's hard and from your experience you understand like most others in the comment section , my deepest condolences to all who have lost someone they love

Sep 01, 2014
wonder why NEW
by: Anonymous

I need to share my similar sorry, my dog is being put down tomorrow because the doctor said there is nothing else we can do for her. Me and my boyfriend were lighting candles and saying prayers when a small black mouth flies out of under the table in our apartment... We've never seen them before here and now that I think about it, there's been many moths at my parents house where she stays

Sep 01, 2014
wonder why NEW
by: Anonymous

I need to share my similar sorry, my dog is being put down tomorrow because the doctor said there is nothing else we can do for her. Me and my boyfriend were lighting candles and saying prayers when a small black mouth flies out of under the table in our apartment... We've never seen them before here and now that I think about it, there's been many moths at my parents house where she stays

Sep 30, 2014
unusual and strange experience NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi im searching for some answers because lately i've been experiencing unusual and weird things with moths.. i've never had moths in the house but for the past week its been appearing in my room every night and in the morning the moths appears in my car, yesterday morning two moths flew into my partners face in the car and we have no idea how it gets in our car and room! I just removed one moth out my room and before bed another one just appeared out of nowhere..its really strange! And to add to that im living in a city suburb were no owls exist in my area but lastnight me and my partner heard owls all night! If anyone knows why this is happening please reply back.. i hope theres nothing for me to worry about..

Oct 10, 2014
One last goodbye NEW
by: Anonymous

My uncle and Godfather was kidnnapped a few weeks ago. We didn't know if he was alive or where he was. Until the police found his car with his body inside, but because it had been burned it was impossible to identified him. So we had to wait for the results of a DNA test. I was sitting on my bed, hoping this was some mistake and that he was alive somewhere, that the kidnnappers would call to ask for money or something. Suddenly a moth came out of the nowhere and stood on mu chest. I looked at it and I felt some kind of weird connection. I moved but the moth wouldn't go away. At that moment I knew my uncle was gone. I don't know how, but I just knew. Then the moth stood on my night table, next to my bed and stayed there for a very long time. When I finally got up to take a shower and then go to bed, the moth stood on my chest again. I stood right there, next to my bed, looked at it and for some reason I smiled at it. When I walked out of my room the moth went away, I don't even know where, and I never saw it again. I went to bed that night, already knowing that my uncle was gone and even though I wanted to believe he was alive I knew it wasn't true. But I think somehow that moth brought me peace and strenght that I would need for the next couple of days. The next morning we heard the results. My uncle had been murdered, it was his body inside his car. I didn't cry at first, because the first thing that came to my mind was that moth. I believe that it was my uncle that came to say goodbye to me. And it may sound stupid or silly for some people, but to me it sounds real. Because just the thought of my uncle coming to say one last goobye means the world to me, and it beings me peace and comfort.

Oct 10, 2014
One last goodbye NEW
by: Anonymous

My uncle and Godfather was kidnnapped a few weeks ago. We didn't know if he was alive or where he was. Until the police found his car with his body inside, but because it had been burned it was impossible to identified him. So we had to wait for the results of a DNA test. I was sitting on my bed, hoping this was some mistake and that he was alive somewhere, that the kidnnappers would call to ask for money or something. Suddenly a moth came out of the nowhere and stood on mu chest. I looked at it and I felt some kind of weird connection. I moved but the moth wouldn't go away. At that moment I knew my uncle was gone. I don't know how, but I just knew. Then the moth stood on my night table, next to my bed and stayed there for a very long time. When I finally got up to take a shower and then go to bed, the moth stood on my chest again. I stood right there, next to my bed, looked at it and for some reason I smiled at it. When I walked out of my room the moth went away, I don't even know where, and I never saw it again. I went to bed that night, already knowing that my uncle was gone and even though I wanted to believe he was alive I knew it wasn't true. But I think somehow that moth brought me peace and strenght that I would need for the next couple of days. The next morning we heard the results. My uncle had been murdered, it was his body inside his car. I didn't cry at first, because the first thing that came to my mind was that moth. I believe that it was my uncle that came to say goodbye to me. And it may sound stupid or silly for some people, but to me it sounds real. Because just the thought of my uncle coming to say one last goobye means the world to me, and it beings me peace and comfort.

Oct 10, 2014
One last goodbye NEW
by: Anonymous

My uncle and Godfather was kidnnapped a few weeks ago. We didn't know if he was alive or where he was. Until the police found his car with his body inside, but because it had been burned it was impossible to identified him. So we had to wait for the results of a DNA test. I was sitting on my bed, hoping this was some mistake and that he was alive somewhere, that the kidnnappers would call to ask for money or something. Suddenly a moth came out of the nowhere and stood on mu chest. I looked at it and I felt some kind of weird connection. I moved but the moth wouldn't go away. At that moment I knew my uncle was gone. I don't know how, but I just knew. Then the moth stood on my night table, next to my bed and stayed there for a very long time. When I finally got up to take a shower and then go to bed, the moth stood on my chest again. I stood right there, next to my bed, looked at it and for some reason I smiled at it. When I walked out of my room the moth went away, I don't even know where, and I never saw it again. I went to bed that night, already knowing that my uncle was gone and even though I wanted to believe he was alive I knew it wasn't true. But I think somehow that moth brought me peace and strenght that I would need for the next couple of days. The next morning we heard the results. My uncle had been murdered, it was his body inside his car. I didn't cry at first, because the first thing that came to my mind was that moth. I believe that it was my uncle that came to say goodbye to me. And it may sound stupid or silly for some people, but to me it sounds real. Because just the thought of my uncle coming to say one last goobye means the world to me, and it beings me peace and comfort.

Oct 17, 2014
Magic Moths NEW
by: Anonymous

I was very ill after cancer treatment (age 33, Hodgkin's Disease) and went to live with my mother. She was living in a beautiful place in the woods. I was out in the garden and found a Luna moth on the underside of a leaf on the edge of the woods. I put my finger up to it..and it crawled onto my hand. I was so proud of my new pet and put it on my private balcony which adjoined my room upstairs. That night my mother was screaming from my room..when I looked on my balcony..there was approx 10-12 Luna moths flying under the light. I just must be a sign from God. The next morning they were still there hanging out on the walls. That night I had just gotten into bed..watching the moths..they were all on the screen door and started vibrating in unison with their wings...harder n harder when it occurred to me they would injure their that moment I could see a rose red glowing light from corner of room..when the light touched me..I felt my IQ soar through the ceiling and felt this beautiful feeling of love enough for a million lifetimes...then I saw everyone I had every known who had died...could see my Grandfather as a old man and in the same second a baby in the womb...all of this was somehow one with God. They told me to never be scared of death because would feel like this..I also learned other things but can't remember. After it was over I went out to be with the moths and out of the darkness another came and hit my body...Imperial Moth. I am now 52 and still trying to be worthy to have this experience again. I loved reading all the moth stories here.....thank you!!!!!!

Oct 20, 2014
Big black Moth is not a myth. NEW
by: Anonymous

My aunty died two days ago from heart complication. Her death was somehow quick and should have been preventable. The fact that she was mentally ill and wouldnt known how to take care of herself makes her story quite sorrowful. Yesterday we have come to her news from my family overseas. Later that afternoon i was visited by a huge black moth whilst i was driving my car whilst the car was in full motion. The moth came from nowhere and sits on the right hand side of the car view mirror. It was quite big, it really shocked me.. It soon came to my mind that this could relate to the death of my aunty. The moth waited me for a couple of minutes before flying off, as if it was trying to communicate with me or showing some signs. The fact that my aunty was ill and she was never a bad person had really touched our family. We are now relief she has now departed.
This is the first time i have encounter with this kind of thing. Just as i thought that god does not exist or we are here purely by chance through the big bang or evolution and this thing happened. Makes you think twice about the law of nature & god. (Light.)

Oct 22, 2014
spiders and a dog NEW
by: mani

My condolences and empathy.
My father passed away 4 years ago from a sudden heart attack.He never complained from heart problems and his passing was so hurtful. A month or more before he passed we would see huge spiders in our house. They started appearing suddenly which is so uncommon in our area and we'd never seen any similar huge spider at home before. My younger sisterd would call Dad to kill them whenever they saw any. They disappeared after his passing.
Two weeks ago my mom and everyone moved to a smaller house in the city. I'm alone here in the village. The first day i slept alone,a beautiful dog came out of nowhere and started sleeping under my window. He's sleeping each night under my window. Please help me know the omen. Itrust nature's ways and i'm so scared,especially that im sleeping in my mother's room now. Help me find the omen. I love her so much.

Oct 23, 2014
Mani NEW
by: Kimberly

Hello Mani,

I am still trying to figure out nature and omens myself but will try and offer what I know to maybe help. When I had cancer the first time moths came and it forever changed me because I knew how beautiful the other side sometimes I'm not as scared as I use to be about this life. I planted a flower vine garden in my yard to bring all the butterflies etc to raise my vibration here ..this is something I'm still experimenting with.
I also have a big dog and he keeps me company and makes me feel protected...maybe this dog has come to be your friend in your time of need. When my uncle died I went to the town where he lived for the funeral and stayed at his home. The next morning all the windows were filled with ladybugs....dozens of them. It was beautiful and I knew it was him somehow. I hope things get better for you!!

Nov 12, 2014
Thank you Mani, NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank You Mani, best Regards to you.

Nov 25, 2014
Pet --> Moth NEW
by: Anonymous

My pet just passed away this afternoon, the place was located in Malaysia, the place he passed away. I am now studying in Australia, and today at night, when i open my house light, i saw one moth.... It's my first time seeing that in this house, i have been staying here since end of july till now. november 25th 2014.

Nov 25, 2014
Pet --> Moth NEW
by: Anonymous

My pet just passed away this afternoon, the place was located in Malaysia, the place he passed away. I am now studying in Australia, and today at night, when i open my house light, i saw one moth.... It's my first time seeing that in this house, i have been staying here since end of july till now. november 25th 2014.

Nov 25, 2014
Pet --> Moth NEW
by: Anonymous

My pet just passed away this afternoon, the place was located in Malaysia, the place he passed away. I am now studying in Australia, and today at night, when i open my house light, i saw one moth.... It's my first time seeing that in this house, i have been staying here since end of july till now. november 25th 2014.

Jan 17, 2015
Moth appeared after our pet died NEW
by: Anonymous

Our cherished English Mastiff, Lexi, died yesterday in our house after a rapid decline in her health the previous 3-5 days. After we got back from taking her body to be cremated, a large brown moth appeared above our bed by the window and just sat there. My husband said it was her spirit...I did a search and found this page. It did bring me some comfort. I miss her terribly and am grieving.

Feb 01, 2015
light in the darkness NEW
by: Erica

My mothers partner has been battling cancer for the past few months, of which it became terminal and very aggressive within a few weeks of diagnosis.... Currently he rests in Palliative care, heavily dosed on pain killers, appreciating every day as it may be his last.

Last I received a late call from my mother at almost midnight, i was worried about the call but for the first time in so long i could here a radiance to her voice, i could feel her smiling through her words. she called to tell me that she had been visited by five beautiful butterflies, all of the same elaborate design, with eyes watching over her. after a few photos i realised she had mistaken them for moths. Something so surreal, it felt like the spirit world communicating with her through the most precious and non threatening way. A light in the Darkness. She was so blessed.

This seems to be occurring in many peoples lives as they go through a similar life challenge. Magical.

Mar 15, 2015
fear of moths NEW
by: Anilen Windvogel

im 26yrs old my motherr died of cervical cancer in 2011...i cant help bt notice most of the comments where the moth appeared somebody had cancer...there is this big black moth that flies into our house on sunny flies out again until the next day...or sunny day...before my mother passed it was a rainy day...she told us she wanna go outside and sit in the sun in her garden....but it was mother loved sunny days...someone told me not to hinder the moth its my mother...but im afraid of moths and dont want to chase the moth. either...any commets on whar to do e-mail.

Apr 08, 2015
moth experience 3x over loved ones death NEW
by: Anonymous

My experience as vividly recalled was 1st when i was about 7 years old when my grandma died, a huge moth was flying in our living room which is very unusual as there nothing seem to appear in our kind of place at that certain time. My 2nd encounter was when my father died while i was working outside of the country, when i did seen the moth i wept as i have quiet understand by then the presence of a moth when i at the same time received a call from my mother about the death of my father. I have been told the relevance of moths on death by elders after i told them about my 1st moth encounter. Then just recently, when my Father-in-law whom i have learned to love dearly passed away, i seen another huge moth in our bedroom. My question is, regardless of the religion of the deceased how can it be that they all appear in the same way maybe trying to let their loved ones know that they have gone to the light just like the moths do.

Jun 07, 2015
Moths NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I have gone searching for the same reason My father has Leukemia & Kidney disease and is really getting very weak and sleeping all the time He has been fighting this battle for many years But all of a sudden I am getting heaps of moths & was wondering the same thing they are trying to get into my house banging up against the glass door.
Are they related to death? I have them all on my back porch never did before.

Jun 20, 2015
Moths and death NEW
by: Sam

My father abused me and others as children I hadn't seen him since the day we sent him to prison. After many years he was released he had contact with some of my family but I made it very clear I wanted nothing to do with him. One day I got a call at work to say he had passed away a night or two after around 13/14 moths appeared on my bedroom ceiling nowhere else in the house just my room.I thought maybe I had left my window open or there was a nest somewhere I sucked them up with the Hoover emptied the bag and went to bed an hour later same thing. when speaking to other people about this I was told maybe one had got into my washing from the garden and nested so I washed everything and I mean everything I even blocked every small hole brought moth balls but nothing stopped them.Then I received news of my fathers cremation 2 weeks later the day he was cremated was the day they disappeared what does this mean

Jun 23, 2015
moths and birds NEW
by: Abby Jo

I read the first and last comments, and will read the in between after I add my 2 cents.

My mother's name was Faygel/bird. She passed in 2012. I sort of grieved and still sort of grieve, telling myself it's mostly a relief. A day or two ago, I was telling my dad's spirit (he passed 20 years ago) to go away because had he not monopolized my mother for his own selfish reasons, she would have been more available to me, and I would be more loved, or something like that. It was one of those negative trips I had to follow it to the end. As a holocaust survivor/orphan, daddy was a good "victim" it got my mother's 100% undivided attention. Because I was raised to honor my Jewish heritage and in particular those who suffered in NAZI Germany, it was unthinkable to say: what a pig this guy was, he hogged my mother completely. At least I could not say it whilst they both lived, so I said it to the air.

A few hours later, a large moth appeared bashing its wings and head to some extent against the ceiling of my room. It's gone today.

Many birds visit me perching in the branches of a Canadian big leaf maple just a few feet from my bed. They call in patterns. Crows caw at six beats. Songbirds at five beats. Some at three or four but five and six are more common. Those of the same flock or feather answer with the same call. This came to me today when I saw the moth ("moth" er) and read this blog (first set of google hits) then remembered: my parents often whistled to one another like birds, instead of speaking, in those days before cell phones.

I think Sam's daddy's spirit sent moths until cremating the body sent the spirit to a realm where it was more difficult to manifest as moths, so they stopped as soon as the silver cord was broken so to speak, with 3d earth. I think Sam's daddy must love him very much to send them at all.

I think the big moth in my room was my daddy saying, "You can bash your head against the wall if you want to think of me that way and cast me out but it is only hurting you, you're down there, I am up here trying to help in my own imperfect misguided way. Still." That and "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." Even the dead prefer honey to vinegar.

Finally, the moth in the room flying up to the ceiling (in this case away from the light) is the misguided spirit of the human, trapped in the holographic body of the third dimension. This moth was showing me that it had large wings to fly but was MISDIRECTED and seeking guidance from me, perhaps saying: I am suffering to hear you curse me. Show me how I can help. I am here for you.

Jun 25, 2015
2 days later NEW
by: Anonymous

I have now see the white moth clearly twice from the East and a third time unclearly from the West.

I see a process of purification, from heavy dark frustration (large brown moth with big wings beating its body against my ceiling, almost like lost bat) to a light, illuminated, free spirit of a creature, smaller, unrestrained and last seen flying into the setting sun.

#synchronicities for me:

"Avia" and my mother's name "Faygel"
First moth seen on 6.23.15 (19~1), 2 days after summer solstice.

"MOTH" Gemetria:

Melkisedek 188 564 94 198
The blogger/researcher the planet Jupiter (Tzedek) and Justice.

Shaman 170 336 56 669

My age now: 56

word pun:


Jun 25, 2015
the many meanings of moths keep multiplying NEW
by: Anonymous

A couple more synchronicities:

My Hebrew name given at birth (in 1958) is AVI VA, which is the AVIA name again but adding "V" in Hebrew that is 6 in English it is 22.

I was reading this when I saw the white moth/butterfly flying in the Westerly direction between the branches of the two maple trees:

"See: one's hopes and wishes to return to one's homeland and origin - they are just as moths trying to reach the light. And the man who is looking forward with joyful curiosity to the new spring, and the new summer, and always new months and new years - and even if the time he is longing forver comes, it will always seem to him to be too late - he does not notice that his longing carries within it the germs of his own death.

"But this longing is the quintessence, the spirit of the elements, which through the soul is enclosed in the human body and which craves for return to its source. You must know that this very yearning is the quintessence of life, the handmaid of Nature, and that Man is a model of the world."

Leonardo da Vinci quoted by Laura Knight Jadcyzk in

Jun 27, 2015
moths NEW
by: Joice

Just now a big moth flew in to my apartment and landed onto my kitchen cabinet. That's what made me look up about moths and this was the one that caught my attention.
I was busy browsing though facebook and i was surprised when it hit my leg (too huge, i thought someone made a prank and threw me a stone or something)from the window before it landed onto my kitchen cabinet just below the light bulb. It is too dark outside and first thing that came to my mind was probably it was looking for a place where there's enough light and the only place that is was my kitchen. I thought it's scary or may cause me alergy or something as it hit my pain or itchiness so far....

Jul 07, 2015
I believe they are a warning and visitation froma nother realm...ive lived it...twice NEW
by: Alana

since i was small ive been very conected to moths they were always visiting me i used to be very frightened by them in fact anyone who knows me knows my fear of moths some call it irrational...i actually really like them now... their meaning their beauty their mysticism. i even have an album of moths in my facebook two of the pics are taken by me one in the forest of the sierra of oaxaca a very mystical place my boyfriend who i met there was killed later after meating him and one of the moths was in my room the "witch moth" Also when i went to study yoga and lived in lago atitlan guatemala i saw the same moth i was terrified i told everyone it was a bad omen in mexico im sure my aunt is going to die she was very sick of cancer....i also took a picture of it however i didnt kill it the group i was with made me release it to let go of my fear and it kind of helped. i wish i could show you guys the pictures they are something special. so anyhow all the way back in mexico the black moth appeared in my sick aunts house as well she died a few days later...i am a STRONG believer of this myth i dont believe this is all a coincidence and its all very creepy to me but i try to look past it in a spiritual manner and take it for what it is...a warning or visitation from another realm.

Jul 16, 2015
3 moths NEW
by: Anonymous

The day before my mom passed my siblings and I were sitting on the deck outside her house waiting for my mother to pass. It was kind of morbid and sad. As we were talking to pass time all of a sudden a moth started to flutter from the decking up along side me. Then there were two and then the third. I had three moths fluttering next to me flying in a spiral pattern. It was so unusual and they did this for some time. We were all nervously laughing and saying this may be our mother.
I have had 3 other incidences with moths in the last 10 days after my mom passed.The most recent, one moth was fluttering around me as I was gardening. I was ignoring it and then all of a sudden it was in my face and around my head. I then started saying, "Okay, I get the message mom!" It finally left me alone. It was really bizarre but convinced me. My girlfriends said it was my mom telling me she is happy and safe.
Her week home on Hospice, she was uncomfortable and as time passed became more and more uncomfortable. To comfort her we told my mother her parents were with her to help her. I truly believe Gramps, her dad, was there in her canary. He sang every day to her and I told her it was him, which I truly believe. One of the last coherent days my mother told my daughter that her parents were with her and she seemed at peaceThinking back to the 3 moths on my mother's deck I believe it was her and her parents or my grandparents with her.

Jul 18, 2015
Visiting Spirit NEW
by: Anonymous

My dear 79 yr old neighbor passed away soon after I found him in his backyard a few weeks ago. He was rushed to ER and did not make it.
Three days ago I found a mango where he used to place them after they fell from my tree so others would not take them.
The day before yesterday after I opened my front door, a large black moth flew over me and followed me to the driveway. It scared me. This morning again it came flying after I opened the door. It almost landed on me. I believe it is him letting me know he is OK now.
I am a strong believer that the departed connect wth us through nature.

Aug 06, 2015
great comments NEW
by: Bess

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Sep 24, 2015

i have to i had one that was watching me wasHING dishs and i told it to come to me no lie aND IT DID I PUT MY FINGER OUT AND IT GOT ON I LOOK AND IT LOOKED BACK AT ME WITH FLAPING WINGS

Sep 26, 2015
Very Concerned NEW
by: John Brittas

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Oct 19, 2015
Nice Post NEW
by: Christina Matthew

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Oct 20, 2015
moth n butterfly NEW
by: sharm

Hi my name sharm just lost my uncle two months ago but I lost my son three years ago n he was three years old n sometime I always have a moth in our room n wanted to no what does it mean sometime when I go outside there sometime b a butterfly hanging arounging so wat does is mean

Nov 03, 2015
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Dec 16, 2015
Moth After Death NEW
by: Barbara

I've lived in the same house for over 25 years and never once have I seen moth until recently.

I was the sole care giver to my mother. After difficulty in the nursing home, I moved her in with me per her request and my own concerns. We had visits to the hospital after then but none as sever as her leaving from the nursing home to the hospital.

She lived with me happily for 8 months until she passed. It came as a surprised to me and others because she was getting better. She had Alzheimer's (dementia). She was a reverent woman of God.

A few days after she passed, I started finding moth in the house. Never in 25 years did I ever have moth in this house. It just occurred to me tonight to search the internet for connection of moth and death and I found this page.

I read plenty of the entries but I will continue to search the internet.

Thank you all.

Jan 07, 2016
Catching her and letting go NEW
by: Anonymous

I too took this painful transition last year. My mom passed on my father's birthday. A week before she passed my son and I were driving the three hour ride when we began to argue and a moth flew up from the floor board and landed on my finger. I wished I could share the photo. My mother too had a obstruction with a non cancerous tumor. She was left open for ten days and became septic she recovered for about a month when she just stopped eating. She had to have two sirguries one that gave her a colostomy and the second 10 days later she received a ilostomy. I ambher only child and I watched a strong hard working women break down due to no chance of quality of life with two bags hanging off her. Later after she passed I was going through her things when I found a moth the same color of the one that landed on my finger. It's life had too ended so I kept it and put it in a little bag. I realized that just like the moth my mothers journey here was over. It's been since July

Feb 04, 2016
Presence of moths NEW
by: Margaret

I read your article with interest. Recently, a very close relative of mine passed away. She looked after us my sisters & I from babies to teenage years.
She was in the old folks home sponsored by us for her entire old age years as we all had our own families & career to attend to.
Recently, just a month ago I began to find moths appeared, one or two in my bathroom which to me was impossible cause the house was just renovated beautifully with hardly any cracks.
This relative passed away seven days ago. I recited the Divine Mercy chaplet for her for nine days to enable her soul to arrive safely home to the Lord. On the seven day according to our Chinese tradition the soul will return to bid farewell before proceeding to heaven. My car kept on making noises every 5 to 10 minutes non stop. Checked it the noise still continued. A friend of my daughter tried to check the car. On entering the car we saw a tiny moth flying all over the front seat. He tried to catch it and manage to get it out by releasing the moth to the compound. So coincidently the car never sound again. My relative is trying to tell me she is safely home on the other side and coming back to thank me for my prayers, perhaps!

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