Death and the Moth

by Darlen
(Hialeah, Florida)

Moth Meaning and Death

Moth Meaning and Death

I decided to write this story about the moth because I may not be alone in my analysis but I know that if I post this information, maybe someone will come forward with a similar story.

Today : 8/9/2010

This past June, my house started getting visited by moths. Something that had never happened in the last 6 years we have lived there. Nothing special has been done to the house, so there are no cracks that I know of (one of the things that attract moths).

However, my mother who had cancer since 2005 started declining in health and having many medical problems was going through a procedure (minor surgery for a port a cath).

By the end of June my mother was unable to eat foods anymore and was hospitalized for 15 days into mid July. Still she could not eat. A week after that I had a PICC line placed for her to receive nutrients into her body as she had a intestinal obstruction and the cancer had gotten very aggressive so all the doctors were telling me that an operation or additional chemotherapy was not possible.

The moths continued to increase in visits and in numbers throughout my home. My daughter began catching them and releasing them outside. I killed a few here and there but after a while started releasing them outside as well.

My mother passed away 2 days ago and I am wondering if this was a symbol letting me know that she would be passing.

Or perhaps since my mother loved butterflies and the moth is a cousin of the butterfly, it is her way of letting me know she made it well to the other side.

My mother and I are very close and I'm looking for answers. My neighbor next door is also losing her mother to cancer and stated she had not seen any moths in her home. Perhaps I'm reading to much into this and I just have a moth infestation problem, otherwise there may be some symbolism behind it all.

I welcome any comments or stories by writing back to me at : (email removed for security and privacy reasons. If you wish to respond to this post - please use the comment feature below).

Thank you in advance to those who decide to write.

Have a blessed day!


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