Five Leaf Clover Meaning

five leaf clover meaning

Five Leaf Clover Meaning

Five Leaf Clover Meaning

The following is a response to a question received by a reader of this website. She found a five leaf clover and wanted to know the symbolic meaning behind it. Her question is as follows:

“Hi Avia, I found a five leaf clover. I’ve read your website, and got good information about clover meaning, but nothing about this particular type of clover.

I wonder if you could give me an explanation as to what it means when we find five leaf clovers on our path?  I pay close attention to anomalies in my life, and when something unusual shows up like this, I take it as a sign. I would love to know what you thoughts on this are.  Thank you.”

Avia’s Response to
“Five Leaf Clover Meaning”

Five is a powerful number; it is symbolic of the harmonic unification of all elements.

This numerological ideal combined with clover meaning is very auspicious and powerful.

Clover meanings deal with: Furthering the symbolism of abundance, clover growth is prolific with very little provocation. It also symbolizes stability, expanse and fecundity (fertility).

Just as the three leaf clover represents one of three tenets, so too does the five-leafer.

Meaning for Each Leaf on the Five Leaf Clover

Here are some ideas for representation of each of the five leaves of a clover…

♦  One Leaf: Symbolic of initiation, starting, assertion
Direction: East- Symbolic of communication, beginnings and new growth).
Element: Air- Symbolic of mind, intellect, communication, spirituality
Season: Spring- New beginnings, new growth

 ♦  Two Leaves: Symbolic of choice, duality, balance
Direction: South- Symbolic of energy, passion, creativity
Element: Fire- Spark of life, spiritual fervor, being ignited
Season: Summer- Abundance, Provision, Celebration

♦  Three Leaves: Symbolic of innovation, harmony, creation
Direction: West- Symbolic of emotion, psyche, movement
Element: Water- Fluidity, adaptation, purification, cleansing
Season: Fall- Harvest, preparation, transition

♦  Four Leaves: Symbolic of foundations, stability, order
Direction: North- Symbolic of home, security, fertility
Element: Earth- structural, roots, family, grounding
Season: Winter- Stillness, introspection, withdrawal

♦  Five Leaves: Symbolic of transition, adventure, travel, unpredictability
Direction: Center- Symbolic of focus and union with all direction
Element: Aether- knowing, intangibility, intuition, precognition
Season: Transits- The week between each season. It represents being in the present moment and surrendering to transition.

Just thoughts. :) More links provided below to offer more explanations.


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