Five Leaf Clover Meaning

by Mary Elizabeth
(Columbia, IL US)

Five leaf clover I found at my friend's

Five leaf clover I found at my friend's

Five leaf clover I found at my friend's
Six leaf clover found at the same time, same place.

I have been collecting feathers since I was a child. Stopped as I matured, and after a 'Spiritual Awakening' experience last year that wound up bestowing upon me divine communication with my Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Angels from 'another realm' altogether that I have not quite channelled enough information about them as of yet. I now have clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and am able to channel directly from Angels and those that have passed on.

When this all began last year, in my frantic quest for ANSWERS to what was happening, why, and 'why me?' - I wound up - here, on Avia's site. It was then that I began collecting feathers again knowing the symbolism linked to Native Americans and their belief that feathers are very much related to celestial realms, as Avia says, 'A wink from God' to find one.

Currently in the middle of many changes and transformations in every area of my life, Ive prayed for specific things to help guide me through these transitions in a manner that will serve my highest soul self (in doing this - ALL energetic vibrations are raised and we serve the higher 'self' of ALL in holding these intentions - we are all connected by our Divine Creators energy). So, it appears that today, my prayers are being answered after a successful client meeting.

Just today after the meeting, I found what I thought was one blue jay feather and when I later looked I discovered it was two. Less than ten minutes later I glanced down and immediately found a five leaf clover. I have found more than 30 four, five and even one six leaf clovers this year alone. I take these as signs from both my passed father, who was Irish and taught me how to find them, and as signs from the divine. My Father and I are Irish, even more symbolism here, and the day that he passed I found six four leaf clovers within twenty minutes. I now have a small 'ring' tattoo with celtic underpinnings as a divine reminder of my Father, my ancestry, my love & fascination for them & the 'Law of Attraction' karma going on with these four leaf clovers :)

I delight in these heavenly reminders that my prayers are being heard, and 'worked on.'

What do you suppose I can garner from these findings today? And I do know that the blue jay is not my totem, however I have found the feathers earlier this year and had a coule of divine synchronicities - I take these 'momentary glimpses' as nature's suggestion of whatever the animal represents. My totems, are OBVIOUS and stick around far longer. Began with the Hummingbird, then butterflies, then HAWKS for a very long time this year - now hummingbird is back in a BIG way ;)

I do have a question I am hoping Avia can answer, I have not yet truly meditated on this yet, but I have found at least 13-15 five leaf clovers this year. In fact, I found two just as I was telling a friend about one I found the day before - in his yard! We were both in AWE that I found them JUST as I was telling him about them. Then I found a 6 leaf clover..

Avia, what do you think a five, and a six leaf clover represents? I have found five leaf clovers before - but NOT showered by them as I have been this year... Hope to have your indelible INSIGHTS! Mucho love your way, Avia ~ Namaste' Mary Elizabeth

Avia's Response to
"Five Leaf Clover Meaning"

Hi Mary Elizabeth,

Five is a powerful number; it is symbolic of the harmonic unification of all elements.

This numerological ideal combined with clover meaning is very auspicious and powerful.

Clover meanings deal with: Furthering the symbolism of abundance, clover growth is prolific with very little provocation. It also symbolizes stability, expanse and fecundity (fertility).

Just as the three leaf clover represents one of three tenets, so too does the five-leafer.

Here are some ideas for representation of each of the five leaves of a clover...

One: Symbolic of initiation, starting, assertion
Direction: East- Symbolic of communication, beginnings and new growth).
Element: Air- Symbolic of mind, intellect, communication, spirituality
Season: Spring- New beginnings, new growth

Two: Symbolic of choice, duality, balance
Direction: South- Symbolic of energy, passion, creativity
Element: Fire- Spark of life, spiritual fervor, being ignited
Season: Summer- Abundance, Provision, Celebration

Three: Symbolic of innovation, harmony, creation
Direction: West- Symbolic of emotion, psyche, movement
Element: Water- Fluidity, adaptation, purification, cleansing
Season: Fall- Harvest, preparation, transition

Four: Symbolic of foundations, stability, order
Direction: North- Symbolic of home, security, fertility
Element: Earth- structural, roots, family, grounding
Season: Winter- Stillness, introspection, withdrawal

Five: Symbolic of transition, adventure, travel, unpredictability
Direction: Center- Symbolic of focus and union with all direction
Element: Aether- knowing, intangibility, intuition, precognition
Season: Transits- The week between each season. It represents being in the present moment and surrendering to transition.

Just thoughts. :) More links provided below to offer more explanations.


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