Fox Totem Thoughts

by Joey F.
(New Braunfels, Tx. USA)

My Fox Totem Story

My Fox Totem Story

A few words about my fox totem...

For many years I have walked the path of Wicca,which is always confused for Witchcraft. However, within my "spiritual journey" I discovered my heart , my passion, my strongest emotion is for HER; the Great Mother, Mother Earth. Wanting to better myself, as well as remain focused and be compassionate about her, and everything she has to offer; I let my heart soar. So i did and stumbled upon a subject titled "Spiritual guides, animal totems and their meanings" within a public library. Back then, I was a little more immature about the subjects I just spoke of, and so didn't take this stuff to serious. But something within me, would not give up on discovering who I was, and becoming one with the earth.

Mean while, my passion, and love for the fox and the phoenix became stronger and stronger. I even began nicknaming myself "Fox, the Phoenix angel", only to discover my inner light, and my "empathy"- my emotional bond with people as well as my surroundings. No one, not even god, could take my love and passion away for the fox, and this beautiful paradise I call home. People always told me the bad meanings of the fox, as well as the phoenix, but my love never left. My passion for the earth is even stronger than when I started and my respect and empathy for the fox is far greater than anything I could ever know, or even learn.

Now I am 27 about to be 28, almost a whole 12 years later and I finally discovered why the fox and phoenix have been with me since the beginning.

The fox and phoenix, are actually that of the same, at least personally for me. Both indicating, passion, creativity, strength in wisdom and even change. They got me to understand that change is good, but too much is bad, being flexible, and staying true to yourself. The fox, whom I have later called phoenix, has always been apart of me. Guiding me to find out things on my own, but not letting me stray to far from the subject at hand. I have always thought outside the box, which makes it hard for people to understand me; and yet easy to talk too because of the passion within my soul. To know oneself, one must know their flaws, their own passion, and even find beauty within. RIddles were always my favorite thing, and my fox , like all of them, was full of getting-you-to-think kind of guidance.

Everyone always told me, a fox fits me. I never understood how, until this site.. Thank you. My doubt has lifted, even when its always there, you still question. But when I read about her meaning; my heart fluttered, and my mind felt clear. You just know, and mine was like a physical feeling.

I can go on further in my path knowing, that my inner light, is and has always been; a fox amongst the flames. Due to my fiery and earthy signs of the zodiac; the Sagittarius, and the Dog, it makes me feel even more bonded with the fox.

Avia's Response to Joey's
"Fox Totem Story"

Hi Joey,

Just a note to thank you for sharing this delightful and insightful post on your experiences with Fox and Phoenix.

You've done well by sticking to your proverbial guns, and honoring the animal energies that resonate with you.

It's vital we communicate with our animal kin - regardless of what others may think, say or do to the contrary.

Thanks again!

Bright beams,

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