Freaky Number Eleven Sightings

by Susan
(Porirua, NZ)

Seeing Number Eleven

Seeing Number Eleven

The number eleven keeps creeping in on the clock in the car and at home 11 min past something.

My dad meant a great deal to me and when he passed my mum handed me a photo of him turned it over and the address on the back was number 11, Green St.

Whenever I feel my dad around me, I look at the clock and its always 11 min past some hour - even in the car. Freaky.

Avia's Response to
"Freaky Number Eleven"

Hi Susan,
Thank you for your contribution, and for sharing your experience with the number eleven.

To be sure, it's a powerful number with profound symbolic implications.

As I've written in several articles about the meaning of number eleven (I'll give you the links at the end of this response), the number has meaning of opening, new beginning and initiation.

From many years of reading other people's experience about number eleven, and reflecting upon my own encounters with the number, I've discovered a few common meanings:

When the number eleven is repeatedly encountered, it is often a sign we need to make a choice. This choice is usually about making a fresh start, a new beginning - one of a large scale that has a big impact on our lives.

Overwhelmingly, the meaning of number eleven deals with moving through something. The number shows up often when we find ourselves "stuck". This may be seized by indecision, stuck in unfavorable situations, etc. The number eleven is a sign of being aware of what's making us "stuck" (which is usually limitations we place upon ourselves), and being diligent in facing our "stuck-ness" with a goal to move through it with high awareness, and dignity.

The number eleven is also a gateway. How so? Well, as you have experienced with your father, the number often encourages certain energies to pass through the gateway of our awareness. Visually, the number represents two pillars (I _ I). Between the two pillars is the gateway representing awareness and consciousness. When we see the number eleven, and we are conscious of it, we allow the gateway of our awareness to open. This opening points our awareness to things that may be coming through our gateway - it points our thoughts to correspondences connected to the occurrence of the number eleven.

In your case, the eleven-gateway opens, allowing the presence or memory of your father to pass through.

Why the number eleven? Why not number 8 or 7?

It's vibrational.

Everything in this world has a vibrational frequency. It's like a fingerprint. Everything vibrates to a unique frequency.

The number eleven resonates at a frequency that encourages communications between the veil of physical and non-physical. Meaning, occurrence of the number emits a vibration that allows an opening through which we can communicate with other levels of energy. Put another way, we could say 11 opens the door so we can send/receive messages from our loved ones who have crossed over into non-physical (otherwise known as death).

I tend to take symbolic meaning to the ultimate level, and think everything is symbolic.

This includes "Green Street" on your photo. The color green is synonymous with the heart (heart chakra). In this case, the number eleven opens the heart - both yours and your father's - so tenderness can be expressed in the spiritual world. This allows assurance that even though your dad is not here physically, he is still with you.

I would encourage reading the links below for more information on number eleven meaning (and color meaning).

Thanks for your contribution to the discussion forum.



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