Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Free Mandala Coloring Pages
for Your Enjoyment and Creativity

You've probably heard of using mandalas for meditation. But have you ever heard of coloring mandalas as a therapeutic practice?

By coloring mandalas, we allow ourselves to play. By playing, we open up a broad range of creative and intuitive processes that we don't normally experience in our day-to-day lives. It is play that will always open up our spirit, and facilitate a connection to our higher understanding and purpose.

By coloring or painting these powerful symbols, we also become a part of the circle, which involves us in the cyclical nature of our bodies, our lives, our thoughts, our emotions, just about everything. The act of mandala coloring draws us into the very circle of life.

Further, this artistic activity is like speaking a language. Our bodies and our minds connect and engage in a process that allows for our entire nervous system to explore new realms of identity. Performing this necessary and artistic function with a mandala further encourages our souls to sing as our spiritual and physical nature come chime in with harmony.

That technical stuff out of the way, my main point is to HAVE FUN! That's the whole point of this activity.

Put your cerebral fuddy-duddies away, and let your creative buddy-buddies play!

Dig in whole-heartedly to this activity. Surrender yourself to the creativity that your inner playmate is just jumping to set free. Let loose, get wild, maybe even get a little stained with your paints or markers! HAVE FUN!

To access the free mandala coloring pages, simply click on the images below and they will open into a PDF format where you can command your computer to print them.

Click to Access Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Free Mandala Coloring Page - Spiral Spiral Mandala


Free Mandala Coloring Page Single Spiral Single Spiral Mandala


Free Mandalal Coloring Page Heart Heart Mandala


Free Mandala Coloring Page Star Mandala


Free Mandala Coloring Page Square Mandala

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I hope you enjoyed these thoughts about using mandalas, and enjoy these free mandala coloring pages too. Click on the in-site links at the end of this page to learn about mandala meanings and more

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