Friendly Sparrow!

by Kathleen

Friendly Sparrow

Friendly Sparrow

Just yesterday I was watering my plants, out of nowhere a sparrow flew right down next to me. He wouldn't leave.

I think he was sick so I got up close and I did not see any injuries he was just sitting there occasionally closing his eyes and was a little wobbly. I felt bad, I was not sure what to do for him so I put some water in a shallow dish, with seed and a little bread, he drank, ate a little then he hopped around and sat atop my bag of soil.

Then I walked over to my mom; she was sitting and I was standing behind her. We wanted to give the bird some space, but still observe, he hopped around a bit more then flew directly over my mothers head and landed straight on to me.

So as he was in my hands I removed some gunk from his eye and head then I kneeled down and was going to put him in a shoe box and take care of him, since he didn't want to leave my side, then we were both on the floor very close to one another, then he just flew away!

I have no idea what this means, but it was really wonderful!-oh and the same day we also had a yellow parakeet in our yard, I woke up today and he was in the yard again eating seed :)

P.S- you have a GREAT site, I am here so often!

Avia's Response to
"Friendly Sparrow!"

Hello Kathleen,
Thank you for sharing this wonderful sparrow experience.

It's my belief that sometimes our animal friends come to us just to give us an opportunity to share, love, nurture and heal.

So often it is the act of healing others (humans and/or animals) that allows huge healing within ourselves. fact most ancient indigenous cultures (like Celtic, Native American, etc) believed the souls of their ancestors were embodied in birds (including sparrows). Perhaps one of your ancestors was paying you a visit that day in the form of the sparrow. In this case, your kindness to it is a great service to yourself and your lineage.

This proves another good point...

Energy, and the realm of the spirit is never as it seems. As such, when we take the time to express compassion when the occassion calls for it - there is no telling what kind of implications and influences are small actions of kindness may manifest.

This is a big symbolic feature of the sparrow - they are iconic of tender moments, and finding awe within simplicity. In other words, the sparrow reminds us that small, unassuming actions often reap big rewards on some level, at some time.


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