Hawk symbolism

by Gieselle

Meaningful Hawk

Meaningful Hawk

Meaningful Hawk
Another Hawk Picture

I noticed you do not have a page on hawk symbolism on your website, and I would like to know more about this beautiful and powerful creature. To me, the hawk symbolizes power. When i see the hawk, my heart races faster, so it makes me think of excitement and a passion for freedom.

I am unsure if it makes sense to identify human feelings to wild creatures, but when I meditate with the hawk, the impressions I feel from this bird are so real. It is hard for me to deny these experiences. I have also had dreams of this bird, and when i make a strict rule to write down these dreams of the hawk and really discipline myself to consider what the hawk in my life means, that is when this really clear impression of freedom, strength, power and expansiveness hits me. Have you had similar experiences?

Avia's Response to
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Hi Gieselle, I added the link to Hawk symbolism to your post so you and others can read it if you like. I love hawks, and have similar sensations you described when they soar above (and within). They symbolize acute (and intense) focus to me. When they come into my awareness, I know the time is optimal for focusing on something I'm after.

I take this a step further and meditate with the hawk -seeing a certain goal from an aerial view, and my consciousness circling around it as a hawk hones in on a field mouse for supper. Quite effective. Events tend to click like a domino effect and my end-goals comply to the inner vision of my "hawk-eye" Hope this and the hawk blog post inspire you to keep discovering your relationship with the hawk and vice versa.

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