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Whats-Your-Sign.com is a comprehensive guide to symbolic meanings and interpreting signs in your environment. With hundreds of free articles, tutorials, resources and content features, this website is your go-to resource.

Maybe you are new to the concept of interpreting signs and symbols. That's okay! You'll find easy-to-follow tips, examples and great stories that will help you fully understand the exciting realm of symbolism. Or maybe you are an expert on translating the language of signs and symbols. That's okay too! This site offers highly advanced insights into the expanse of symbolic meanings.

All symbolic topics are thoroughly researched and mindfully created to enhance, enlighten and offer a new point of view. Welcome to the world of sign and symbol meanings!

How Symbolism Enhances Our Lives

Understanding symbol meanings allows us to learn more about our past, present, and future, and leads us to broader awareness on many levels. By tapping into the meanings of symbols and signs, we gain understanding in the realms of:

  • Philosophy
  • Cultural History
  • Inner Awareness
  • Personal Identity
  • Collective Community

symbolic meanings in nature

Nature is an infinite source of signs and symbols. Exploring the
Symbols of the Four Elements in Nature is a great place to start for inspiration.

Symbols From Far and Wide

Essentially, every symbol and sign we see is based in Nature. Consider trees, they represent concepts like connection, life and transition. The cosmos is also a source of common symbols. For example, the sun is a prominent icon for assertion, strength and energy in countless cultures. Alternatively, the moon is a long-held symbol of passivity, transition and intuition.

Meaning of Zodiac Signs

Planets, Stars, Moons, Oh My! They all have deeper, symbolic meaning. Knowing these meanings aid our understanding of ourselves and the universe.

These two celestial figures are deceptively simple. Many of us take them for granted. But really, they are features that whole cultures based their belief systems upon. Every star, planet, moon, etc. features its own unique symbolic spin. Through learning their symbolic language, we gain a whole new understanding of the Universe within which we live.

For example, zodiac signs are established from constellations of stars we gaze upon every night. Greek astrology is familiar to most of us. But in truth, every culture who has walked this earth has its own system of astrological understanding. From the Chinese zodiac to Burmese, people have been looking to the stars for illumination about themselves and the world they live in.

Animal Meanings and Totems: Symbolism Gone Wild!

Nature speaks a symbolic language. It is a language we can all understand. This is because we are hard-wired with the ability to translate what we see in Nature into meaningful insights.

So why should we even care what creatures represent? Because everything alive has a message to share with us. Exploring the deeper meaning of the critters of earth opens a whole new way of seeing ourselves and everything around us. By observing and listening to the various animals, birds, insects, etc., we can be uniquely guided on our path.

This website is packed with all manner of information on animal totems, animal meanings and animal symbols. If you've had an animal experience that makes you say, "hmmmm", check out my animal meanings pages for illumination.

Start your symbolic animal safari here: Animal Totems and Animal Meanings

On Whats-Your-Sign.com we will explore topics such as:

  • The relevance of symbolism in our lives
  • Differences between signs and symbols
  • Symbolic meanings according to era and culture
  • How to use symbolic meanings for self-discovery and life enhancement

Cultural Symbolism

celtic symbols, native american symbols, chinese symbols

This website prides itself on being the forerunner of well-researched information on signs and symbols.

This is particularly evident in the cultural symbolism you will find here.

Cultural symbolism delves into how different people view and represent their world with symbols. That's important. Why? Because it gives us a well-rounded understanding of the world and the people we share it with. It's also relevant in terms of ancestry.

Are you looking for a special symbol that stands for who you are? Maybe you want a personal crest to remind you of your worthiness. Or perhaps you're looking for a meaningful tattoo that says: "This is me!". Symbols in ancient cultures might help formulate your personal insignia.

For example, there are tons of Celtic Symbols that reflect a powerful people and their way of life. Native American Symbols are equally vital in the language of humanity. They express a mighty connection to earth and Nature. Chinese symbols open up grand views of an ancient culture steeped in tradition and rich meaning.

Avia Venefica

About the Author: Avia Venefica has an undergraduate degree in anthropology and has been an understudy in several tribal and spiritual organizations. She is also the author of several publications concerning esoteric wisdom, and makes herself available for public speaking/presentations on symbolic topics.

An Important Note About Signs, Symbols and Their Meanings

Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time in society as well as mass societal opinion. What's cool and highly important is that signs and symbols earn their most powerful meanings from our own personal perspectives.

This website strives to provide you with the best, time-honored information when defining signs and symbols. However, in the final analysis, "Beauty (and symbolism) is in the eye of the beholder."

Having said that, it's in our best interest to invest the time to do personal research on symbolic events happening to us. This website is just one perspective in an ocean of variety and diversity in the realm of symbolism. So dive in! There is a whole universe of deeper meanings to explore! You can start your research by clicking on the links at the end or to the side of this page. Odds are good I've got a follow-up article about this symbolic topic. ;)

As always, thanks for your willingness to learn more about the language of symbolism. It's a language that is universal and everywhere. It's super-groovy to travel with you on your symbolic path, and maybe offer a little translation along the way. Thanks for reading and exploring!