How My Totem Animal Helps Me Believe in Myself

by Allison

Bobcat Confidence Booster

Bobcat Confidence Booster

About a year ago, I started roleplaying on a RP website with a bobcat named Desta. I choose a bobcat because before I made that character I had a vision of her. I just gave her a random name, but now that I think about it, "Desta" sounds like "destiny". I decided to make her personality a lot like mine so roleplaying with her feels more natural.

Over the months, I grew closer and closer to her. At the same time, I was trying to find my soul(or totem) animal. I was looking at bats, owls, and snakes(which I still feel close to) but it just didn't feel right. After coming to this site, I decided to look up bobcats just for fun. I was surprised to find that it's description was just what I was looking for and matched myself perfectly. I looked on other websites and I still felt the same way. I deecided to meditate, hoping I would find an answer. The only thing I saw was a forest green cat's eye then a gray-green human eye. The first eye was Desta's and the second was mine. I knew I found my totem animal.

But I believe that Desta herself is my soul animal, not bobcats in general. Like she's my 'personal' totem animal. Whenever I feel in doubt or afraid, I call on her and I imagine she's right next to me. I thought that Desta was my guardian, and I also felt obliged to protect her too. It's true that we guard each other, but eventually I realized that we're not two seperate beings, we are one. We are the same person, the same mind. Whenever I feel doubtful about myself, I realise that by believing in Desta, I am believing in me. It boosted my spirits and my self esteem.

Avia's Response to
"Bobcat Totem Confidence Booster"

Hi Allison,

Thanks for sharing your story!

Yours in symbolism,

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