How To Know My Animal Totem

by John

How To Know My Animal Totem

How To Know My Animal Totem

This is a Q&A about identifying animal totems.
I have been wondering for a while what my totem animal is. I had this great idea of getting a tattoo of the animal that way its with me all the time. But have trouble struggling to identify it. I really like wolves as it is my favorite animal and the Bear is also attracting me. Was wondering if you could please help or shed some light in anyways possible!.
Much appreciated :)

Avia's Response to
"How to Identify My Animal Totem"

Hi John, thanks for your email,

My best advice? Relax. You mention struggling with totem identification. Let me tell ya...your animal ally isn't struggling one bit. Your animal compatriot is waiting in the energetic isles...patiently...happily...ready for you.

Be as the animal world. Be as Nature. Meaning...allow the natural flow of energy to take its course. Drop identification. Drop the mental tug-of-war. Animals don't push. They expect their needs to be met by Nature with an almost childlike approach.

Nature is our largest lesson in how to be, move, flow, anticipate, and be provided for.

Having said all are some articles I've written that might help:

Identifying My Animal Totem

Tips to Connecting with Animal Totems

This one is snarky, but not intended that way. It's tempting to look outside of ourselves for answers. This lists reasons why that's not always the best idea: Poof! You're A Toad (Dangers of Totem Assignment)

Best wishes to you, John, on your quest to reconnect with your animal souls.

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