Ithuriel Dream

by Gabbi

Ithuriel Dream

Ithuriel Dream

It was a long dream, but very...odd. (I had asked in the days before to figure out who my vistor with wings was and what was his name.)

It began with a place somehow and an apartment with friends. Somehow Ithuriel was coming and he was saving us from a swarm of demons. We were all freaking out and next thing I knew we were outside and a dragon was going to attack this large building work in proress. Everyone was freaking out and trying to scramble out of there and the dragon ended up being killed by, Ithuriel.

Then next thing I knew someone was speaking to me, not sure who but it was a man. "Ithuriel is going for the spear, get the spear before he does." and I guess he had turned all evil and I automatically knew where the spear the building.

So I end up running inside, with Ithuriel outside flying around, and end up getting screaming people out, and trying to get those who are fighting demons, away. I went downstairs and I am in this stone tunnel and turn a dark corner. There is Ithuriel, and there is the spear...and then I wake up.

I have a deep feeling that theres something in my dream that means something. It might be the name..but I still feel like there is more. I would really help with any insight on this dream. Please. Thank you.

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