Jackrabbit Nurturing

by Durelle
(Glenwood, NM)

Jackrabbit Nurturing

Jackrabbit Nurturing

Several years ago, my husband accidentally plowed up a nest of jackrabbits as he was farming.

Unfortunately, he was only able to secure one baby from the nest without harm and he brought it to me to see if I could save it.

The little baby rabbit was smaller than the palm of my hand, and being so young was very gentle, but also extremely frightened.

I immediately put him inside my shirt next to my heart and sat quietly for a long while. Since we lived in the country, we often found small animals and birds who needed suckling. Eyedroppers and tiny baby bottles were on hand.

When I felt the little guy's heart slow down some, I formulated a mixture of manna (milk for baby cows) and warm water then proceeded to see if Thumper (the kids immediately named him) would eat. And eat he did. Thumper quickly established a place nestled in blouse and for the next several weeks this weensie baby rabbit accompanied me everywhere. He, of course, had to be fed often, so I had to carry the formula with me and get him out for his feeding even in the middle of a business meeting once. He awed everyone who met him!

Thumper grew rapidly. He bacame a part of the family, but I was his surrogate Mom and he came to me for his nurturing or hopped up on my tummy in the middle of the night if he wanted to play. (Before he grew big enough, he would just bounce against the side of the bed until I woke up.)

His little presence was such a treat, but finally he grew so big that he had to be put in a pen outside at night. He didn't mind, in fact, he loved the fresh air and the fresh grass.

One morning, when I went out to get him, instead of hoping into my arms, he hopped out of the cage and off several yards. I called to him, and he just sat there staring at me. I didn't move, because I felt he was telling me something.

Indeed, he said "Mom, I'm grown now and I have Rabbit things to do. Don't try to follow me. I will be alright because you have helped me to become strong and healthy. This is your lesson in life. To love and nurture and let go. My spirit will be your guide and your protector forever, and in that you can trust; but my physical presence must live as Rabbits live ~ for I have more Rabbits to make and a world to explore. I love you. Go in the house now."

And off he hopped.

Avia's Response to
"Jackrabbit Nurturing"

Hello Durelle,
Thank you for sharing this wonderful rabbit experience.

So often it is the act of healing others (humans and/or animals) that allows huge healing within ourselves.

I especially loved the message the jackrabbit offered you "love, nurture and let go." It's a profound lesson all of us can learn.

Thanks again for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your post!


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