Maned Wolf as a Totem

by Millie

Maned Wolf as a Totem

Maned Wolf as a Totem

Hi, was just wondering if you knew anything about the maned wolf as a totem, there's not much on the Internet about this, it seems! It would be great to know anything about the maned wolf symbolism that you know of! Thankyou, Millie

Avia's Response to
"The Maned Wolf as a Totem"

Hi Millie,

To determine deeper connection with the maned wolf as your totem, I would consult local Aboriginal wisdom-keepers. I'd also do research with local nature centers and/or libraries on the MW.

This bright beastie is of the canine family, so I'd research totemic qualities of wolves, foxes and dogs. I have symbolic pages written on all these. Here's the link to that totem information.

I classify totems according to classic elements: fire, earth, air, water. Canines fall in the earth elements.

Above all, I strongly encourage meditations/meta-journeying with your maned wolf for deeper connection. Quiet devotionals with the MW in your heart will reap understanding too.

Also consider focusing on the MW right before you sleep. Our canine kin love to run in our dreams and invoking their energy just before sleep has promising results.

Traditionally, in classic western (ie: Greek/Roman) cultural symbolism, canines were keepers of the 'Otherworlds.' They are super-confident in the spirit realms, and naturally connect with our deeper consciousness (as well as collective consciousness) in dreams/visions/meditations - more so than most totems I've dealt with.

Hope this helps.


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