What's Your Sign

What's Happening to Whats-Your-Sign.com?

Avia Venefica is making whats-your-sign.com mobile friendly, responsive

It's Getting Mobile Friendly and Fully Responsive!

Hi everybody, Avia here. You might have noticed some changes to the website. That's because Whats-Your-Sign.com is getting a new look!

You know I'm committed to providing you the best meanings behind signs and symbols. Part of that commitment comes from giving you a great browsing experience on my website.

With that in mind, I'm working on making Whats-Your-Sign.com fully mobile and responsive. This means your user experience on this website will be much easier and more pleasurable.

Once I've put all the changes in place, you'll be able to surf Whats-Your-Sign.com effortlessly on your mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Lots of new features are in the works for the site in the future too!

So keep hanging with me as Whats-Your-Sign.com goes through these exciting changes. I promise to keep delivering crazy-good info on symbolic meanings and much more!

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Brightly yours,