My Grandmother is Always Watching Over Me.

by Kat
(Las Vegas, NV)

Black Panther Spirit Guide

Black Panther Spirit Guide

When my mother was sixteen, she lost both of her parents in a very short period of time to cancer. Two years later she gave birth to my oldest sister. I was born the last of my siblings and we grew up not knowing much about our mothers parents. She didn't like to talk about that time in her life much...

It was when I was fourteen that I was driving down the road one day and told my mother about an odd dream I recalled having often as a child. I would wake up to find my bedroom door cracked to let in the bathroom light from the hall so I wouldn't be so afraid of the dark.

In the light from the bathroom would be the silohuette of a large cat. It laid usually by my bedroom door or it sat watching me sometimes. I thought it odd that I remembered so many distinct times and I wondered if it had been more than just in my dreams. My mother had no idea about that, but she did tell me something interesting that day.

Grandmother's favorite animal was a black panther and she kept many figurines of the cat around the living room. There was one my mom recalled that sat on top of the TV and her mother had told her repeatedly not to misbehave as it would "Always be keeping an eye out for me when I'm not here."

I believe the panther was my grandmother's spirit keeping watch over me and protecting me from the darkness.

Panther picture by Bruce McAdam

Avia's Response to
"Grandmother Panther Guide"

Hello Kat,
Thank you for sharing this powerful story.

Too often we are all moving too fast in this modern life. You took the time to think, feel and honor your grandmother by recognizing her connection to the panther.

The panther is a natural symbol of protection and guidance. Black panthers are especially good at guiding us through dark places in life, and revealing deep mysteries to us.

You are truly blessed to have your grandmother's love and protection in the form of panther energy.

Thanks again for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your post!


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