My Inner Wolf

by Ellen

My drawing of a wolf paw and human hand meeting

My drawing of a wolf paw and human hand meeting

Ever since I can remember I have loved wolves and I just had a kind of affinity and attraction to them.

It started when I was a young child I don't know why but it did. At the moment I'm going through severe Depression and I have many suicidal thoughts but it's like my inner wolf stops me from acting on any of this.

My inner wolf gives me strength to get through everything that's going on in my life. Sometimes I have dreams of wolves and I'm running through the forest with them and that gives me the strength and ability to deal with everything.

I might be crazy but I'm certain if we do have guardian angels, spirits or totems mine would be a wolf.

Wolves are the savior of my life.

Avia's Response to
"My Inner Wolf"

Hello Ellen,
Thank you for sharing your wolf totem experience. I am sure your story will be an inspiration to others.

You are NOT crazy! Connecting with animal energy is the sanest, most stabilizing, loving thing we can do for ourselves and our planet! :)

Your drawing is very touching too. Lovely! Thank you for sharing it!


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