My Tiger Animal Totem

by Amy

Tiger Totem

Tiger Totem

Hi Avia,
I have 3 spirit guides: a Tiger and 2 cats

I am starting to think the tiger is my main animal totem because I can mostly sense and talk to him. Yes talk to. When I am sad or something bad happens, he always comes and asks if I'm ok :3

I dont know his name yet but I will ask him sometime. Whenever I sense him I feel better when im in a bad mood. :D s

So what is ur animal totem? :)

Avia's Response to
"Tiger Totem"

Hi Amy,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the tiger as your totem.

What I find particularly intriguing about tiger totem is its ability to guide us through murky areas of our lives. As you observed, when you are in a 'dark' mood (sad, bad) - the tiger brightens your day.

This connects with the tiger having a keen sense of sight and navigation. It can find its way through the deepest, darkest jungles - and it can do this even at night!

The tiger as a totem has a special way of helping us find our path in dark times, and being a bright guide - even in our saddest moments.

You are blessed to have such an illuminating and powerful totem!

Thanks for your contribution!

Yours in symbolism,

oh! PS: My totems are many and varied. Dragons have been with me the longest (since birth) and strongest. It's not unusual for animals to pop in and out throughout our lives. In my experience, a new animal guide becomes dominant in my awareness every decade. And even though some animals step back in my awareness (their messages aren't as frequent or as prominent) - they are still with me. Hey - thanks for askinng about my totems, it's fun to share my totem experiences for a change! :) Be well, Amy.

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