My Two Totems

by Ally

Dragon and Tiger Totems

Dragon and Tiger Totems

Ever since I was a young girl, I felt a deep seated affinity for nature, especially animals. I have always had an avid imagination, and from a young age, I took inspiration in all forms.

I discovered long ago that I had a special love and passion for Dragons. Whenever I saw one, or talked about them, my heart seemed to pound, my mind spinning. I spent countless days fantasizing about being a Dragon Rider, drawing myself atop a beautiful ruby beast.

They called to my spirit and my blood and immediately after I learned what animal totems were, I felt as if the Dragon had been calling to me since my youth. Even my ancestors, the Celts, as I came to discover, partnered with the Dragon, believing in their power and protection.

But even as the Dragon called to me, filling me with energy and a passion, a freedom and serene wisdom, a balance that I have always lacked, another animal came into my life. I soon found myself drawn inexplicably to Lions, proclaiming the Lion King as the best movie of all time and soon likening myself to a lion. I beamed whenever my mother likened me to a roaring lion, or when my friends told me I was their little lion cub. And I felt the courage and strength the lion sought to give me as a precious and most welcome, needed gift.

I meditated and found both the Lion and the Dragon recurring in my meditations, my drawings and writing, even in my day to day life. I went to a novelty shop and even found a matching pair of statuettes; a lion and a dragon. And when it came time to get my first tattoo I knew I had but two choices, and both called to me.

I meditated, researched but most of all I listened to my heart. In the end the fire deep within me knew that somehow, as I began college, preparing to begin my career in the Army and education to become a leader, I knew what I had to decide. I got a Dragon tattooed on my back, with the Sun (always my ruling planet) intertwined in its midst. And as the artist finished and I looked at the beautiful totem, speaking to my core I felt tears in my eyes. I had found home inside my Dragon. But also my lion had helped shape me and give me the strength I needed.

And that night I dreamt of myself, becoming a Dragon, flying high into the heavens, leading a clan of my kin, and I knew that my totem was giving my the courage and the fortitude, as well as the balance and wisdom and passion I would need in the new part of my life.

Avia's Response to
Ally's "Dragon and Tiger Totem"

Hello Ally,

Thanks for sharing your experience with your dragon totem and tiger totem.

Combined, this is a dynamic duo! They imply perfect balance and harmony...especially in Asian symbolism where the tiger represents yin energy and the dragon yang energy.

I'm attaching some links that might offer more interesting insights to your connection with dragon and tiger energy.

Thanks again for sharing!

Yours in symbolism,

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