Number Meaning of 22

by Tamara
(Brownsille, TX, US)

Number Meaning on 22 Changed My Love-Life! :)

Number Meaning on 22 Changed My Love-Life! :)

Hey Avia,
Just wanted to share my story about the number meaning of 22.

It showed up EVERYWHERE in my life for a solid 12 months!

At first, it really freaked me out...I'm not kidding, because this number was all over the place. Locker numbers, telephone numbers, coat check numbers, parking lot numbers - you get what I'm saying.

Anyways, it was exactly BECAUSE the number was so freakishly showing up that I starting doing researching on the number meaning. That's how I found your website (thank you!).

So, for me according to what I was going thru in my life at that time this number meaning was about making a choice, and sticking to it.

You see, I was always of "TWO" minds about everything. From the information I read on your website, and a few books on numerology, number meaning of 22 deals a lot with "being of two minds" and making choices.

Long story made short, after being overwhelmed by 22 and doing research - I decided to stick to an important choice (that I had been hemming and hawing about for months).

I believe that action resulted in a very happy outcome. (I made a choice between two guys I was dating at the same time. It turns out, I made the right choice. I've been with Brad for 8 months now, and we are doing great. I think aout the other guy and think "what was I THINKING!?"

I don't know what or who sent me all those 22's, or lead me to the books and this website to help me understanding the number meaning of 22 that lead to me making a solid decision about my love-life. But I sure am SO glad I paid attention to all the signs! Brad is thankful too! LOL.

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