Owl Affinity

by Ainsley Louise
(Sunbury, VIC, Australia)

Great Owl

Great Owl

I've always loved owls without knowing why.. I suppose I feel quite similar to them. I have unusually large eyes, I love learning and reading, I adore keeping secrets, and night is the only time of day.

My guardian angel is also connected to owls, it turns out.

I've had a few encounters with owls; first, at the start of this year, I was at home and I'd had a disagreement with my stepsisters, and I absolutely had to get out of the house, I couldn't stand to be around them. One of my favourite places is a playground/park just down the road from me, so I grabbed a book and torch and walked down there to read. This was around midnight.

As I crossed the grassy patch and made my way to the swings, something flew off the swingset and perched on the playground near me; an owl. It sat there on the pole, watching me as I read until 1:30am, beneath the most beautiful full moon and silver clouds I've ever seen. I don't think it left until I did.

The second time was a couple months ago: I'd been to see a movie with a friend, and since it finished late, there were no more buses to my house. It takes me about half an hour to walk home, and I know the town, but he insisted on walking me home. So we stopped off at his house for a minute, as it was close to the theatre, and as soon as we left, something flew out of a nearby tree; an owl. I had a feeling it was my owl from last time, I don't know why.

The entire walk home, we saw it flying from tree to tree - all the way into my circuit, where it stopped in a tree just down the hill from my house (and just up-hill from the playground/park).

I often hear owl hoots outside my window, too.

Something about this beautiful creature makes me feel so safe and connected to everything. I adore them.

Avia's Response to
"Owl Affinity"

Hi Ainsley,

Thanks SO much for sharing this heart-warming and poignant perspective of owls.

Your post reminds us all of the gentle connections we have to the animal realms and nature.

Your observations are a confirmation that, indeed, there is a deeper level of communication available to us. A kind of communication that comes from the heart, from the soul.

I loved reading your story, thanks again for sharing!


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Jun 22, 2014
3 owls NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had one owl the last two months come every night at dusk and it set in tree and talks to me then it hunts for a bit and leaves last night it brought 2 more owls with it at dusk they all seem to talk to me and bob back and forth. Today I went to church and the pastor talked about two owls that came to his house ,he said we need to feel the pain of people that our lost.
Funny part is I have been feeling everybody's pain that I see and meet for the last 4 years.

What R your thoughts for feelings on this,


Apr 13, 2014
Two owls NEW
by: Wendy shavon

When I was about one yes for some reason I can remember very clearly two owls sat in a tree outside where my play pen sat. I am just curious now because I asked my grandmother and she said yes she remembers the owls too.

Jan 24, 2014
Owls ? caution NEW
by: catalina

Owls have become very popular and can be found as motifs everywhere. BUT care should be taken. This site states views about owls in Native American tradition that are not true. While owls are revered, they are also seen as messengers of death and are to be avoided whenever possible. Seeing one in daytime is a bad omen . Also using owls as a motif for baby items is avoided by most native groups both north and south of the border. I was asked to sew something for a baby shower in owl fabric and the both of the ban's grandmothers asked me to please not do it. I had already decided not to. Be careful what you dabble in. Animals don't have the same meaning in all cultural contexts. Go to a Pow Wow and ask the elders about owls!!

Jan 07, 2014
Thanks NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a mini nap dream state thing, and a giant owl stared at me made from triangles and circles. I wondered what it meant and found this page. It meant that i have been claimed by my goddess :) and its part of my spiritual path.

Dec 03, 2013
owl eye contact NEW
by: Anonymous

this morning I woke up at 6am... opened the windows and saw the most beautiful owl starring at me with her beautiful eyes.... I walked in the balcony stood there and just starred back at her... minutes she is giving me the look that I didn't really understand....but I felt that something was being said... I walked in side and shut down the balcony thinking of calling my mom to come and have a look.... but..... she flew away with that beautiful peaceful body...
since the morning I have been searching everywhere what it means... I guessed it was owl .. she didn't have the pointed nose but the beautiful round big eyes... the peaceful look...
how can I call her back and get more of that peaceful look??? can get the look out of my head..... how can I understand what has been told?? do all owls have pointed nose??

Sep 15, 2013
I'm amazed at what I'm reading! NEW
by: Christy from NC

My birthday is on November 23. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I discovered my connection with the owls. Can I just say that it is so great to know that the owl is seen as the watcher of souls as they go from this life to the next. I have always tolled people I had a sixth sense, just wasn't sure exactly of what. I have had the craziest things happen in my life and after sharing my experiences with a few people I realized I was wasting my breathe. Nobody believed me. They called me crazy and got a big laugh out of it. I promise on my son's life it's all true!

My grandpa was my world. My parents seperated when I was still in elementary school and I was an only child. Pa lived beside of me and my mom in a camper. He gave my life meaning. I held his hand up until his last breathe on a hot July afternoon. The first week or two after that I scared to death. Almost everytime I turned on the light, it blew. Whether it was at home or my mother-n-laws, didn't matter. Twice the bulb blew out of it's holder onto the ground. Still intact. I'm not kidding one bit! I was so scared until my friend tolled me maybe it's just your Grandpa and he doesn't want to leave you just yet. Wow! What a relief. I felt so much better after that. I started talking to him and within a month it never happend again. I remember being at my Grandma's and her saying "these damn light bulbs have blew all day and the bulb won't come out of either one of them!" I just smiled. I never tolled her Pa was there.

The owl is also a weather forecaster and turns out so am I! Not all the time but I had a dream about my Granny's house being flooded with water and heavy rain. I tolled my mom about the dream and she said "well, that was always your Granny's biggest fear." She lived beside a huge field with a creek that ran all the way around it and behind her house. Mountains were directly in front of the house so she was pretty much in a hole. This past summer it rained a record of thirty straight days. WOW. How crazy is that?

Last but not least just within the past two months I've seen two owls. One at home and the other flying beside my car on my way to a friends.

Thank you for sharing your information on the owl and it's symbolic meaning. I feel so much better now!

Sep 15, 2013
White Owls NEW
by: Catharina

Hi Everyone :)

Last night I had this dream about a white Owl and she had a little fluffy baby owl with her. They were trying really hard to come into my house via the backdoor. Every time I opened the door both the momma Owl and her fluffy baby were rushing to try get in my house/to me. One time I rushed to close the door and momma Owl's wing got in the door. I quickly opened it for I didn't want to hurt her and luckily she was just fine. I decided to stop "fighting" them and let them in. Last part about the dream I remember was thinking I should find them some food now :)
I know a little about Owls and their meaning etc but am just wondering why the Owl had a baby with her and why they were trying so hard to 'be with me'.
Maybe I should get back to being more intuitive and spiritual ( I used to be much more but kind of got disconnected with that part of me last couple of years )
Anyone out there that can help me explain this a little to me, specially the baby part?
Thanks and lots of Love to everyone :)


Jun 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

If you think you need help, mayb that is why owl is showing up and screaming at you.
Owls are wise, and if you read any of Avia's stuff about owls, you would know that wisdom is one of the messages the owl sends us.
maybe the owl screeching at you is a sign to pay attention - wake up.

Jun 10, 2013
Seeing Owls
by: Susan

I actually need help. I have been seeing an owl in my back yard for the last nights. If flies from one tree to another always watching me and screeching.
This morning it was staring at me. What does it mean?

Apr 18, 2013
Touched by an Owl
by: R.E.

It happened last night around midnight as I was walking up the driveway to visit my friend. It was a dimly lit driveway in the countryside, and at first I thought it was a raven or crow that had swooped over me when I had first got out of my car after parking it. As I walked maybe 10 more steps further up the driveway, it actually flew up behind me, swooped down and touched the top of my head with its claws, and then landed in front of me on one of the driveway fence posts, just smirking right at me as we made eye contact, and I almost expected him to continue this behavior with me, which to my relief he didn't. It was a very strange experience, as if he was "playing" me to test my courage or something like that, yes it scared and shocked me a little.
I've "hooed" similtaneously with a frienly one that had been in my backyard tree a few years ago both of us looking at each other while we did.
It was quite electrifying and amazing, my daughter witnessed that event and called me an owl whisperer (funny) so owls seem relatively friendly to me, almost "tameable" to some degree... I've just never had one make contact with me until last night.
I'm still pondering the meaning of it. Thought I'd share this story.

Mar 08, 2013
barred owl
by: Luna

The other day I looked out into the woods behind my house when I noticed some crows who were upset by something. I noticed, sitting on a low branch just a few feet away from my deck, a huge, barred owl. It was late morning, which I thought unusual. I have never seen an owl in the wild. It sat there for quite a few minutes and I was able to get some great photos of it. It occurred to me later that perhaps its presence meant something, although I'm not sure what just yet. I did feel a connection with it, spiritually.

Jan 27, 2013
I am at Peace
by: Judy

This happened 9 years ago. My husband had been in a car accident & on life support for 9 days. As his condition worsened we requested to have him taken off life support. He died shortly after midnight & my family & I returned home. The following morning around 7 am I went outside to let my 2 dogs out when I was a small white owl sitting on the fence post right outside the screen door. I stopped to stare & the owl stayed there for a minute or two before flying off. Even though I didn't know what that meant my first thought was that the owl was a sign of death & I was very conforted seeing him. I was at peace.

Jan 02, 2013
spotted owl experience
by: catperson

I was walking through the forest this morning around 11:00 when I stopped under a large pine tree because there were about 5 Stellar jays carrying on like crazy squawking warning signals like they do only to protect their young, and it wasn't anywhere near nesting time, so I stood there for a while trying to figure out what they were so upset about, I then noticed a large spotted owl sitting on a low branch staring at me. I stood there for a while, then decided to slowly back up so not to scare it so I could watch it longer. The owl then flew directly over me and landed on another tree right next to me, and the jays followed, carrying on with their warning calls. I had to duck because I kept imagining myself as prey. It was that close. Then I decided to back up again to watch the owl, hoping it would stay longer. The owl again flew directly over me and landed in a tree in the water right next to me. The jays followed. I could see all the intricate designs of his feathers. I stood there in awe for quite a while before continuing on. About 5 minutes before this happened, a falcon was crying out too.

Sep 27, 2011
warning signs from owl
by: Michelle

the owl always would be in a distance i would hear his screech. one night i was sitting in my bedroom window talking on phone and it was pitch black outside and right next to my ear a owl screeched if i had lighting outside to see me and the owl would have been eye to eye. it scared me but being native i knew he had something to say . the next evening my two kids and i walked to my aunts house on the old side of the rez and from there i walked to my sisters was around the corner and my sister was getting her things together to go walk our lil ones around i was standing on her front porch and i kinda heard like a dirt bike in a distance at least i thought it was and a thud like it hit a clump of dirt so i walked to side of her house and looked up the road couldnt see much with all the tree but i seen dust in the air so i walked over more to road and seed a white car stuck to an oak tree no sound or movement from inside car i realized it was my cousin and i panicked and ran and screamed for my sister and she ran to the car and there was my cousin pinned under steering wheel passenger wasnt moving and in the back sit there were three more people and its to much to say with details but the pasenger died at impact right in my sisters back yard and the owl warned me night before thanks for letting me share that

Sep 14, 2011
The guardian of souls
by: Tamara

My Sister returned to Michigan after 28 years while she was here we were shopping at a local mall, I began to notice owls everywhere. Not real owls but items in the mall. jewlery, clothing, pictures, figurines..excessively..seemed everything I seen had an owl associated to it, so when I got home I looked up the symbolism of Owls, the first thing I found said it was a messenger coming to tell you someone in your family was going go die, of course I didn't like that explaination and moved on to the wisdom, insight, etc meaning which satisfyied me much better...we went about our night, and got to talking about family, and were talking about our niece who just had a baby, a beautiful 9 week old baby girl and we were trying to figure out a time we could go visit our niece and her new baby, but after looking up symbols, talking about family, looking at pic's on Facebook we decided it was late & we'd call the next day to make plans....before we could call, we received a call that the baby had died of crib death at 4 am. I couldn't believe what had just happened, I am still schocked by it all. I am only sorry I wasn't open enough to it to understand what was happenig and maybe help prevent it, but I also undnertand there is no way until something like this happens that I could have been open to it.

Jul 18, 2011
Owl Dreams and Symbols
by: Taino Ti

Within the past couple of weeks Owl has presented herself to me via a dream and throughout the course of the day. I have always had a connection to animals and birds especially hawks and black crows. But, lately the owl has been appearing itself to me more frequently. I can see that owl has something to tell me. But, I am not certain what it wants to say or share. The eyes are captivating. I can sense that the message lies within the eyes.

Taino Ti

Dec 08, 2010
A Beautiful White Owl
by: Mark

I had the most amazing experience last night with a beautiful " White Owl " . It was after 11pm, I do exercise after work at the local park, Its quiet. This happened while on my walk back home, something caused me to look up while in the parking lot and right above me was a gliding white owl ,low above me, enough for me to see its soft white features and small white face looking down at me, we did make eye contact. Calming and Peacefully gliding above my head, I watched it glide over me and into the night sky

...as a side note: My family had been in Distress over the last year, sickness, but as of recent we are all on the road to recovery. I do have my most personal thoughts on the White owl as i continue to process the event, it has been less then 24hrs....i hope you take hope from this too.

Nov 21, 2010
Owl messenger
by: Anonymous


My encounter with an owl was around a heartbreaking time for me and my family but after it happened I realised the owl was trying to prepare me.

Here's my story:

I was driving home late one evening from work and I took the sliproad off of the main motorway onto a smaller road as I turned off I noticed something at the corner of my eye setting off from the trees.

It was an owl, a large white barn owl and it set off from the trees straight infront of my car, there were no other cars about and I had to literally stop my car to let the owl pass. It glided pass the windscreen of my car. It was the most surreal moment to the point that I wasn't even sure if it had just happened.
I had never seen such a beautiful bird up close and with it being dark it looked so striking and it seemed such an unusual place for the owl to be near a main motorway.

This encounter happened during a devastating time for my family, my father was battling with lung cancer at the time and had been suffering for months, it was a truly awful time for my family.

The week of my father's death I dreamt that an owl was hopping round a house which was derelict it never faced me but I followed it in my dream around the house. When I woke I knew that the time was near for my dad.

I think the owl was my messenger, some say it is a sign or a harbinger of death but I believe it was a helpful guide telling me to prepare mentally for what was about to happen.


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