Owl Affinity

by Ainsley Louise
(Sunbury, VIC, Australia)

Great Owl

Great Owl

I've always loved owls without knowing why.. I suppose I feel quite similar to them. I have unusually large eyes, I love learning and reading, I adore keeping secrets, and night is the only time of day.

My guardian angel is also connected to owls, it turns out.

I've had a few encounters with owls; first, at the start of this year, I was at home and I'd had a disagreement with my stepsisters, and I absolutely had to get out of the house, I couldn't stand to be around them. One of my favourite places is a playground/park just down the road from me, so I grabbed a book and torch and walked down there to read. This was around midnight.

As I crossed the grassy patch and made my way to the swings, something flew off the swingset and perched on the playground near me; an owl. It sat there on the pole, watching me as I read until 1:30am, beneath the most beautiful full moon and silver clouds I've ever seen. I don't think it left until I did.

The second time was a couple months ago: I'd been to see a movie with a friend, and since it finished late, there were no more buses to my house. It takes me about half an hour to walk home, and I know the town, but he insisted on walking me home. So we stopped off at his house for a minute, as it was close to the theatre, and as soon as we left, something flew out of a nearby tree; an owl. I had a feeling it was my owl from last time, I don't know why.

The entire walk home, we saw it flying from tree to tree - all the way into my circuit, where it stopped in a tree just down the hill from my house (and just up-hill from the playground/park).

I often hear owl hoots outside my window, too.

Something about this beautiful creature makes me feel so safe and connected to everything. I adore them.

Avia's Response to
"Owl Affinity"

Hi Ainsley,

Thanks SO much for sharing this heart-warming and poignant perspective of owls.

Your post reminds us all of the gentle connections we have to the animal realms and nature.

Your observations are a confirmation that, indeed, there is a deeper level of communication available to us. A kind of communication that comes from the heart, from the soul.

I loved reading your story, thanks again for sharing!


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