Polar Bear Meaning

by Marge

Symbolic Polar Bear Meaning

Symbolic Polar Bear Meaning

My question is about polar bear meaning.

My daughter passed away last summer. It has been very hard living without her. She loved polar bears. Her favorite thing was going to the Buffalo zoo to see them. She would watch them for hours. Her room was filled with toy polar bears too. She kept them, even through her college years.

Every time I see a polar bear, of course I think of her.

I had a dream last week of polar bears - they were playing and seemed very happy. I wonder if that was Kendra (my daughter) sending me a message. Could this be true? I am so lonely without Kendra - it was just she and me - braving the world together - I miss her desperately.

Any information you can provide about the polar bear would be greatly appreciated.


Avia's Response to
"Polar Bear Meaning"

Dear Marge,

Firstly, I extend my empathy to you as you cope with your daughter's transition into non-physical. You have my deepest compassion for the challenges you are facing.

I love the connection you made between your daughter's affinity to the polar bear, and her potential energetic presence when you encounter the bear. I would say absolutely - the polar bear is certainly a symbol of your daughter's presence.

Polar bears are extraordinary mothers - they nurture their children to the max. In fact, the Native Inuit considered the polar bear to be a major protector of the innocent. Might I suggest your daughter's relationship with the polar bear forged a protective energy? Meaning, your daughter not only has the polar bear as an ally, but also a guardian.

Your plight reminds me of the old Inuit legend of Kunik...

Once upon a time, a mother had lost both her husband and her child. She was left barren and alone. What's more, without her husband, she was unable to provide food for herself. The village helped, but it wasn't enough during the harsh Arctic winters.

Then one day, she happened across a polar bear cub, and named her Kunik. She mothered Kunik as if the bear were her own child. Indeed, the village thought the bear cub was the mother's child incarnate.

Kunik grew strong and became a masterful hunter. She brought the mother loads of fish, and the mother never worried about going hungry.

After awhile the men of the village became envious of the excellent hunting skills Kunik displayed. They started making excuses as to why Kunik must be eliminated.

Hearing this, the mother and Kunik formed a plan to smuggle the bear out of the village. Kunik escaped the village successfully. However, the mother became lonely again, and grew hungry once more.

Having a strong bond with her adoptive mother, Kunik knew her sorrow and plight. So, each night while the village slept, Kunik stealthily crept in with provision, leaving piles of salmon at the entry of her mother's igloo.

This went on for a very long time.

One day, the mother received news that her beloved Kunik had been killed by hunters from a nearby village. She was grief-stricken, of course, but also confused. The report of Kunik's death came months ago - but the mother still received a pile of salmon at her entryway every night.

How could that be?

She consulted the village shaman about the mystery. The shaman simply told her: "You are Kunik, and she is you. Death is no separator of such bonds of the soul."

Marge, I hope these thoughts on symbolic polar bear meaning, and this Inuit story helps you in your coping. I know nothing can replace Kendra, but I trust her polar bear spirit will ease your pain in time.

Bright polar bear blessings to you,

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