Pueo Owl : Grandmother's spirit guide

by Michael Gaio (Lewis)
(Huelo, Maui, Hawaii)

Pueo Owl

Pueo Owl

After being informed on Monday that my grandmother (mother's mother) had passed away over the weekend, I took all of Tuesday off, walked down to the ocean cliffs near my home (on Maui), and spent several hours offering sacrament and deep presence to my grandmother's passing and to the ocean.

As I returned on the walk home at sunset/twilight, the sky was filled with such beauty of pink, gold, and deep red, that I stopped along the way overlooking a gully filled with trees illuminated in bright green and gold, where the vibrant life of a thousand birds resounded in a twilight choir.

Standing motionless, my eyes and ears melted into the overwhelming beauty of it all, and then, settling my awareness even further into the reality of my grandmother's passing, the immensity of life--and in contemplation of the extreme juxtapositions of life and death, and the twilight between night and day--I felt my body disappear in an unusual way ...

At that moment, a white and gold owl (rare Hawaiian Pueo) emerged from a distant field, soared spirals up and around several trees, flew directly over me (without seeing me), and landed on a fence post only 14 feet away. I stood absolutely still, seemingly invisible, for several minutes watching this owl (the closest I have even been to a live one) as she peered around the landscape (still not not seeing me).

I decided to see how close I might get, and after taking a few careful steps toward her, she suddenly turned her head toward me (now seeing me, and surprised), forcefully launched herself off the fence pole, flew a wide arc toward me, wings of white and gold feathers spread wide ... and as she passed directly before me, turned her head to me again, a white mask with big black round eyes, peering directly into my own eyes, opened her beak wide, and let out a clear, loud, and long "SHRIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEK !!!!!!!" .... and then disappeared into the now silence and darkening of the sunset sky ... ~

Interestingly, at twilight on both the previous Saturday and Sunday (while I was not yet aware that my grandmother had passed on Saturday morning), I had seen the same owl fly directly past (very close) to my living room windows.

Pueo Owl Picture source: HawaiiLife.com

Avia's Response to
"Pueo Owl Visitation"

Hello Michael,
Thank you for sharing this powerful experience.

I am not a believer in the common misnomer that owls are symbolic of death.

However, your experience is an example of why that is a common interpretation.

It is not the act of transitioning into non-physical (death) that distinguishes the owl as such. Rather - the owl is a guardian of the soul - a carrier of the spirit.

Owls are often seen at the time a loved one passes into non-physical. According to my research and meditations, this confirms the owl is an energetic vessel for the soul, insuring safe passage into the levels of the spirit.

Owls are symbolic of mystery - they are sentinels of the veiled side of life - they keep watch over that which is hidden from our physical eyes. Unafraid of the darkness, they can journey safely through realms of the universe where others cannot (energetic travel, that is).

Michael, these are just thoughts I've had that (hopefully) offer more insight into your experience.

My sincere empathy for you during this time of your grandmother's transition. It is a rare and beautiful gift she sent you in the form of the Pueo Owl visitation.


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