Queen of the Swans

by Axel Forrester

Queen of the Swans

Queen of the Swans

Queen of the Swans
Blue Swans of Salisbury
Swan Queen Pond
More Swans

I met this wonderful woman (Queen of Swans) who has kept a diary of the swans in this area of the Thames for over 38 years.

She is 83 years old and takes a bus to the river to feed the swans through the winter and she talks to them. She told me so much about their lives and has named them all and knows them. I took this picture of her and have been writing a story about her.

I also attached a second picture of the blue swans of Salisbury. I've been working on the symbolism of swans which have been showing up so many times in my life these days.

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Jul 30, 2010
Swan Pictures
by: Debby

Axel, these are gorgeous! Absolute magic. I love swans. They represent so much that is good about life. Seeing and reading this page with these photos was so moving for me. Thanks to both of you, Avia and Axel for reminding me of some very special memories and feelings.

Jul 21, 2010
Awesome photo
by: Anonymous

great images dude! Love the top one of the "Swan Queen" - has a surreal, magical feel to it.

Jul 20, 2010
by: Avia

Hi Axel,
Just a word of thanks for contributing this enchanting post about your friend, the Queen of Swans. When you've finished your writings, feel free to return here and leave a link in the comments section so the visitors here can read more in depth about this heartwarming woman and the magic connection she has with the swan realms. Lovely pictures too. Thanks again for sharing!
Bright beams,

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