Rare black-violet dragon

by Anastasya
(Moscow, Russia)

Several weeks ago I have learned that my totem is a dragon.

I meditated that I would will meet my totem animal. So I considered will learn more effectively and more precisely. To me there was a dragon, with bright black scales and a subtle shade of cold violet color.

After meditation I felt huge calmness and tranquility. Since then I feel his protection and force. He in many respects helps me, learns, protects.

Most of all my dragon totem is reflected in my creativity. I draw, I create, but last years I didn't have a desire to draw, there was no stimulus and if I and drew, with a great effort.

Now at me even it became better will turn out, I have a huge desire to create. All his management and protection to me only should be tested, after all it only the beginning :)

By the way, my totem is masculine gender, while I am agirl. How it can influence me? I have a question. I quite often happen on sites and forums, I read articles about totem. Already some times people, at which totem dragons come across to me. And, colors such as at mine. Black with the violet.

What would it mean? In general to me said that totem a dragon very much an unusual occurrence, now even the impossible. Whether why also truth it? And still, whether it is possible to define by name the totem his origin, from what he the countries?

Avia's Response to
"Dragon Totem"

Hello Anastasya,

Thanks for sharing your experience with your dragon totem.

I am not surprised to learn your dragon totem has re-kindled your creativity. Dragons will do that. They are connected with fire, which is a creative energy - they 'ignite' passion within us. And someone like you, who has a passion for artistic expression - the dragon is a perfect match for you.

It makes sense also that your dragon offers you protection and guidance. They are very powerful, and tend to be fiercely protective of those with whom they bond.

Country of origin? More like "universe of origin." I'm under the impression that dragons aren't limited to just this planet. If you feel your dragon is, why don't you ask him?

Black is symbolic of mystery, night, and things of the shadow realms. This implies your dragon can help you finding answers to things that are cloaked in shadow, answers to secrets, finding hidden meanings, etc.

Violet is symbolic of higher ideals, spiritual insight. It is a unification energy, and implies attunement of energy.

I'm including some links to dragon meanings and color meanings that might be helpful in developing a strong connection and relationship with your dragon totem.

Thanks again for sharing!

Yours in symbolism,

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