Rhino, Elk and Bear Dream

by B.Mora
(Temple City,Ca USA)

Dreaming of the Bear

Dreaming of the Bear

Dreaming of the Bear
Dreaming of the Elk
Dreaming of Rhinoceros
Dreaming of House or Apartments

Hello, I had a dream of a rhino, elk and bear.

I mailed the dream discription to my brother to help me interpret. He has knowledge of these sorts of things. I hadn't thought about the dream since last year around this time.

Thank you for reading this.

Here is the dream description:

I had a dream last night where I saw a gray bear, gray rhino and a brown elk. I was looking at them walking on my old street, Alhambra while standing on the 2nd floor porch of my old apartment.

The bear and rhino where walking east towards the elk which was going west.

No need to respond, I just wanted to relate it to someone who may understand.

Thanks, B.

Avia's Dream Interpretation of
"Elk, Rhino and Bear Dream"

Hi B.,
Thank you for sharing your rhino, elk and bear dream. I wonder what your brother's thoughts were about your dream.

I do have some thoughts about your dream, but I must preface my observations by saying the meaning of a dream is contingent upon the dreamer. Dreams are deeply personal, they reveal our inner depths, touch on intense memories, and express unconscious motivations. In other words, the best interpreter for your dreams is you - because you are the object, subject, creator and observer of an internal expression.

That said, my impressions and impulses prompt me to some areas, or themes your dream may represent. Themes of your dreams are:

  • Instinct

  • Security

  • Intimacy

  • Structure

  • Provision

  • Creativity

  • Assertiveness

An intuitive look into the elements you described in your dream substantiates these themes.

Bear: Bears in dreams are representatives of comfort, security, nurturing. Not to sound like a Freud-freak…but bears in dreams are also symbolic of our mothers - motherhood, or creative feminine power. I find it interesting these elements are joined with an apartment you once lived in. This enhances the meanings of safety, security…elements that elicit comfort.

Homes: Houses, apartments, cabins, etc are symbolic of structure, provision, safety. They are where we let our hair down, and be ourselves - when in dreams, they represent the ultimate safe-haven and refuge. In your case - the apartment is a previous residence. I would encourage you to investigate the meanings and emotional impressions associated with this prior place of residence. Do you have good memories associated with the place? Or painful memories? These feelings and memories will give you distinct instructions on how to interpret your dream.

East: I find it interesting you took particular note of the direction. East is governed by Taurus, which deals with matter, home, hearth, feeling rooted, secure. East-Taurus connections also deal with family the sense of belonging.
Easterly direction has different meanings according to different cultures:

Asian: East is associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit and deals with Trust, sincerity, love, compassion.

Ancient Germanic/European earth religions associated East with: air, communication, new beginnings, new growth.

Native American medicine wheel (Lakota) distinguish East as the quadrant representing spirit and salvation.

In terms of time, East represents the future.

All of these delineations of time should be taken into consideration when interpreting this dream for yourself.

Elk: Dream meaning is contingent upon whether or not the elk has antlers. With antlers, the elk is symbol of instinct, primal urges, and is associated with root-chakra energy. Antlered elks also speak of defense, and the ability to protect that which is precious to us. This also connects with bear meaning (security) and house/apartment (safety, home-defense).

Rhinoceros: This animal in dreams, like the antlered elk, is symbolic of instinct and specifically assertion and root-chakra energy. Rhino also deals with illusion - not everything is at it seems. The number one is a strong symbolic feature of the rhino, which deals with: New beginnings, making a choice and standing firm with that choice, initiation, birth, growth.

I hope elucidation on these key elements of your dream helps you with your interpretation. I recommend sitting with these varied meanings and after ruminating over them - take time to piece the meanings together to formulate a narrative about your dream. Pick out key features that mean something to you, and then begin to create a story that applies personal meaning to you dream.

To reiterate, these are not end-all-be-all definitions. These are just impressions I got, backed up with experience in dream interpretation and education. The ultimate definition of your dream comes from you.

I'm offering some links to pages on this site that might offer more clarity.

Happy interpreting,

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