Scorpion Meaning and Scorpion Symbolism-Clearing Misunderstandings

by B
(from SF Bay Area)

Scorpion Meanings and Scorpion Symbolism Re-evaluated

Scorpion Meanings and Scorpion Symbolism Re-evaluated

Scorpion Meanings and Scorpion Symbolism Re-evaluated
Scorpion Picture

I have a few things to add about Scorpion Meaning - Scorpion Symbolism...

But first, thank you for creating this website.

I'm writing to express my sadness around your perception of scorpions and Scorpio energy. I get the sense that you are missing out on a key quality of this special energy that could provide insight, compassion and appreciation for this often misunderstood sign.

Scorpio(n)s are, above all, very *sensitive and passionate feelers*, which is why they have the tendency to be so protective about themselves and to practice selectiveness in who they trust. It is understandable that from the outside, this may appear to be defensive, violent, suspicious, controlling or unemotional energy, but it is indeed only a hard shell armoring the softness within. An article here by Jamie Kahl describes this well: Scorpio Rising and Intimacy

I hope that you will take the time to contemplate this a bit and understand the deep, beautiful tenderness inside scorpion energy that is justifiably so well hidden.

- Scorpio moon native just doin her thing

Avia's Response to
Inquiry About Scorpion Meanings

Hello B!

I re-read the page I wrote on Scorpion Symbolism, and agree with you in that my insights could be misconstrued as derogative.

However, this was never my intent.

I love what you've said/described about the Scorpion. Thank you for your honest, heartfelt (and super-valuable) expressions. Thanks also for allowing me to publish these vital views!


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Sep 08, 2012
Response to B
by: Sandy

Hi B,
I agree on the point that Scorpios are misunderstood and I thought your assessment for the reason is accurate.

But I also think there is an overall misunderstanding of the Scorpio nature. I was searching out some you tube videos to see how Scorpios were presented by many different astrologists. I was astounded by the negativity.

But in all fairness because the sign is misunderstood and so many are misinformed, I don't think this web owner would purposely present this sign in a negative manner. Perhaps I'm wrong but I imagine she did a lot of research and the information she presented is a compilation of what she found.

But I just wanted to let you know that I've seen so many negative appearing assessments all over the internet and in various books also.

Sep 08, 2012
tattoo and ally
by: Anonymous

hi, i do have scorpio as my ninth house in vedic astrology and a tattoo of it in my left forearm coming from visions and encounteer with its energy. sometimes i do not completely understand or connect with him and i don't know all his lessons but just to be open to death-transformation cycles... what do you think? thank you! fatima scorpion

Oct 04, 2010
It's your intent that counts
by: sandy

Thank you for stating your intent. That means a lot.

What is perceived as "argumentative" on my part,as a Scorpio,is a deep feeling of "knowing". I am intuitive and often may not be able to explain in depth why I see certain things but I'm so sure of what I see and feel.

It is also in my nature to "get to the point" and that is construed as argumentative and bold at times.

Deep down if a person has won my trust; then I'm loyal as hell.

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