Snail Transformation During Yoga

by Sarah Drew
(chapel hill, nc)

Snail Transformation

Snail Transformation

I was in Savasana at the end of yoga class and all of the sudden i envisioned my feet morphing into one and slime beginning to replace my skin.

As i transformed i thought i was going to laugh aloud imagining the class opening their eyes to a fully-formed snail.

I had recently moved to a new home with my partner and i decided to flood a potted hydrangea that i was growing for my mom with water. as it turns out, springtime floods awaken snails from the long winter and they climb the grasses to escape the water.

Sure enough, seven snails emerged from the soil. after yoga, i came home and read about snails on this site.

I am now on my way to building my shell; the home and security that i need to carry around to protect my true self, and allow her to fulfill her potential.

Avia's Response to
"Snail Transformation"

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for sharing your experience with the snail. What a cool tale of transformation!

I really enjoyed other symbolic highlights of your story - like the number seven, which is symbolic of higher education. That doesn't have to mean college, it could be a higher education in spirituality - new insights in life experience on a deep level.

Water is another symbolic element - it stand for purification, flexibility (cool tie-in with yoga), and going with the flow.

Chime in when the snail offers you more lessons!


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