Snake Symbolism and my Cat, a Symbol of Protection!

by Renee Jinkins

Snake Symbolism

Snake Symbolism

Snake Symbolism
Cat Symbol of Protection

My cat, Dusty trapped a small rattlesnake! Yes a rattlesnake in my living room, two days ago! It spit it's venom four feet across the room! We were able to get it out of the house with none of us being harmed!

I pondered for two days what this meant to have a snake in my home and more about how it got there!

Then today, I was sitting at my dining room table and watching Dusty on the patio by my flower garden, while talking on the phone to my life long friend when I observed my cat stalking something in the flowers. (We have a solid stucco fence) I called my husband and he went to investigate and there was a 4 1/2 foot bullsnake! It bit him! (no worries, Dusty is okay).

I am phobic about snakes and can't believe we had 2 in 2 days.

I found your site trying to figure out if there is any meaning to this and read about domestic cat symbolism. My little protector!

We still looked under every piece of furniture, nook and cranny and I'm still tiptoeing around! Hope it all means good things! Ha Ha!

Just thought I share.

Avia's Response to
"Cat Protection - Snake Encounter"

Hi Renee,

From the outset, I want to express my relief that you, Dusty and your family are all safe and sound (a cobra! Holy canoli!). Secondly, thanks for sharing this amazing story.

It made me smile to learn you had taken time to thoughtfully consider the presence of not one, but TWO snakes entering your life. And I'm thrilled the Internet ocean lead you to my shores for a few thoughts about snake symbolism and cat symbolism.

When symbolic phenomenon pop up in my life (and I would say the oddity of 2 snakes in/around your home in as many days is pretty phenomenal...snakes are typically very reserved, preferring to keep themselves away from watchful eyes), I like to take stock of the environment in which the event expressed itself. I also account for the feelings/emotions/thoughts I've been having around the time the phenomenon occurred.

I recognize there are some major (and ancient) discomforts associated with snakes. That's cool. And understandable. For generation after generation humankind (in many cultures, not all) has clung to myths and parables defining snakes as nefarious.

I suppose it didn't take much convincing. Let's face it, the snake is a striking sight to behold, and if we take the creature at face-value, there's plenty of reasons to be intimidated.

There are people out there who might want to tell you snakes are a bad omen, but I believe that's a case of mistaken identity.

I feel there really are no bad omens, and it is our responsibility to read omens in a mature and well-informed way.

You can do that by taking stock of your mental and emotional status at the time of the snake's appearances. This will clue you in on the areas of your life-experience the snake carries a message to.

I find it interesting that snakes (particularly in Greco-Roman mythology) are symbolic of health and healing. It has to do with their ability to renew themselves (shedding).

Earlier, I encouraged you to take into account the environment in which the phenomenon occurred. Homes and houses are also symbolically synonymous with health and healing. Is it time for the family to renew itself? Is there a healing that needs to take place? Is a new healthful lifestyle in order? These are some of the questions your snakes in & around the home prompt in my own intuition. I wonder if that makes sense at this time in your life experience.

Snakes are also symbolic of cycles of time, and houses can be symbolic of that too. Consider, we often undergo many phases of life - changes within ourselves - all under the same roof. Our homes are vessels, and the walls are witness to our natural evolution.

Snakes are symbolic of progress too. The ancients observed snakes never move backwards. This makes snakes synonymous with progress, and the forward-march of time.

So, perhaps these snakes might be prompting you to take a look at the current cycle of life you are experiencing. Perhaps a look at the progress you intend for yourself and your family.

Cats have a long relationship with snakes. Do you know the Make neko cat? I'm sure you've seen these in Chinese restaurants. Cute little kitties sitting on the counter, always waving one of their paws. It's symbolic, of course. In ancient China, a cat was credited for saving an emperor's life by pouncing on a snake that was readying to strike the emperor. Ever since, the cat has become a symbol of protection in China, as well as other cultures.

Dusty confirms an impression I get that you are well protected and guarded from outside influences and persuasions that do not fit with the higher intentions you have for yourself and your family.

Of course, these are just my impressions. Ultimately, these symbolic messages are yours to interpret...these snakes, and Dusty chose to act out a specific drama for your eyes only. That means only you can determine the meanings that fit best with what's going on in your heart at this time.

Here are a few links (for other readers) that may serve to offer more insight in this fascinating conversation:

Snake Symbolism

Domestic Cat Symbolism

Thanks again, Renee, for sharing this great story. It provided a perfect opportunity to discuss snake symbolism and the cat as a symbol of protection!


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