Solo Symbolism for Single Handers

by Wayne Gillikin
(NJ, United States)

Wayne Gillikin on his Cal39 Sailboat, <i>Elusive</i>

Wayne Gillikin on his Cal39 Sailboat, Elusive

Hi Avia,

I, and others, engage in the activity of sailing our boats alone as in: without crew, solo. The common term for us is “Single Handers”. We are trying to find a public domain symbol for the solo sailor to use on a burgee (small identification pennant).

Obviously, we haven’t much of a herding mentality so there is no club or organization from which we can collect funding to have a symbol professionally designed. Hence, we need something in the public domain.

If an idea springs to mind I would be very appreciative if you could drop me a note.

Many thanks,
Wayne Gillikin
Proteus Yacht Services
Cal 39 Info

Avia's Response

Hello Wayne,

I like this (solo sailing) concept very much.

Have you considered self-contained sea creatures, such as a sea snail, sea turtle or the nautilus as symbolic icons for your lifestyle?

These convey a sense of taking (and making) home where they are, and self-sufficiency in the watery realms.

As these creatures either move through the oceans with their homes attached to themselves, or they pull their bodies into themselves - they are symbolic of solidarity, going solo and self-dependence.

These creatures (especially turtles) are symbolic of independence, navigation and the cycles of time. They are also connected with the moon, which (I imagine) would be vital to your navigational functions. I particularly appreciate the spiral symbolism found in sea snails and the Nautilus as it represents concepts of consciousness found via self-awareness via solitary.

-Just thoughts, hope these ideas inspire.

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