Sun Yantra Meanings

Sun Yantra Meaning

What is a Sun Yantra?

A sun yantra is simply another contemplative tool in our signs and symbols toolbox.

A yantra combines both the concept of mandala and mantra. It is a visual mantra, actually. A yantra embodies the sound of god in a visual symbol or icon. It commonly is a geometric representation of the goddess or devi in Hindu wisdom.

When focused upon, the sun yantra can bring about enriching transformation, and faciliate a desired level of consciousness. Sun yantra's combine the embulient energy of the sun and in the form of a yantra, an invitation is created to draw awareness into solar warmth, healing and energy.

Focus on Sun Yantra Can Promote

  • Vitality
  • Radiant love
  • Creative energy
  • Passion for life
  • Creative energy
  • Expedient philosophical and spiritual growth

The sun is a phenomenal symbol to tap into when we need love, warmth, acceptance and healing in our lives. Keep this symbol in your thoughts as you begin to work with it's infinite power and wisdom. The sun carries with it incredible power, and it's just waiting for you to utilize what it has to offer.

The sun represents many higher aspirations, and having this symbol in our forethoughts as a yantra can kindle our consciousness, warm our hearts, enhance get the idea.

A Few Examples of Sun Yantras and Their Meanings

Radiant Sun Yantra Mandala Radiant Heat Sun Yantra:
Feeling tired and run down? Not for much longer when you focus upon this radiant sun sign. After a little concentration on this symbol, you'll be fanning yourself! This embroidered mandala really packs an energetic punch!

Creativity Sun Yantra Mandala Creative Energy Sun:
A little wild, a little free, this ornate yantra mandala beckons us the get into the creative spirit! As we focus on the emblem, we begin to feel the stirrings of our inner creative genius. Give this symbol your attention at least once a day. The spiral symbolism in this yantra is of particular transformative importance.

Vitality Sun Yantra Mandala Vitality Sun Yantra:
This is the perfect symbol when you need to be reminded of your vibrant and endless nature. Each of us hold boundless and bold energy - most of us can't even fathom how beautiful and endless our energy is! This symbol is a tribute to the energetic sprit within each of us. When focused upon, we are called to recognize our inner fire, and embrace the energy that naturally flows from us.

Love Sun Yantra Mandala Love Sun Yantra:
When focused upon, this yantra mandala brings us to the center of ourselves, and allows for self-love. By engaging in the act of self-love we are more able to love those around us. And by doing this, we are living in a more loving world. This symbol reminds us of the enormous chain reaction of love can have. By just starting with a little love in the center (ourselves), we are able to dynamically affect the entire world.

I hope you enjoyed these designs and thoughts on sun yantra meanings. Check out the links at the end of this page for more symbols to kindle your consciousness.

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