Symbolic Interpretations

Symbolic Interpretations by Avia Venefica

You are here because you asked me to give you a personal symbolic interpretation.

Extending personal interpretations and symbolic counsel takes a significant investment on my part.

Each intuitive symbolic interpretation consists of:

  • Intense meditation/contemplation upon your issue/question.

  • Connection/communication with parallel and nonlinear energies for insight into your issue.

  • Thoughtful, calculated translations from these energies combined with my own perceptions.

  • Recording of these translations and interpretations for your viewing/reading.

  • Consultation of historical sources/texts to flesh out your interpretation and solidify certain soft spots in translations.

By the time I'm done with your symbolic reading I've invested several hours.

Ideally, this kind of soulful investment should be made by the originator of the question, you.

However, there are times when seeking clarification from the village sage is appropriate.

Historically, there is an exchange for this - recompense for such services. If we have not worked out a fair barter for services, I ask $75 per personal symbolic interpretation payable via Pay Pal.

Purchase your symbolic reading here:

Sorry, I'm booked, and unable to schedule additional readings at this time.

I have some suggestions for help with self-interpretations of symbolic phenomena...

  • Self-Invest: Meditate, contemplate, ruminate, dream, relax into your own soul-knowing and swim in the answers within your own energetic oceans of knowledge. This is the optimum and ideal way to obtain symbolic interpretations. Be determined. Be patient. This is an investment in increasing the value of your soul. Honestly, I'd much rather you invest in yourself than pay me for spiritual clarification.

  • Keep Seeking: I've written 100s of pages on potential symbolism and symbolic suggestions. Using the Search box at the top of each page on my websites will give you results on the topic you're wanting clarity about. If I have not written about it, seek other authorities you trust on the subject. And, by all means, support your local library! Libraries are our modern version of the Akashic records - they are packed with value on your quest for enlightenment. Plan a day at the library to research ancient wisdom about your symbolic episodes. The Internet is grand, but it is still an infant, and certainly not the end-all to information.

  • How to Know for Sure: Not a day passes when I'm asked "how do I know the correct symbolic meaning for my dream/vision/experience, etc.?" Your symbolic episode is unique to you. A majestic version of yourself conjured this experience. It is NOT external. These are internal manifestations - personal messages from you - but from a broader perspective. Not knowing if a meaning is appropriate to your experience is akin to not knowing if your heart is beating within your chest. You will know. You will feel the rightness of a concept in the marrow of your bones. It feels like a reunion - you will know because your whole being will resonate with the Truth of it. Trust yourself. No one is so disconnected that they do not know inherent Truth when it comes.


Views and opinions expressed in this website are made for and by the owner for no other reason than to expand experience and knowing (although, entertainment-value is also a plus). Personal opinions expressed here and in correspondence are, well...personal. In the end, interpretations of any sort are strictly your own responsibility.

It should be clear the symbolic messages, observations, symbols and ideas on this website are my personal perspectives. In the world of symbolism everything is subjective. That means symbolism is in the eye of the beholder.

If you're not sure of a symbolic meaning, do more research for yourself until you are satisfied with the meaning.Symbolic meanings are extremely personal, it's just good sense to do your own personal research to "flesh out" a deeper meaning for self-satisfaction.

Any and all advice given is well-intended and should not replace your right to seek alternative medical/professional care. The information provided on this website is for educational use only and the statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be substituted for the advice of a licensed physician. Statements made anywhere on this site are not meant to diagnose, cure or heal any disease or illness. If you have any serious health concerns, in that case before beginning any herbal regimen or course of exercise and/or therapy it is best to consult with your personal physician prior to self-administering any therapy or remedies.

Thanks, love, peace, namaste.

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