Symbolic Meaning of Dead Animals

by Jasmine

Symbolic Meaning of Dead Animals

Symbolic Meaning of Dead Animals

First off, thank you for your wonderfully informative and beautifully presented site. :)

How to interpret finding dead animals?

This happened to me, and I was wondering what the symbolic meaning of dead animals might hold for me or others?

Much love and gratitude,


Avia's Response to
"Symbolic Meaning of Dead Animals"

Hi Jasmine,
Thanks for your kind words about my website! I adore positive feedback, and am very glad to hear the site serves as a value.

You're right, I haven't really addressed death in animal symbolism, and I should because it's not the first time I've gotten the question. You're email prompts me to add a page about this important observation you've made.

I suppose I haven't discussed death of totems or in animal symbolism because I'm not a believer of death. Well, sure - stuff dies - but this implies a cessation of life, and that's a big fallacy.

When our animal friends 'die' it's really just a transition to a different kind of life.

So...when I come upon animals in symbolic interpretations who have passed on from this physical plane, I interpret it as a sign of transition. An animal death reminds me of a Latin phrase I hold dear: "Omnia mutantur omni tempus" (all things are changing - a time for everything).

Animals are superiorly connected to the source of life...a super-conscious connection. With no ego-consciousness to interfere, I believe animals can willingly choose to flip the switch of transition between experiences. This observation (a 'dead' animal on my path) reminds me of the power of choice, and how purposefully conscious choices can be incredibly profound (sometimes with life-and-death implications).

Symbolic keywords I would assign to help interpret a symbolic 'dead' animal sighting would include:


Hope this helps! Thanks for your support of this website, and your continued interest in the deeper symbolic meanings available to you!

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