Symbolic Octopus Meaning
A Personal Encounter

by KT
(The Gulf Coast)

Octopus Meaning in a Close Encounter

Octopus Meaning in a Close Encounter

Octopus Meaning in a Close Encounter
Octopus Meanings

Hello Avia,

Thanks for the information on symbolic octopus meaning you posted here on your website.

I have very little experience with animal encounters (or their symbolic meaning).

I am looking into the subject because I recently had a very strange encounter with an octopus in some shallow water, and I am trying to find some way of making sense of it.

The octopus came straight towards me, causing me to hop quickly out of the water. It continued to advance in an extremely direct and unhesitating way, up to the very very edge of the water. It stuck its head out of the water, turned one eye towards me and just looked at me for a long strange moment. Then he turned and swam away.

The experience is resonating intensely in me, but I am not sure how to begin deciphering it, or if indeed it is even something that bears deciphering. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

Any insights you might have, about this symbolic octopus meaning (or symbolic message) point me in would be greatly appreciated!

Best, KT

Avia Venefica's Response to
"Close Encounter with Octopus: Meaning and Symbolism"

Hi KT, thank you for sharing this octopus experience.

Most people go their whole lives without having such an intensely personal encounter like this.

The octopus is comprised of some very ancient, primal knowledge.

She speaks of secrets, motion, emotion, mystery, awe and wonder. She’s left you spellbound, has she not? :-) (I would be too!)

When I interpret anything, my foundational thought is about energy. The fundamental nature of energy is that it is

1. pulled to its own likeness

2. follows the path of least resistance

What does this mean to you and your octopus encounter?

1) Energy is drawn to its own kind:
There is something within you that resonates to the same frequency of the octopus – otherwise the encounter would have never happened. Do you have hidden mysteries? Keen defense systems? Powerful insight? Prophetic vision? Specialized intelligence? (all octopus-like attributes)

Who knows – only you know what is within you that draws the octopus to you. Consider your special gifts that resonate with the attributes of the octopus. Odds are you know exactly what I’m talking about. The octopus extends an invitiation for you to elaborate upon these inner gifts, allowing you to express them more openly.

2) Energy follows the path of least resistance:
It’s true with animal energy too. If you were cramped up emotionally, blocked up spiritually and a big cranky knot in general – the octopus would have never come to you – even if you did share similar energy patterns. This is because you would not have served as a clear conduit.

For experiences like these to happen we must serve as clear channels to allow the path of like energy to flow through us easily and freely.

You’ve given the octopus a window into the world of humankind – an opening for communication. In turn, the octopus has given you a gift – a mystery to be solved, a new perspective that has set you on a path of discovery. Indeed, what a precious gift that is.

KT, these are just my impressions & beliefs. Take the parts that resonate with you & run with them. Ditch the parts that don’t jive with your soul. Fill all the gaps with your own beautiful understanding.

There are going to be people out there who tell you “it was the color of your swimming suit” or “the chemical compound of your suntan lotion” that attracted the octopus to you. There may be some truth to this. But who is to say the essential energy of the octopus did not call to you prior to the experience and assist you in choosing that swimming suit in the first place?

There are wonders and mysteries pertaining to the communicative nature of energy that none of us understand completely.

One fact remains, however. YOU were chosen.

In the end, only you can determine the meaning of this powerful experience.

One final thought (which should have been my first point of reference): ask the octopus.

Become still, meditative, open, contemplative, and open a channel of communication with the octopus. Nature is vastly willing to converse with us – we’ve just got to learn their language on their terms.

Ask the octopus, and she will reveal herself to you…guaranteed.


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