Symbolic Octopus Meanings - Creative Inquiry

by Brittany
(United States)

Dreaming and Octopus Meanings

Dreaming and Octopus Meanings

Dreaming and Octopus Meanings
Octopus Meaning

Hi Avia,

I just wanted to say thank you for explaining the symbolism of the octopus on your web-site.

I have recently been extremely drawn to the octopus; I have had this vision for months of an octopus that I have been wanting to paint and I cannot get it out of my head. I have noticed that every past drawing that I have produced always has an octopus in it.

Also, I dream about them all of the time. I always dream of 3, but one of them, the smallest, always dies because I "forget" to give it enough water to survive, it is a reoccurring problem and really upsets me for the rest of the day for some reason.

Is this normal? I have been so puzzled by this until I read your article; it explains a lot and is extremely helpful.

I also researched the spiral symbolism, and looking back on my past artwork, it is all in there as well.

Also something that I have been extremely drawn to is the Swastika symbol, my mind seems to be pulled towards it; while reading on Wikipedia that the Kuna tradition explains their Swastika as a symbol of the octopus.

Thank you for all of your answers to my puzzling issue. Your site is very helpful and again, thank you for your insight.


Avia's Response to
Inquiry About Octopus Meanings

Hi Brittany,

Thanks for sharing your awesome experience and insights about the octopus and other symbolic impressions you've been made aware.

As for your dream, the power of three makes me think of balancing our prime energies. If there is one octopus within the dreamy triad that is lacking, it makes me wonder if there is something that is being neglected in your life - a basic nourishment you require - that for one reason or another you might be ignoring.

Perhaps it is honoring your own emotions, and listening to them more acutely. I mention this because water is symbolic of the realm of emotions, motion, intuition and fluidity.

It feels to me like the third octopus in your dream represents one side to a special energetic triangle (a three-sided structure of balance), and the octopus' need for water implies imbalance.

Moreover, the lack of water might imply a personal need to dive more deeply into your own emotional perceptions, reevaluate your intutive and deeper creative stirrings.

Of course, these are only my own impressions. I know you will open an energetic dialogue with the octopus to gain your own personal wisdom and dream interpretations.

I included some related links in your submission for further reading.

Thanks again for this very thoughtful submission.

Oh, and thanks also for your kind words about the website; I'm glad it's served as a positive resource on your path.

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Jun 12, 2013
To Avia and Rupert
by: Faye

Rupert, you are not crazy. The octopus is a powerful symbol, and is available to help you in your time of need.
Avia, thank you for your insights!

Apr 26, 2012
My Protector
by: Rupert

Thank you Avia for this site! Its become so helpful in so many ways to me!

After my father passed, my dreams have become extremely vivid.. it sounds crazy to me, but i dream the future.. I dream of people im going to meet.. But theres one dream I always go to. Im at the beach, Santa Monica, Ca. The pier has been destroyed and its drizzling out.. every time I awake in this dream im cradled in the huge tentacles of an octopus. On top of the head is my father and hes sitting cross legged. I talk to my father as though nothing has changed in our lives, as though hes still alive.. I update him on how our family is holding together. I talk to her, the octopus.. she says her names Triteia, I dont move my lips, I hear her voice in my head, she guides me and shows me the future, she told me I was part of her.. and that one day I would return to the sea.

Her name popped into my head at work.. so I looked her name up, what I found was that she was the daughter of the ocean.

When I found your site and read about the octopus symbolisms i was amazed at how many of those pertained to me. So again.. Thank you Avia!

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