Symbolic Otter Meaning - My Otter Totem

by Dylan Honor
(California, USA)

Otter Totem

Otter Totem

Otter Totem
Symbolic Otter Meanings

Otter Totem and Symbolic Otter Meaning

Hello. I just finished a very long post that I was going to submit, but then my internet browser crashed and I lost it all. Soooo...

First, I love your site(s), and I come here often for personal and school-related research, and I almost always find what I was looking for.

Now... I just recently learned that my animal totem/spiritual guardian/power animal is an otter (I think he's either an asian small-clawed otter or a north american river otter, but I'm not sure yet. I could be wrong). He means a lot to me and even though I haven't known he was my totem, he's been with me for almost all my life.

I tried figuring out if he has a name, but as far as I know, I've always just called him "Otter". I used to dream of him a lot and he was my best friend, then the dreams stopped and I forgot. Slowly I became very upset with my life.

Eventually, I had another dream a few years later in which his family was gone and Otter said "You forgot me". In the dream, I had the feeling that he was dead. I had killed him by forgetting. I think I woke up crying. I told myself that I wouldn't forget him again, and I started being happier again. But then I forgot again and the same thing happened as before. I was miserable.

Earlier this year, I eventually remembered the dreams and told somebody, and they suggested that maybe he was my guardian, and a lot of things (that I'd rather not go type out again after losing it all once) immediately made sense. So, he's my spirit... And since I've found that out, he's sort of become my favorite animal and my best friend too, even though I didn't really think of otters as my favorite before.

I have a few questions too. Now I don't think he's ever been dead or alive; Just a spirit. Do you think they normally have previous lives? Also, I didn't see otters listed on this site anywhere. I already know the basic symbolism of an otter, and I could easily search somewhere else if I wanted to know more, but I'm just curious why they aren't here.

Your site does list more animals than I've seen anywhere else though, and the entries contain a lot more information too. Are they rare or something like that?

Thanks, Dylan

Avia's Response to
"Otter Totem"

Hello Dylan,
Thank you for your determination in getting this great otter totem information on the website.

I would encourage you to maintain that determination with your otter guide.

The nature of otter energy tends to require stimulation and attention. If an otter isn't engaged, it wanders elsewhere. You can confirm this in their intense level of curiosity.

So in short - the more you interact, engage and communicate with your otter guide, the more your otter will stick with you, grow with you and enhance your day-to-day life.

Make a point of connecting with your otter ally every day. Pick a time of day or night that you feel your best. Meaning...some folks are morning people, others do their best work at night. Whichever the case is for you - pick an optimal time to link up with your otter friend.

How to do that? It depends on you. As otters are incredibly active...perhaps you may want to devote a dance session in honor of the otter. Or maybe you can do a little swimming while honing in on your otter energy. Meditation is always a good way to connect with our animal guides. However, meditation (I've been told) isn't for everybody. Whether it's banging out some rhythms on a drum set, working with water colors on canvas, writing, swimming, working out...find a way that agrees with you and your otter buddy. Devote special activity and time to your otter guide. Your efforts will be rewarded.

I hope this response to otter meaning offers uplifting insight. If not, this YouTube video of otters playing from PhotoGuide sure will!

Oh! At the time of your writing, I had not published a symbolic otter meaning page. I have since remedied that void! Check out this page: Symbolic Otter Meaning for awesome otter totem tips, otter meaning, and more!

Thanks for your contribution, and otter blessings to you Dylan!


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