Symbolic Stag Meaning
for Tattoo Ideas

Symbolic Stag Meaning for Tattoo Ideas

Symbolic Stag Tattoo Ideas

The stag is a symbol of strength in countless cultures, legends and myth throughout history and across the globe. Why? Gee, just take a look at one - in the wilderness or even in a National Geographic mag - these beasts are stunning to behold.

Most notably, their antlers are symbolic of their dominance within the ranks of Nature. The bigger the rack - the more virile they are considered (by both doe and in human archetypal understanding). In their environment - antlers are tools and weapons. In a battle of territory and sexual conquest, size does matter and a massive antler-arrangement goes a long way to insure proper respect. Same holds true with a stag tattoo sporting an awesome fan of antlers. They're symbolic of age (wisdom), elitism and superiority.

Antlers are also considered a solar feature by many Native perspectives. It's because antlers resemble expanding rays of the sun. If we add solar symbolism to stag antlers, we get a symbolic mix of: Vitality, Energy, Radiance and Right-Action.

Stag tattoo ideas can also include the recycling nature of all life. Here again, it's their antlers that point to this aspect. Stags grow antlers in the Spring (symbolic of birth, renewal, the return of life), and fall off in the Fall (symbolic of death, introspection and hibernation). Are you keen about your own personal cycles of being? Do you profoundly feel the rise and fall of Nature and Time? The Stag might help you express these stirrings in a bold way.

Symbolism for Stag Tattoo Ideas

  • Heroism
  • Confidence
  • Pride
  • Nobility
  • Strength
  • Virility
  • Cycles
  • Provision
  • Protection

Of course, if you're a hunter, a Stag tattoo might be common sense. Let's hope you're in touch with the ancient history behind hunting, and the fact of interconnectivity of all life. Maybe a Stag tattoo can galvanize the concept of becoming one with in, the hunter and the hunted sharing an infinite bond - a shamanistic sharing of souls.

In Celtic symbolism, the Stag is held in high regard. A symbol of masculine fortitude and an icon of virile power. In their myths, a white Stag was considered a message of divine importance. Tons of heroes of Celtic legend were lead to (enlightenment?) victory by a white stag.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on potential stag tattoo ideas, and stag meanings. To be sure, the stag is a superior symbol for representing power, dynamism and vitality. I trust this information helps with your soulful tattoo decision-making.

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