The Path To Healing Raccoon and Dragonfly Helpers

by My Little Raccoon Angel
(Leonville, LA , USA)

My Raccoon Angel

My Raccoon Angel

I had endured the tramatic experience of almost loosing my daughter and grandson in child birth in 2008, followed by my experiencing severe life threatening anaphalatic shock to a wasp sting a few months later(never had a reaction before which speaks to how the stress affected me physically), and then finally closing the year out with my mother being diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. That was followed a few months later by my step father passing away.

It was a very traumatic and depressing time in my life. There are two significant animals that appeared physically in my life and started me on the road to healing.

The first significant other to appear, the Dragonfly. I had developed some fear related issues with just living my life. Didn't trust the world any more and wanted to just stay in a cocoon. Danger seemed to be around every corner at that time in my life. I was just waiting for the next event. Even just walking outside after my abnormal reaction to the wasp sting was something I was afraid to do.

Ultimately, I knew I needed to step back into my life and face my fears, which began with a decision to start by taking a walk outdoors again. I chose to do this alone because to me, it had a spiritual feeling to it, something i needed to do alone. I set my course, I would walk from the house to a certain location in the yard and back. When I stepped out into the hot summer afternoon, my palms were sweating and I was singing Onward Christian Soliders, to give myself courage.

Then I noticed the hundreds of dragonflies flying over head and all around me. A feeling of complete awe, intermingled with peace and security enveloped me. I knew I was protected. Those dragonflies went with me to my landmark and followed me back to my house. I sang for courage and the calvary arrived. In essence, they held my hand as they gave me the courage to face my fears and step back into my life again. It was surreal. As a result, dragon flies will always be significiant in my life.

The second animal, a baby raccoon. The following summer, June 2009, I still had not fully recovered emotionally from 2008. I continued to have trouble trusting the world and felt very unsafe and dealing with bouts of depression. I had made a comment to several people about wishing to find a baby raccoon.

I live near a woodlands area, so I knew they were there, but, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would actually find one I could take home, though, as I said, I did wish for it. About two weeks after the wish was made, it was granted. I was walking on a trail in the woods with my husband and two German shepherds. As we were headed back out on the same trail we had gone in on, I saw a squirmming little grayish animal laying on the trail about 25 feet from me.

It was a baby raccoon. He was about 2 weeks old. The oddest part, I saw him and got to him before my two dogs did. I scooped him up. As I looked at him, I was overwhelmed in knowing that this little thing was meant for me to find, and that I had just been given a very special blessing.

As I read on this site, it was as though God winked at me, yet at the same time, I kept telling myself I am not that special that I should receive such an obvious blessing.

It's amazing sometimes how hard we work to convince ourselves that miracles and blessings don't really occur when that is precisely what we had been searching for and needing to find.

Over the next months, he became my focus. I bottle fed him around the clock and taught him everything his mother would teach him. I became his mother. I threw all my fears to the wind as my maternal instincts kicked in. As he grew, I watched with wonderment how fearless and energetic he was.

I saw too, though I looked very different from him, how much he trusted me, and in turn, I trusted him. Occasionally, when I was sitting or laying, this little wild child would just run up to me, and lick me on the face, when he could have just as easily removed my nose, to express his gratitude and love. Kissing must be a universal expression of affection. I completely trusted him though no one else could really handle him. So the door to trust was opened again. He filled my life with so much joy as his enthusiasm for life was contagious. Often, I would watch him and think, he is so full of life, like I used to be.

Slowly, some of my enthusiasm began to return and it started with my enthusiasm over Cooney, as he came to be called.

As the months flew by, he began to wander off but would come back to visit off and on. It has now however been almost a year since I have seen him. And yes, I miss him, but I always knew inside he was only meant to be with me for a time, until I fully received the gifts he was meant to deliver to me. The last time I saw him, was about 2 weeks after my mother passed away. He had seen me through that really tough time in my life and had given both my mother and I strength and hope when we thought of him, and his trials. When she went into the hospital, at the end, I in fact placed a picture of she and Cooney in her bible to bring her comfort and strength.

As I scratched behind his ears, I knew that night would most likely be our last evening together. His work was done. He touched my life in a forever kind of way. God gave me a special gift to help me heal, and brought joy to both me and mother, in her last days.

What a special blessing and celebration of life. What a special way to be reminded that we are not ever really alone and that comfort, healing and angels, come in many forms.

Avia's Response to
"Raccoon Helper"

Thank you for sharing this amazing story of your healing with the help of your animal guides.

You are so right about miracles and blessings happening within our midst (even if we are too caught up in our sadness or problems to notice).

I am glad the raccoon and dragonfly were such vital influences in your life and that you had the ability to open up your heart to allow them to work their healing powers in your life.


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