Tiger Animal Totem, My Strength and Guide!

by Kerry
(Easton, PA)

Tiger Totem for Strength

Tiger Totem for Strength

Tiger Totem for Strength
Tiger Totem is My Guide

The tiger has been chosen to be my very special animal totem. It was a very wise Chinese astrologer who figured, that all of the tigers power runs through and determines my whole life. Since then I have made an intense bond with my unique animal spirit. Whenever I hold it tight while closing my eyes, I can feel it's enormous energy rushing through my entire body. This animal guide has proven to help me overcoming stress in tough times and to build up courage in difficult and threatening situations.

It also has taught me to be bold when facing any kind of danger and when dwelling in uncertainty, I start my visualization program, with my animal totem as the main object to concentrate on. This has never failed leading me into the right directions day in and out. My priceless power animal always shows me when to be extra cautious and suggests the exact and appropriate timing on when and where to approach a specific matter. Most people think that I have just a vivid imagination, when I am trying to tell them about my animal spirit guide but they are mistaken. My power animal also appears to me while I am asleep, during visualization and any other moment when his help is absolutely needed. It may sound strange but I think of my animal totem as the best friend in the entire world. I appreciate all the wisdom he shared with me and will keep it safe and loved until the end of my life.

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