Vulture Symbolism and Phenomenon

by C Shea
(Gainesville, GA)

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture
Vulture Symbolism

Many of us have been on our paths for years. I practice a mix of different Native American Spirituality, as best I can by myself.

Many strange things are happening in our awareness.

I have been called to be a "witness" to the debaucle in the Gulf, both in the astral and the physical (both suck during the "collection," this must be done).

This morning, (at home in N GA) sounds like hundreds were having a party on my roof. It was 10AM, no midnight darkness to fear, but I knew something important was afoot. I walked out on my back porch and looked around, saw much that is beautiful and lots of yard work, normal.

But something was very "not normal," I just couldn't put my finger on it. My cats were acting nutty, I surveyed peripherals, ground to sky, horizon east to west, all seemed well. Thinking this is silly, I have work to do, I turned around to re-enter house.

I did not know "turkey vultures" could be silent. I had seen a dozen or so in as many years around here. Carrion eaters considered disgusting to many (not me). All I could see was filled with 50% of the visible section of my roof. It was in motion, a fluid sea of rather large feathers.

As realization caught up to reality, I began to "see" that there were at least 100-150 living, moving, non-feeding, covering all open & available shingles. A mass of "turkey vultures" that covered my roof as a living blanket. I have experienced totem animals, this was not anything like that. They were moving, but not agitaged and most significantly, they were IN THIS PLANE, hundreds of them. And not just on the cornices. They covered every space on my roof!

I was not in fear or dread, I was in wonder. As if by a preset signal, they all took off @ once, topping neighbors houses and were scattered (not before I could drag a reliable witness to the scene & see that my eyes were not broken).

I think I see the lesson, do you? Any advice is appreciated as I know this is only the beginning of a very stange and wonderful set of experiences.

Avia's Response to
Inquiry About Vulture Symbolism

Hi C Shea,

Thanks for sharing such a powerful event! This is truly incredible.

I find it interesting that you opened up your story by identifying yourself as an ally in the Gulf oil spill clean-up efforts (rock on). It made me see a clear connection between you and the vultures as kind of a cosmic cleaning crew. Maybe not the most glorious functions, but 100% noble and righteous.

Did you know in ancient alchemy, vultures were considered big big juju because of their ability to convert death. Yes! Alchemists (as well as some Native American tribes, and ancient Egyptian philosophies) observed vultures eating carrion, and associated this with eating death. They looked at this as converting death. They saw that by eating inert material, vultures were essentially re-animating life. From this consumption, life could continue (lunching on carrion insured life for the vulture).

And so, looking through the eyes of our ancients, we can see some very powerful energy at work here. Imagine as they might have - a bird who had no fear of "death" but made a virtual living off of it!

From this association we see the vulture in a position of protection too. They were considered ferocious guardians of the "otherworlds" and kept the souls of the dead safe.

I'm also compelled to point out symbolic links to motherhood. The earth is our mother, from her wombs, life is constantly burgeoning forth. Vultures are also symbolic of motherhood (see mother bird symbolism). So we get a feel of nurturing, protection, care-taking, self-sacrifice and guardianship.

Lastly, when I read your account of the vultures all silently perched on the roof - I got the impression of sentinels standing patiently in rank - waiting for higher orders. It made me wonder what kind of secret instructions they received that prompted them to fly off at that moment. I really do believe vultures are a special kind of warrior, not unlike archangels.

If you haven't already, I would encourage a look at this additional reading on vulture symbolism:

Thanks Shea, for sharing this incredible experience! It is my trust that others can see the value in this visitation as you and I have!


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