White Doves and Love Symbolism

by Alastriona
(Asheville, NC)

White Doves and Love Symbolism

White Doves and Love Symbolism

White Doves and Love Symbolism
Dove Love
White Dove Meaning

After a particularly difficult break-up, I was walking by a large window one evening and saw two white doves sitting on the ledge outside, side by side. They turned to each other and pecked beaks.

I saw this as a sign of hope, as I was feeling that I would never find my soulmate. I still haven't found him but, when I get discouraged, I think of those lovely doves, telling me to hold onto hope. To this day, it is still my favorite message from the animal world.

Avia's Response to
"White Doves and Love Symbolism"

Hi Alastriona,

Thank you for posting this touching story. I value your observations, and tend to agree with you. The color (or non-color, I should say) white is symbolic of purity, innocence, and the tender moments found in peaceful tranquility - and these feelings come into play when we are experiencing a mutual/healthy loving relationship.

Doves are tremendous symbols of hope and promise - particularly in the infinite realms of love. To be sure, they are soulful birds, and their energy is highly attuned to similar energies (which means, their energy will be attracted to higher, finer vibes such as pure love and hope).

I also appreciate how your doves were sharing kisses. This could also be construed (symbolically) as open/honest communication. Whether through kisses (body language) or verbal expression...communication is key to open-hearted relationships.

Thanks so much for submitting this heart-warming observations Alastriona!


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