Winter Blues...Winter Meanings of Hope

by Peggy

Hi Avia,

I saw your video on winter symbolism, and I liked what you had to say. I could use a little more flexibility in my life too, especially in the winter.

Every winter (here in Minesotta) is a horrible time for me. I try so hard to overcome the grey, cold days - but it really is a challenge.

Do you have any more advice on how to turn my frown upside-down when it comes to winter blues? You mentioned somewhere on your site that there are always "symbolic silver-linings" in even the most awful times. I wonder if you could share a few of those with me?

Thanks so much for your work and your heart.

Your fan,

Avia's Response to
"Meaning of Winter in a Positive Light"

Hello Peggy,

I hear you loud and clear. Winter is a tough time for me too. I've mentioned on several occasions on the site and in video that I'm not winter's biggest fan. My tolerance for cold is almost non-existent.

That being the case...I've worked hard to look toward Mother Nature's beauty and symbolism to find those silver lining's you mentioned.

Snow is highly symbolic. Consider: Snow is neither water, nor is a transitional creature...on the edge of solid and liquid. I dig that. I also dig the influence of water in snow/winter-time. My point is this: Water can transform itself into a steam, liquid or solid. how cool is that!?!? maybe I don't like the white fluffy stuff. Maybe I cringe at sub-zero temps. Perhaps I grimace over the ice-covered roads. But's pretty darned impressive to see what Mother Nature does to her element of water.

Have you ever seen tree branches incased in ice? Moreover, have you ever seen this through the kaleidoscope of sunrise or sunset? Amazing!

And have you ever experienced the insular effect of a new snow? Suddenly the whole world turns silent. A heavy snowfall is the perfect remedy for peace.

The color of winter is also symbolic. White is a symbol of purity and perfection. How appropriate.

I know (better than most) how painful and arduous winter can be for you. I also struggle this time of year.

That being said...I would encourage you to look to the majesty winter has to offer. Consider the deer, birds and scavengers who refuse to let snow-days let them down. They carry on as if nothing is amiss.

Consider the color, the crystal, the glory that surrounds you. Mother Nature expresses herself in tremendously artistic ways. We could all do well if we took a page from Her book , and tried to emulate her beauty. How to do that? Paint, pencil, journal, meditate...whatever medium you choose...I would encourage you to submerge in sub-zero realms to create winter wonderland of sheer amazement. You can do it!

There are so many aspects of winter to appreciate. Even the most "bah-humbugs" amongst us can find beauty, light and gorgeousness.

Give winter a fare shake, Peggy. Observe the pattern of snow, and ice. Contemplate the animals that deem this environment worthy of their presence. Consider your ancestors who have endured this time way before you were ever born.

At very least, brew yourself a cup of hot tea, and be grateful your toes are warm, and you have a cozy place to hibernate within.


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