Wolf People and Dog People
A Contemplative Essay

by Ryan
(The Prairie)

My thoughts about Wolf people and Dog people

My thoughts about Wolf people and Dog people

My thoughts about Wolf people and Dog people
Wolf People
Wolf Totem People

While my birthday doesn't match what is shown on this site, it wouldn't surprise me if my DNA was found to have canine elements!

From my earliest memory, I've loved dogs, and once I knew what a wolf was, them also. I still have a thin little first grade book about wolves and I'm 38:)

I'm a creative, enthusiastic, just very different person, and of course humans hate and are threatened by that, and so withdrew as they harassed and harangued me into my current mental illness (which one? Take your pick! LOL) - even if it didn't look like it.

But the Dog People always cared for me, whether being there physically, or through the myriad of dog books I've read.

I've only had four dogs in my life (two on the farm where I was born, two later in my small home town), and I would've never been without their company but for circumstances beyond my control, that is to say, there'd have been many more.

My life is a history of "barelys" and "almosts", and "a littles", which of course, totally sucks. I still miss all of them, I wear/carry the snap from the tethers of the last two even now. Their lovely wagging spirits are my only company and comfort now, as I try to start my life and find a nice girl.

It's a cruel juxtaposition that I can't take care of a dog right now, having difficulty taking care of myself. But always, even now, in the presence of any Dog Person, there's such a sense of calm for me, of everything bad lifting, and I know that they see who this two-legged is, and aren't afraid.

I'm not quantifying all of this very well, but that's because I don't have words, even as a published poet (as if being published means anything LOL)

I've learned everything important from the Dog People - love, loyalty, protection, friendship, fun, rest.

Humans are so busy with what they THINK it takes to live, they forget to live; they're pretty damn stupid as a whole.

Do I not care much for humans? Outside of finding my "she wolf", my life mate, not much, no I don't.

The Wolf People are of course the ancestors of the Dog People, so I've learned many of the same things from them, only probably a little later, say when I was ten years old versus five. Wolf nurtures one side of my being, and Dog nurtures the other.

I often tell people I guess I'm a bit of a paradox (if you want to believe a single word that I say, I guess) both a Dog Wolf (my true name, by the way, a man has to name himself with no one else to do it)and a sweet little Labrador puppy. I've already talked about Dog's side (yeah, I know, this is unorganized, but if you were "nuts" you'd be unorganized too, plus some disorganization is good for my OCD:).

Wolf's side is Predator Being, and I've loved hunting and fishing since I was, well, probably, in the womb. Of course now I know truth, and give thanks to the Deer Spirit, Pike Spirit, Mother Earth, and Goddess (yes, you read right, this big burly man said GodDESS), in addition to my always thanking my two Dog Brothers and two Dog Sisters, and Dog, and Wolf; as well as learning the ancient crafts of creating stone tools/points, shafts, bows, cord, and much other.

Simply to see a Wolf Person makes my heart pound, I can taste venison, and my spirit longs to be able to run the way they do, kick ass the way they do, to- AAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...'just comes out of me, I have not control over it.

LOL I want to reiterate, I simply don't have the words right off the top of my head here, and I don't have words to be qualitative of that fact, either.

I have only one wolf tattoo - a Wolf Print, in tribal black, that I drew myself, and my tattoo guy transferred my own work onto my skin.

There is nothing more sacred to me than my Dog and Wolf affiliation and protection, and the only thing will ever be more valuable are my wife, children, and future Dog Siblings, Goldfish Siblings, and any other Other People who may share my space (I would LOVE a Horse Brother or Sister:) I said affiliation, but I often really feel I'm a wolf or dog in the wrong body; I don't understand these silly humans - their unwillingness to be kind, to give love, to have fun, to see truth.

It may surprise you that I must go on a wolf hunt one day; this is not what you think, this will be me humbling myself beyond all humbling, in asking for pelt, teeth, and the biggest medicine of my life - not only protection to wear - spreading truth by teaching as these and all other natural products hold humans in awe, this is truth they've forgotten, and it's the only thing that will save us as a specie, to see this truth and beauty, before we destroy our only home completely.

You should see that I'm not some "six pack hunter" after reading all of this; since I need to wrap this up I can only give you Predator Prey Relationship to look up, as well as learn about Native American hunting (practice much from the Sioux, myself, in addition to my ancestral Germanic, and plenty other), and tell you that a TRUE hunter like myself knows not only triumph but SADNESS upon a kill. THAT is hunting, hunting for food as I do, and using ALL of that new Deer Brother's or Pike Sister's body - life is precious, but all must take life to live, that's how it is, regardless of who you are. The rich executive you see on TV, shooting at an African Buffalo with his gold bracelets flying - that's NOT a hunter, that's a killer, and there IS a difference.

I won't go on at length any further, because I need some tea and a cigarette (hey, there are worse things! LOL) and you, dear reader, are probably THOROUGHLY sick of me, but also significant to me are Bear, Owl (I understand it's very unusual for a man to have Owl Medicine, but what do you make of a boy and his dog finding a just dead female Great Horned Owl?)Eagle, and Goldfish (I've known and loved the Goldfish People almost as long as the Dog People). So

I'll conclude: Sneerers - feel my carnassials around your trachea (look it up).

To all others, I am Dog Wolf of the Grassland, and I have spoken my piece. And unlike usual, I'm actually going to make an ass of myself and submit this, rather than going, "I guess that was just cathartic.", and deleting it. I'm a peaceful sort, mostly, but Dog and Wolf defend, and Dog and Wolf attack, it's what we do. Mitakuye oyasin. (Look that up too, it's Sioux. Okay, NOW I'm done:)

Avia's Response to Ryan's
Canine Thoughts

Hi Ryan,

Thanks so much for the thoughtful post about your experience and views of the wild canine realms.

I think those of us who experience strong bonds with our animal kin may appear to function outside conventionalism to maintain our profound connections. This may appear unusual or different to those who walk a different, or more conventional path. Ultimately, what others are doing or what they think of you is irrelevant.

Be you. Stay you.


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