Cloud Dispersion and Cloud Meaning

by Mike Cherry
(McGregor, Minnesota)

Cloud Dispersion

Cloud Dispersion

Cloud Dispersion
Cloud Meaning
Meaningful Cloud Dispersion

Cloud Dispersion and Cloud Meaning

My story is of using my sight and mind to perform cloud-dispersal, sometimes called cloud-busting. I don't like the word bust, because it sounds destructive. What I actually feel is energy displacement, or movement.

I, or someone else, can pick a small cloud to be dispersed, and if I concentrate on it, I can disperse the cloud (make it disappear) in a matter of a few minutes, leaving every other cloud in the sky unaffected.

I discovered this "talent" about 7 years ago, after my wife and I moved to our lake home in northern Minnesota from the Twin Cities. I've demonstrated this ability to many people, who are surprised by it.

Several times, while performing this ability, I've seen cloud 'pictures' form in the sky, which are very distinct. Once there was a woman holding her arm up in a waving position. Another time there was a child rolling a ball.

This ability has widened my view of the connection we have with nature. I have a scientifically-oriented frame of mind, so I find myself conflicted at times when trying to explain this ability. I think of the possibility of something taking place on a quantum level which we don't quite understand as yet, but of course I really don't know. Another idea I have is that of being able to sub-consciously anticipate which clouds are going to disappear. Perhaps this is a lost 'sense' that we all share.

This is my story, a story of an amazing phenomenon that should be appreciated, and perhaps studied. I'm sure that others have this same 'talent'. I'd like to hear from others who do.

My email is: (removed for safety reasons. If you would like to respond to Mike, please do so by using comment feature on this discussion forum).

Avia's Response to Mike's
"Cloud Dispersion - Cloud Meaning" post

Hi Mike,
Thank you for this fascinating contribution. As usual, I have a few things to add - LOL. :)

For me, cloud meaning revolves around these key concepts:

  • Secrets
  • Burdens
  • Epiphany
  • Confusion
  • Revelation
  • Gatherings
  • Ripeness
  • Mystery
  • Potential
  • Culmination
  • Impermanence
  • Contemplation
  • Latent Creativity
  • Veiled Information
  • Divine Communication

Seems to me these key concepts are keenly linked to the potential of cloud dispersion.

According to other accounts I've received and my own experience, clouds symbolically represent feelings of initiation, the beginning of a procession, the start of the parable that is the corresponding suit.

This kind of "initiatory" feeling combined with cloud meaning prompts a symbolism of epiphany. Have you ever suddenly been struck "out of the blue" with an utterly delicious idea? From out of nowhere it comes - like magic! Clouds, and perhaps even cloud dispersion has an energy of revelation to me. A conveyance of "out of nowhere" - a feeling of magic and wonder.

If you let your dreaming mind loose to wander about in the realms of clouds, you're going to be saturated with loads of potential. BTW: Don't let your analytical mind loose there - it will only find hydrogen and oxygen particles! Our rational minds have no use for clouds - it is our intuitive perception that is truly in its element (why else would such a cliché like: "his/her head is in the clouds" be so fitting for a dreamer?). The solumnus (relaxed, dreaming) mind will find deep potential hiding in those puffy pretties in the sky.

Mike, I think your experience with cloud dispersion exemplifies this kind of explosive potential.

To the subconscious, cloud meanings are replete with:
  • Mysteries waiting to be explored.
  • Deeper symbolism ripe for the picking.
  • Cushy playgrounds exclusively designed for creative play/function.

There is a symbolic language spoken in all things, including airy-ephemeral clouds. It is our perception of them within the context of the environment that formulates translation.

Mike, your cloud dispersion practice is (in my opinion) a brilliant illustration of how humans can manipulate reality. Specifically, how the power of the mind (focus, intent) can accomplish remarkable things.

Imagine how much transformation humans could accomplish if we used the same mind-power to shape global pollution into global healing? Transforming abuse into love? Shaping social intolerance into empathy?

Just thoughts.

I'm including a few links about cloud meaning, sky symbolism and more for further research if interested. I believe that if we tap into the deeper symbolic meaning of clouds, we can have a more profound experience in cloud dispersion. At the very least, we can connect more intimately with Nature, which is always a high-yield experience. :)

Thank you, Mike for sharing this post about cloud dispersion on the discussion forum (and thanks for indulging me a few moments to discuss the symbolic cloud meaning).


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