How Pinecone Meaning and the Pineal Gland Connect

Pinecone Meaning, Pineal Glands, Oh My!

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It’s the holiday season. For some of you, this could mean big stress, for others, it might be a treasure trove of joy.  Whatever the case, I’d like to invite you into the realm of pine cone meaning and pineal gland love.  Now, wait, what?  Pineal gland?  What does that have to do with holidays, pinecones, and what not?  More than you might think.  Read on about how the pineal gland and the pinecone can have a huge impact on your spiritual and mental health.

Introduction to the Pinecone – Pineal Gland Connection

I love how the most unassuming bits from Nature represent very big meanings when we take the time to dig into their symbolic potential. Even the innocuous, unassuming pinecone meaning proffers profound influence and opportunities for spiritual growth.

So what’s so special about the pinecone that it could possibly be a sign of illumination?

…Ever heard of the pineal gland?  It gets its name because it looks very much like the pinecone.   But their visual likenesses aren’t what intrigues me.

Pineal Gland Meaning and Inflluence
Pineal Gland Meaning and Inflluence

Insights About the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a remarkable feature of the human experience.  Nestled in the brain between the two hemispheres, it is a source of endless intrigue in the realm of mysticism.  Indeed, it’s known by pseudonyms such as the “third eye” the “dream center” and the “mystic seed.”

From a purely biological perspective, the pineal gland is integral to the production of melatonin, which is a hormone that facilitates the homeostasis of wake-sleep patterns.  In short, it regulates the natural rhythms of sleep according to our environment.

The pineal gland registers our exposure to daylight, and, regulates the production of its sleep-inducing elixirs according to its findings.  Less light means more melatonin.  More light means less melatonin.  It’s an ancient human thing – less light meant winter was encroaching and although humans didn’t hibernate – more sleep was an ideal way of conserving energy during lean winter months.

Mystics have also suspected the pineal gland is a receptor of Spiritual Light too – with the ability to open up to mystical awareness upon the presence of an ascended master and during periods of enlightened consciousness.

Pinecone Meaning and Pineal Gland Connection
Pinecone Meaning and Pineal Gland Connection

So What Does The Pineal Gland Have To Do With The Pinecone?

I find it fascinating that not only do the pinecone and pineal gland share similarities in appearance, but they are also both keenly affected by Light.

The pinecone, like the pineal gland, is extremely affected by Light, and takes action according to what it senses.  Pinecones will open themselves up to the sun’s rays, and close up during cloudy or stormy days.  It has to do with the continuation of the seed-line. They respond to light.

Sunny days offer more arid conditions and the tiny seedlings nestled in the scales of the pinecone can become airborne more easily.  Damp or rainy days are crumby conditions for seed spreading, so the pinecone just closes up shop during these weather conditions.

That action is symbolic in itself (like: Opening up spiritual awareness in order to sow seeds of limitless potential and continuation of Soul Growth) …. but to keep with our comparison, we can now draw corollaries between pineal gland and pinecone in terms of gauging Light, seeking Light, and becoming activated in the Light.

Interestingly, humans (and our pineal glands) respond to light in similar ways.

Contemplating the Pinecone Meaning
Contemplating the Pinecone Meaning

The Mystic Seed Connection

We could say, pinecones are the external reflection of the “mystic seed” (the pineal gland).  From this perspective, all these pinecones we see this time of year bring on a whole new meaning.

What if every time we saw a pinecone during this holiday season we

  • Stop
  • Engage your inner domain (inner self, higher self – meditate and contemplate to find your deep core)
  • Purposefully widen your Vision

That’s what I do when I see pinecones.  I consciously “stop, drop, and roll” into my inner realms with the intent to broaden my mystical view.  I tell you, it is revolutionary and worth a try if you’re game for a mind-blowing experience.

Pineal Gland Meditation
Pineal Gland Meditation

Meditate With Pinecones (Yes, I’m Serious)

You can also try meditating with the pinecone as a more organized approach to stimulating the pineal “dream center.”  Here are some meditative tips:

Find a pinecone and place it before you in preparation for your meditation

Light a candle while setting your focus upon expanding your consciousness

Cast your physical and spiritual eyes upon the pinecone and observe it in the candlelight

Envision the pinecone opening itself to the Light and warmth of the candlelight

As you continue this solemn, calm perception, begin to see that pinecone within your mind

Nestled warmly, snuggly between the two halves of your brain, get a clear vision of that pinecone within your mind’s eye

Now visualize your inner pinecone opening gently to take in nourishment from Divine light

See your pineal gland (pinecone) radiating and stimulated from the calming light of the cosmos

Continue to enhance this meditative experience according to your own impulses and requirements.

When you’re ready, conclude your meditation by centering yourself back into your common reality – resurface & reaffirm your bodily presence.

The idea is to tap into the pinecone and transfer its visual/symbolic qualities to the pituitary gland with a goal to expand, illuminate and ascend.

Last Word on Pinecone Meaning and Pineal Glad Connections

I’ve had phenomenal results with this meditation.  Namely, this exercise has catapulted me to insanely blissful and utterly unreal realms where I was transformed in truly bodacious ways. Who knew pinecone meaning and the pineal gland could be so amazingly healing during the holidays?

Just work with the pinecone meaning as an extension of your pineal gland as a “third eye” and see what happens.  Let me know what kind of experiences you have!  As always, thank you for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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