Chinese Zodiac Signs And Moon Phases

Chinese zodiac signs and moon phase meanings
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Chinese Zodiac Signs and Moon Phases

Chinese Zodiac Signs and Moon Phases: What They are, and Why These Moon Signs are Important to You.

 I don’t know about you, but I’m highly influenced by the moon, and her moon phases. As a result, I’m always keeping tabs about what the moon is doing, her cycles, her moods, etc.

Another thing I like to do for myself and others is explore the moon’s influence in terms of zodiac signs.

Depending upon which astrological system you consult, the moon will have variable effects. This is a very keen aspect, and worthy of investigation.

Why? Well, consider it…the moon casts her power over the oceans. Her movement causes the push-pull of the tides. She also calls to sea creatures – crabs are just one example – they are wooed by Lady Luna. By her light, they come ashore for mating mayhem.

The moon influences a myriad of living things from fur, feather, fin and human. She even has a silvery hand in atmospheric pressure and gravitational pull! That’s power, baby!

With Lady Luna throwing this kind of weight around our environment – it’s a great idea to see her gravitational pull in our astrology.

All astrological systems offer their own complexities. But in honor of the recent Chinese new year, I thought it would be lots of lunar fun to inquire into moon phases and unveil their pull over each of the Chinese zodiac signs.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


To further explain, each one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs is governed by one of four moon phases. We can look at the symbolism of those moon phases, combined with the symbolism of the zodiac sign and come up with some very telling personality traits.

I dig how the ancient Chinese were so in tune with the rhythm, balance and cycles of time. Just as the four seasons imbue their own power over the psyche and human personality – so too does each of the four moon phases.

To take that seasonal correlation a step further, let’s compare the four quarters with the four seasons:

The kick off to each lunar month (about 29 and a half days) is the new moon. It’s like springtime after a long dormancy. After which, the moon slips into ever-increasing fullness, which is called the first quarter. The evolution of that phase brings us to her brightest bounty around midmonth (the 15th or so). First quarter moon’s are akin to summertime. They’re buzzing with growth and activity. Next comes the full moon. This is a time of full-on expression. The time is neigh for gathering, provision and harvest. The full moon is like autumn. The light blazes brightest in this phase before succumbing to winter. Subsequent to the full moon, Luna begins her reduction into the last quarter. This takes us to the end of her cycle at the end of the lunar month. As hinted upon, this last quarter is like wintertime. It’s a time of descent, sedation and covering ourselves once more with the shadow-blankets of time. And the cycle goes on and on and on.

Simple Symbolism for the Four Moon Phases

♦  New Moon: As you might guess, the new moon is symbolic of beginnings. La Luna is replete with pure potential and possibility. The slate is clean, anything can happen, and there’s a sense of expectancy about upcoming growth. New moons are generally good times to start new projects and launch new ventures.

♦  First Quarter Moon: From its unseen infancy the moon embarks into her first phase of growth. This is symbolic of a time of maturation. Her thrust to reach fullness in the first quarter is also symbolic of assertion, drive, motivation and the need to accomplish. First quarter moons are a good time to get your motors running towards an end goal. The moon’s increase blesses your increase.

♦  Full Moon: Jackpot, domino, bulls-eye, whammo! Ideally, the full moon sees your creative seeds from initial non-existence (new moon), to evolutional growth (first quarter) and now to its complete realization. The full moon is about illuminating what has been hidden. It’s symbolic of the whole enchilada – the full maturation of possibility. Full moons are designed to revel in accomplishment. It’s a time to embrace what has been revealed and bask in the beauty of full manifestation.

♦  Last Quarter Moon:Time to go down for a wee nap. This is Lady Luna’s descent back into childhood and ultimately back into her infancy and newness. The waning of her light is symbolic of relaxation, contemplation and going within. It’s an extraordinarily introspective time. This is the phase in which to incubate ideas, sleep on your problems, hibernate just a little. You can always pop back out upon Luna’s upswing. For now, it’s time to mull, meander and luxuriate in a time of peace and drowsy calm.

Chinese Zodiac Signs and Their Assigned Moon Phases

Rat – Last Quarter Moon:
The Rat is a savvy, smart sign. It’s also a very busy sign with lots of projects in the air. This sign is a natural multi-tasker, and has no problems with having a million things going at once. Influenced by the last quarter moon means the Rat is also a shrewd closer. This sign intuitively knows about timing and knows the right time to close a deal. In the words of Kenny Rogers: The Rat “knows when to hold ’em, and knows when to fold ’em”. Even if the Rat misses their timing occasionally, they tend come full circle and get back in the rhythm. They instinctively know when to finish business deals, when to move, when to dissolve relationships, etc. As last quarter moon signs, the Rat may want to “lay on its laurels”. Meaning, the Rat tends to get lackadaisical – especially when things are rolling smoothly. The Rat with last quarter moon governance should not become complacent. Rather, these signs need stimulation to wake them out of that waning-moon-mode. Read more about Chinese Rat personality type here.

Ox – Last Quarter Moon:
The watchword for this sign with last quarter moon governance is “energy”. Ox’s know about conserving energy when necessary. And they absolutely know when to charge forth with all the energy they’ve been magically storing away. Many signs can’t (or won’t) contain their enthusiasm concerning a new project or adventure. The Ox may be all juiced and jazzed on the inside, but this Ox knows that energy needs to be used when appropriate. Ox’s will use their final resources to commit to making the finish-line in their endeavors. Because the last quarter moon has a feel of incubation or hibernation – the Ox can get caught up in their own internal world. They sometimes use their energy for planning more than doing. It can be hard for the Ox to get moving forward. Ox Chinese zodiac signs can also withdraw from society – especially if they feel their basic needs aren’t met. Checkout more Ox personality traits here.

Tiger – New Moon:
The Tiger combined with new moon mojo is all about pouncing into new phases of expression. A vibrant, magnetic sign to begin with – the new moon imbues a freshness that is utterly endearing. That freshness comes in the form of inventiveness, impulsiveness and friendliness. Tiger New Moons are the perfect choice to bring into a project that’s gone stale. They’ll inject enthusiasm and unorthodox views few others would think about. Their unique views come from a razor-sharp intellect. Typically, this sign prefers to go about things on the solo – they come up with their own brand of wisdom because they easily figure stuff out on their own. Their enthusiasm comes from an innate hope that everybody has the same zest for play, strategy and cunning as they do. Regrettably, that’s simply not the case. When the new moon cat figures this out, they can become sulky and caught up in disappointment. These big cats need to have an outlet (creative, business, family, etc) in which they can focus their strengths and skills. Read more about Tiger Chinese sign personality types here.

Rabbit – New Moon:
These Chinese zodiac signs combined with new moon influence can be extremely high-energy. They’ve always got things to tend to, stuff to look into and affairs to put in order. Much of their energy is devoted to the concept of purification and renewal. They are natural birth-givers and mid-wives. This isn’t necessarily in terms of birthing a new child (although that’s certainly the new moon Rabbit’s forte). These signs are the way-makers for new life of all genres. Their boundless vitality is commonly just the elixir others need to start projects, or push through blockages. Like the Ox, the new moon Rabbit can also be very contemplative. They spend a lot of time considering their lives, their environment and their next move. They can be restless too. Their high-voltage combined with nervous, restless energy can seize them. They can be prone to self doubt and hesitate to move forward. That is…unless…they have a good cause (a friend, family member, worthwhile project). Doing for others eggs them on and gets them unfrozen. Check out more about Rabbit personality types in the Chinese zodiac.

Dragon – New Moon:
Magic, wonder, brimming with potential. These are key aspects to the new moon Dragon sign. In some ways, this lunar sign is robed in shadow – ready to burst out behind the scenes to surprise and delight us. In other ways, the Dragon is very Zen. Meaning, this sign is both ever-present and ever-absent. It’s a mysterious and enchanting quality. To take it to the mundane – you can always bet the Dragon will be on your side…even if you haven’t heard from this sign in a decade – to be sure – the Dragon knows and will fly to your aid. Loyalty is a big factor with Dragons. Once you’ve won the admiration and respect of the Dragon – you’re in the Dragon’s den of friends forever and ever. Combined with new moon energy, the Dragon proposes a challenge to all the other signs. It says: “I dare you to look into the darkness and create something marvelous from the nothingness of infant potential.” Pretty heavy, isn’t it!? Learn more about Chinese Dragon signs here.

Snake – First Quarter Moon:
These Chinese zodiac signs, combined with first quarter moon vibe is about resurgence, resurrection and pushing into new levels of experience. If that sounds intense, it is. These Chinese zodiac signs take transformation very seriously. They are the perfect signs to call in shaky times of change and revolution. They see what change can do, and they roll with transition easily. In fact, they are some of the best signs to make tasty lemon aide out of sour lemons. They’ve got a knack for seeing beyond the obvious and shooting past the mark. This is that first quarter moon energy of assertion and seeing something through to its full potential. One drawback: Once they’ve captured potential, or nursed transition into play – they seem to get a little unbalanced. They’re descent into the last quarter moon can be a time of depression for them. They need the light, they need the thrust of challenge and change. Without it, they tend to coil up and withdraw. Slither through more Snake sign meanings here on my Chinese zodiac signs page.

Horse – First Quarter Moon:
Horse Chinese zodiac signs share some of the same propensities as other first quarter moon signs. The major difference is: When the Horse is inspired – this sign will trample over hell and high water to obtain their prize objective. The first quarter moon Horse can be a jaw-dropping rocket of passion. Interestingly, their zest is enhanced when they can share their passion with others. You ever seen a stampede? It seems this sign with its lunar attributes loves to teach and cheer others on – especially in a group. The more the merrier. The bigger the group that sees the Horse’s vision, the happier this sign will potentially be. The Horse is a great friend amongst the signs. As a first quarter moon sign, the Horse strives to help their loved ones achieve the very best for themselves. They see the full moon of potential on the horizon, and they’re willing to hoe the row to get themselves and others to their goals. Gallup through more Chinese Horse personality traits here.

Goat (or Sheep) – First Quarter Moon:
These Chinese zodiac signs are similar to first quarter moon horses…but their focus is more internally driven. In their inner mind’s eye, they see the glistening of goodness on the horizon. They tend to be determined to follow those glittery goodies, but are quite content to do so alone. They don’t necessarily need a cheerleading squad (although they love a good kudos). They don’t even need deadlines or schedules. Nope. Their first quarter moon drive is honed, and their internal compass is usually set on the right course of their choosing. Perhaps their independence is due to their insistence things be done a certain way. First quarter moon Goats love the method behind how stuff works…even better if it’s a proven method. Once they know the system and the cycle, they are compelled to keep operating within that scaffolding. Learn more about Goat personality traits here on my Chinese zodiac signs page.

Monkey – Full Moon:
Monkeys are over the moon with creativity. Full moons that is. These Chinese zodiac signs love to play, sing, dance in all manner of expressive ways. The fact their aligned with full moons means they love to have the light shine on their monkey antics. They especially thrive in the forefront of business and social scenes. If they have an audience – all the better to watch these signs light the world with their skill. They’re masterful at intellectual acrobatics. If you think Monkey’s are all play and flash – think again. Consider the Monkey as a serious practitioner of play. They take their actions with utmost seriousness. It’s as if their mission is to jolt the world into waking up, seeing potential, and laughing off the small stuff. By the way: Monkey’s know it’s all small stuff. 🙂 Swing through more Chinese Monkey sign meanings here.

Rooster – Full Moon:
Rooster Chinese zodiac signs have very distinctive personalities. Combine those with full moon energy and you get a neat little spin. It’s about collection and organization. Typically, you might not detect these qualities in the Rooster. They can be stylish, flamboyant and very expressive in pointing out how good they are in a myriad of different areas. But these signs are also very orderly. They excel at collecting, gathering and providing. I can’t help but think of that Warner Bros. cartoon in which Foghorn Leghorn proudly announces, “I say, I say, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasion.” Roosters have their feathers numbered. They know all about their assets, and they take a great deal of pleasure in counting them up. Since the full moon is all about harvest, and preparing for the upcoming dark of the moon – this kind of mentality makes sense for the Rooster. Read more Chinese Rooster personality traits here.

Dog – Full Moon:
No doubt about it, Dog Chinese zodiac signs are going to howl at their assigned full moons. It has to do with being extraordinarily in tune with their environment. Dog signs are highly sensitive – to their environment, and to their people. If there is something amiss in their surroundings, they’ll sniff it out better than Sherlock. If there is something irking their loved ones, they’re going to sense it. That’s not to say they’re baying at full moons because there is something wrong. Nope. In addition to being sensitive to negativity – Dog signs are attuned to good juju too. Sometimes a Dog sign just has to let off a good, energetic bellow of enthusiasm to express their elation at a good thing. Dog signs are gifted at self-expression. They know how to express joy as well as compassion. The full moon helps them shine that light on emotional maturity. There’s more to the Dog sign – check out more personality traits about the Chinese Dog here.

Boar – Last Quarter Moon:
If Rats are the “closers” of the last quarter moon signs, the Boars are the “finishers”. They can’t stand loose ends. They know the timing of their sign lends itself to tidy conclusions. If you want a deal signed, sealed, delivered with no dangling details – call a Boar to get the job done. Their penchant for being “finishers” has to do with their ability to be in deep thought for long periods of time. They’re content to sit for hours forming strategies and maneuvering things in their minds. If you’ve ever been talking to a Boar and they have this drone look on their face – they’re not ignoring you – they’re trying to figure out a conclusion to your problem. The Boar also has a knack for honesty and sincerity. Their last quarter moon status can leave them feeling vulnerable. This is noteworthy. The Boar endeavors to speak with straight-line candor, even at the risk of threatening their egos. Not an easy task. Thankfully, the Boar has a healthy self-image, so any threat of feeling vulnerable is usually outranked by their confidence. Track down more about the Chinese Boar personality type here on my Chinese zodiac signs page.

Well, that’s the gamut of Chinese zodiac signs and their corresponding moon phases. I hope you found this page ‘illuminating’ and inspiring. I’ve written more on Chinese Zodiac Animals and their personality types here. You might also like my article on Moon Meaning and Symbolism here. Be sure to check out more links at the end of this page for related articles.

Thanks for reading, and may all your moon phases be enlightening.



“Simplicity, patience, compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.

Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.

Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.

Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”

~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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