diamond symbol meaning

Diamond Symbol Meaning

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Diamond Symbol Meaning and Diamond Motif Meanings: The diamond symbol, triangle symbol and similar motifs that form a construction of other (more complex) symbolic designs occur in every era, culture, religion and esoteric sect.

Overwhelmingly, the diamond symbol or the triangle symbol motif expresses itself in terms of clarity, ascension and wisdom. Not of the ordinary sort of wisdom though. I speak of a clarity and wisdom that transcends the banalities of our everyday realm.I begin this essay with some diamond symbol meanings that are foundational in various cultures and can be easily translated into a concept of your choosing.

I believe the underlying foundation of these diamond symbol meanings to be profound in our quest to pierce the fog that sometimes surrounds these common symbolic motifs in time and culture.

Furthermore, it is in this spirit of metaphor, analogy, and symbolism that I would like our attentions to turn. More than the literal translation of the symbol, it is the vibrational tone, or the higher energetic wisdom with which the symbol meaning resonates that I wish to convey.

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After contemplating these various concepts, a larger story will begin to unveil itself to your understanding, which will offer clarity unique to your needs.

diamond symbol meaning
Diamond symbol meaning

“The soul is placed in the body and it is like a rough diamond.

It must be polished within,

or the luster of the soul will never appear.”

~Daniel Defoe

Diamond Symbolism and Elemental Alchemy

It is important to note the diamond has a symbolic foundation in structure and strength. Therefore, when we apply those symbolic meanings to our life experience, we apply elements like sturdiness, power, resilience and a quality that just won’t quit. That’s high integrity meaning.

In the alchemical realm, the skillful employment of all four of these elements leads the practitioner to infinite potential and Divine creativity. We see the center of this (alchemical) symbol void of design – indicating creation takes place through the path of least resistance.

In other words, it is by allowing that we obtain our true creative purpose.

I invite you to consider the image shown below diamond symbols (more accurately, triangle symbols), which are also alchemical in origin. These symbols are considered to be the building blocks of all matter, of everything. We see that each is comprised of the same triangular/diamond/crystal features we’ve been investigating in this exploratory essay.

diamond symbol meaning as the five elements
Diamond symbol meaning and the five elements

Diamond Symbols in the Form of the Five Elements

Diamonds themselves are made from carbon, which is a foundational building block of matter.

Furthermore, the diamond symbol is synonymous with refracting light from the alchemist’s perspective. As such, the diamond and triangle symbol is indicative of the journey our souls make while we are achieving higher understanding (it is an enlightened or clarified soul that is able to refract its light from the insight out and serve as a beacon to the outer world).

The goal for mankind is to walk a path on which our souls will shine and sparkle as brightly as diamonds.

On this path there will be many labyrinth turns (representative of the angles and facets of the diamond). But if we travel the path with honorable hearts, and if we are aware of the reflective nature of our lives (our actions reflecting in our reality), we will accomplish our mission of light.

diamond symbol meaning
More diamond symbol meanings

Diamond Symbol Meanings

This symbol shown is a common motif among Native peoples indigenous to North America, Canada, and Mexico. It signifies the butterfly. Indian nations identify the butterfly with the concept of “immortality.”

Immortality here is seen in the migratory patterns of the butterfly where they flock by the millions after traveling thousands of miles – coming home.

This homecoming was seen as intensely powerful to Native thought. To explain, the Native American symbolic mode of thought moves on a multitude of levels. Therefore, a Monarch’s return home was translated to mean the soul’s journey home.

This encapsulates the divine journey in which man is born, moves through his world ever-gleaning more insight into his true identity and finally, (ideally) returns to the site of his first breath to realize he is immortal in his existence because of the path he chooses. In other words, man leaves a legacy, which is his key to immortality.

Furthermore, the diamond butterfly motif conveys the element of rebirth, revitalization, and metamorphosis. Just as the migratory journey is analogous of the spiritual path of reuniting with the Divine self – so too is the biological journey of the butterfly symbolic of the same said spiritual path. From egg, larva, pupa, to butterfly each stage holds merit and each step is taken to the advancement of an enlightened, immortal conclusion (which, to the Native, would not be a conclusion at all, but leading to a gateway of eternal expression through the Mother upon the completion of metamorphosis).

This diamond symbol shown is an alchemical, mystical, and astrological symbol for “Earth.” Also seen with a circle around it, it symbolizes the movement and rhythm of nature’s cycles (i.e., four seasons) as well as the Aristotelian elements (see end of page).

The earth has long been worshipped by ancient mystics. It is a representation of harmony, stability, and oneness with all things – a communal arena in which the core (center point of the 4 diamond cross) represents foundational energy of unity and well-being.

Indeed, earth magic is rooted in the ideology that all things of the earth are born from her, and therefore vibrate with earth energy. Early mystics and alchemists believed this earth energy could be drawn from all things, and ultimately used for further clarification. This clarification came in the form of manipulation of vibrations (earth energy waves), drawing elements into an experience, interpreting patterns within the vibrations (seeking answers) – to name a few uses for these practices. This symbol would be used in ritual for such clarifications.

This diamond symbol (as well as the next one) is from northern Europe and is identified as the runic system of “Futhark” – a symbolic language housing tremendous meaning in each emblem. This rune is called the Dagaz and is the Symbol of the Dawn.

It is considered to be the rune of breakthrough and represents attainment of the meaning of life – enlightenment, satisfaction, “ultimate truth” – that which the seeker holds most valuable is obtained. Further, the Dagaz embodies the concepts of: Awakening, insight, clarification, awareness, epiphany, new beginnings, and connections to the mystical in all things.

It is also emblematic of time and space as complementary elements. This rune speaks of the partnership between night and day with the center-point represented as the dawn. Metaphorically, the dawn marks an awakening to all new understandings.

This diamond motif is seen throughout the ages and cultures. For our purposes, we look again to the Futhark for symbolic insight where this is known as the Ingwuz rune and is the foundational geometric symbol of creation. Indeed, ancient European tribes deemed this symbol to represent the literal image of the birth canal or female reproductive system. So, literally, this symbol means creation of life.

Interestingly, this lozenge is seen in the Native American symbolic language as a symbol for wind and I’ve written more on this aspect here.

This diamond symbol is also found in alchemical philosophies. Metaphysically speaking, this foundational image tells of creativity that is expressed by the culmination of the four elements: Four sides indicating earth, fire, air, and water.

“You are the universe – that’s why it shines!”

~ Jay Woodman

I hope you have enjoyed these diamond symbols and thoughts on the diamond symbol meaning and triangle symbol cousins. As always, thanks for reading!

May all your diamond moments be dazzling.

Mighty brightly,

© Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

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