law of attraction and spider symbolism

Law of Attraction and Spider Symbolism

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Law of Attraction and Spider Symbolism

Law of Attraction and Spider Symbolism: It’s a quirky combination, isn’t it? Seems that way, at least. I mean, c’mon..what do spiders have to do with the law of attraction (LOA)? A lot more than we may think. Keep reading while I draw an analogy between LOA and spider symbolism.

To preface this article, please allow me to give you a brief backgrounder.For those of you who may not know what LOA is, here’s the lowdown. Law of attraction is a universal law. It’s also immutable, which means it can’t be broken or fiddled with. Our entire existence is influenced by LOA. The meaning of law of attraction boils down to this basic idea: What you put out, you get back. This is particularly illuminating in the world of our thoughts. What we think, we attract. This is an oversimplified explanation. In fact, LOA is a deceptively simple law. It seems easy. Think good, get good. Work good, get good results. Do good, and good will be done unto you. But when the human mind is involved, stuff is going to get squirrely. Between our ego, motives, mind-games, whatever…all of us are guilty of complicating things.

That’s why I love drawing comparisons between Nature and LOA. Nature offers us uncomplicated examples of how law of attraction works. Nature’s creatures can be particularly revealing in how to effectively, simply practice LOA. Thus enters the spider, and spider symbolism.

spider meaning and law of attraction
Spider meaning and law of attraction

“In the Universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which Shaman’s call intent.

Absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”

~Carlos Castaneda

I feel obligated to put another preface out here. I realize that not everybody is a fan of spiders. Some of you dear readers might be downright phobic of them. That’s okay. You don’t have to cuddle up with a fuzzy tarantula (Ewww!) to benefit from its lessons on LOA. If even the tiniest inkling of spiders makes you want to jump out a window…no worries, dear reader. I have many more of these articles in store for you. Stay tuned, as I write about other animals and Natural elements that illustrate the law of attraction. 

For those of you who are cool with spiders and spider symbolism…rock on, and read on.

Spiders are masterful illustrators of law of attraction in action. In fact, oodles of myths and legends regard the spider as a creatrix of the whole universe. Spiders are not always but often female in cultural myth. Consider Grandmother Spider in Native American (southwest tribes of North America) beliefs. Stories vary, but most Native American symbology about Grandmother Spider hold her responsible for weaving a web that created the heavens and/or the earth. I mention this because creation is a grand result of utilizing the law of attraction. Abraham-Hicks says it perfectly: “You can have, do or be anything you want with law of attraction.” Our awareness of LOA, and our ability to use it to our advantage is the epitome of creating and being creative.

So why is spider symbolism such a great illustration for LOA? Two reasons: 1) The spider’s web and 2) How the web is comes into being.

spider meaning and law of attraction
Spider meaning and law of attraction

“You create your own universe as you go along.”

~Winston Churchill

Law of Attraction is Compared
to Making a Spider Web

♦  We have the right stuff:
There are several uber-cool concepts about web making that relate to LOA. Firstly, unlike humans, spiders don’t start their construction by going to Home Depot and buying supplies. Nope. Their bodies hold everything they need to make their webs. They have special organs (called spinnerets) that make silk, which makes a web. This is a big LOA point. In order to make your own web…like a web of success, love, happiness, peace – spider reminds us that WE have the necessary tools and ingredients to do so. We’ve been gifted with smashingly brilliant minds. Our minds are capable of weaving any kind of web we can conceive. Starting from within, using our own faculties such as our mind, heart, feelings, emotions…we weave webs. The question is, what kinds of webs are we weaving with our thoughts and emotions? Are we weaving webs of joy, or fear? Love or hate? Success or failure?

♦  There can be only one:
Nothing gets done in spider-ville (or human-ville) without making the first step. In spider terms, that first step is the first thread of silk. This is a critical point in spider creation. Great care and thought is placed about where that first web should go. Why? Because it’s the foundation for all subsequent threads. It’s true for us too. Have you ever had an idea? Maybe it’s a brilliant new invention. Or, contrarily, maybe it’s an unpleasant idea of being hurt or threatened. Whether it’s good or bad, both ideas start with one single thought. Once that thought is born, we have a choice to build on it, or cast it off. If a spider perceives her foundational thread (thought) is in a bad place, she ditches the construction project and moves elsewhere. So can we. We can ditch thoughts that don’t serve us and move elsewhere. A healthy scenario of this metaphor is this: Say you have a dreamy-keen idea. It starts with one thought. Then you spin other thoughts around it. You keep spinning and spinning. The more you weave more positive thoughts into your brilliant idea – the bigger it gets. Before you know it, you have a matrix of glorious thought invested in this idea. Law of attraction guarantees that thought-web you made will magnetize results in the physical. It must be so. It’s law. What you conceive, and build upon from within will manifest in the physical from without. Honest Abe.

♦  Get sticky with it:
Spider symbolism is a worthy model of LOA because of that sticky web business. Spiders build their web -or- comparatively, we build our webs. Once built, spiders just kick back, enjoy a margarita and wait for their fly-pie to arrive. It’s true for us too. We build a web of thought. We built it strong with our faith and positive thoughts. We keep it strong, taut and secure by believing in our ideas. The next step in law of attraction is to go about our business, knowing our web will snatch that which we most desire. We can tend to our webs as the spider does, but the spider has certain knowing that her needs are met. She knows her web will attract her fly pies and mosquito mousse. She knows her web will catch the goodies she wants. Why? Because she positioned her first thread (like our initial thought) in just the right spot (like our intention, faith) and she built on that web (like we add positive, encouraging thoughts to our idea/desire).

law of attraction spider symbolism
Law of attraction spider symbolism

Comparing Law of Attraction with
Spider Symbolism – The Breakdown

In a nutshell, here’s the straight scoop on spider symbolism as an illustration of law of attraction:

Internalizes. It is equipped with special organs that produce silk needed to make webs.Internalizes. We are born with the right stuff to make our dreams come true. Our mind and intuition enables us to produce what we need to build good lives.
Determines the right spot for her first foundational thread.We must determine our direction. Our goals. Our destination. This determines how we build our thoughts, and how LOA responds to our desire.
Casts the first thread.Once we’re sure about what we want, we cast the first thought that announces and confirms it.
Builds upon the first thread.We build upon our desire. From that first thought. Whether it be a great idea, a desire for money, or peaceful relationships – we must train our minds to build upon that initial desire. We build a web around the intent we hold dear.
Sits and waits for dinner.We have confidence that we’ve done our work. We’ve built a strong, positive matrix based on our need/desire. Now we must not question. We relax and allow law of attraction to send our desires to our webs. Our webs are sticky, we attract that which we want most.

Make sense? It does to me. Which doesn’t mean much, because I love spiders, and my outlook on things can be a little nutty.  Regardless of my sometimes odd perspectives, I have a guarantee for you. And I don’t proffer guarantees often, but here it is: Law of attraction is law. It works. It cannot be changed or broken. It is in constant four-wheel drive. If you want what you want, you’ve got to be in four-wheel drive too.

Spider symbolism can help with that. Remember you have all the resources you need to make your desire a reality. Remember you must start with one, very clear, distinct, vivid idea/thought. Then build on that. Let nothing deter you from building your matrix of good juju. Build your web without doubt, and with no regard to external influence. You are the master designer and creator of your life – just as the spider is the creatrix of hers. Continue to flesh out your web, and have the confidence to know that the LAW is the LAW, and it WILL work. You will attract your desire. Just keep your web strong, taut and honed.

I hope these thoughts on law of attraction and spider symbolism offered a helpful metaphor.It was my intent to show how Nature (spiders) mimic the power of LOA. I wanted to illustrate how we could visualize or imitate spiders in an effort to utilize the law of attraction more easily. Lots of us know about LOA. Many of us practice. Even more of us get hung up in our own ability to complicate the process. Hopefully, the spider is a great example of the ease and simplicity in which we all can use LOA to catch our most delicious desires.

As always, thanks for indulging me and for reading!

Happy web-making to you,


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